Karstyn Jene Sissney was born today at 5:43 A.M. and weighs 6 pounds, 12 ounces and is 20 1/2 inches long. We can't wait to meet you Karstyn!

We will add a picture whenever we get one---hint, hint!!!


Trip to Kostrama

We had a great time today visiting friends in Kostrama. We enjoyed the gorgeous garden and fabulous fellowship. We are so thankful for such great friends God has given!

More Pics from Kostrama...


A Fun Day at the Park...

Yesterday, we spent a sunny afternoon at our neighborhood park. We rode the paddle boats, went to the playground and drank milk shakes! What a great day!!!


Fun Memory

Time flies and life is rarely ever boring!!!

Today, Gideon stuck a gum wrapper up his nose. By the time we could find the tweezers, the wrapper had disappeared into his nose. Kristie took him to a near by clinic and was able to have it removed. Thankfully, it was not painfully, took less than an hour, and Keith did not need to use the vacuum!

The picture is of Gideon a few days before his 1st Birthday.

ME consider's her career options...

Race Car Driver or Accountant???


Daniel Turns 3

Tonight, we celebrated Daniel's Birthday. Daniel and his family are friends from Church. Up until time for the party, half of Yaroslavl was without electricity. We had a fun afternoon of reading, replacing batteries in toys and thinking of all the things we could not do without electricity. Kristie decided to take a bath by candlelight, but we only had HOT water. Often in Russia, you will have periods of only COLD water, but today we only had hot water. Do you know how long it takes hot water to cool enough for a bath---longer than Kristie was willing to wait! Thankfully the electricity returned just in time for a fun Birthday celebration!


A New Discovery...

Today, we discovered a beautiful little park in the back yard of our Church. We spent a few minutes after Church with friends enjoying a gorgeous, sunshiny day and fabulous flower garden.


Baptismal Service in Yaroslavl

This morning, we celebrated the baptism of five new believers! What a great way to spend the day!


Out of Control!!!

Mary Elizabeth's hair is getting so long, she has to walk with her head tilted back, when it is not pulled back---which is most of the time, since she pulls out her hair clips! Aunt Leslyn, sorry, but we may not be able to wait until Christmas for her first haircut, because it is getting out of control! Posted by Picasa

Fun with Friends...

Jenny, a colleauge who lives in Moscow, came to spend a couple of days with us. We all had so much fun with Jenny...Gideon even said, "Mommy, please stop talking, because I want to talk to Jenny!" Thanks Jenny for coming to Yaroslavl! We hope you had a great trip!

A park in Yaroslavl

This is one of many fabulously landscaped parks and Masha the Bear, the city mascot, in the center.