A New Blog!!!

15 months ago we had an idea.  We have fallen in love with Saint Pete and want to share the beautiful faces, spectacular sites, fun finds and amazing discoveries with the rest of the World!

2 months ago…we purchased a domain. 

After realizing creating a blog from scratch was not as easy as I thought, I began exploring WordPress themes.  75 themes later, I realized I was not as smart as I had thought.  Divi, a code-free, drag and drop page builder, convinced me I could create a gorgeous blog in minutes for only $69!  12 hours later, I realized they lied!  Obsessing about every detail has reaffirmed, I am totally OCD!

What a huge, super exciting experience!

Our first interview was with Diana, a Rubik’s Cube master!  Check-out our new blog and read about Diana {http://facesandplacesinstpete.com/}.

Christmas 2014-001_MG_9105_MG_9110_MG_9120_MG_9126_MG_9216

Diana introduced us to Roman, a World record holder for solving the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded!


Please pray that God would use this new adventure to bring new people into our lives and use every encounter to bring glory to Himself! 



A Bomb!!!

We are fine! {Leta Sullivan and Barb Phillips should maybe take that as a signal to stop reading!}

A lady on our street corner had a bomb in her purse and it went off. There are police, ambulance and cameras every where and our street is totally shut down. There are loads of rumors and the police we talked to said that they are not sure what happened. We are rejoicing that we are fine.


Bomb Update: Seriously shocking and crazy. Supposedly at 3:00 {while I was picking up the kids at school and Keith was home} a lady picked up one of two abandon packages at our bus stop {literally at the corner of our apartment building} and detonated a bomb. She is alive, but lost her arm. The other abandoned bag was found with another bomb inside, but no one else was injured. The bomb was not big enough to cause any additional damage and police searched the area for over 5 hours to make sure there were no other bombs. We are totally fine, but do appreciate your prayers!!!

Bomb 2



My life...yesterday a huge bee joined us for breakfast...so the kids screamed and laughed while I failed miserably at trying to kill it. This morning, dripping from the shower, I chased a beetle {i am hoping it was not actually a cock roach} around the house trying to kill it. Now I am sitting on a dirty step on a overcrowded bus {literally sardine squished with a lady's bum in my face} trying to make its way through one of the worst intersections that now has a broken traffic light. 25 minutes just to get through the light. I am so rewarding myself for surviving the weekend as a single parent by watching all my favorite shows that return this week!