We are so thankful it is Friday...not because the weekend has begun, but this Friday finally brought cooler temperatures---high today of 62!!! For over a week, we have been experiencing record temps in the 90s! I know that doesn't seem very hot for many of you, but it is extremely hot when you do not have an air conditioner!!! Several days, it was so hot the kids broke out in heat rashes, at 11 pm we were still sweating just laying on the couch and everyone was so grumpy!!! Gideon thought we all needed to go swimming!!! This morning, we woke to a nice cool breeze and smiles across our faces!

DAY 29: Lesa Hughes

Lesa joined Team Golden Ring in 2005 and is from Missouri. "Aunt Lesa" is a great addition to our team and family! Please pray for Lesa's ministry, Bible Studies and health.


DAY 28: Young People

The young people of our Church are an active and growing group without a leader. Please pray that God would continue to draw young people to Himself and prepare and equip the right person to lead them in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


DAY 27: Our Gym, Trainers and Aquaintances

Keith and I have regularly worked out at Step Life for over a year. We love it! Please pray as the Lord leads for the trainers and members of Step Life. Pray that we would be a light in the darkness and have many opportunities to share Christ's love.


Meet Our New Dog!!!

We got a new dog! I know many of you who know us well are shocked, but we could not refuse this adorable addition to our family. Kristie and Keith are so excited that the dog is potty trained and doesn't shed!

DAY 26: Memorial Day

We are so grateful for all of those who have died serving our great country and for the great freedom we enjoy as Americans! Please pray today for all of those men and their families who are risking their lives and making huge sacrifices so we can remain free and proud to be Americans!!!

New Bags...

It has been so hot here the last few days, we decided to take the kids to play and eat pizza today at a fun mall. Keith decided he wanted a bag (we won't call it what it really is...a purse) to carry all of his necessary documents that usually spend the winter crammed in his coat pockets. The kids joined in the "purse purchase" and they all got new bags! Keith found a great black leather "bag", ME got this totally cute pink backpack and Gideon got a Batman wallet/bag.


DAY 25: The Udmurt of Russia

Today is the Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization

The Udmurt who live in Russia's Ural Mountains may be obscure to you, but they are "near and dear" to our loving Father. The 750,000 Udmurt live mostly in small farming villages where income is low and the suicide rate is high. The Udmurt of Russia are known as the “people of the woods.” Perhaps this is because they are skilled in wood-making, or perhaps it is due to their past worship of wooden images. Though the Udmurts were Christianized by the Orthodox church after becoming part of Russia in the 16th century, they did not truly experience the gospel. Pagan beliefs such as the worship of idols are still apparent among the population. The good news is that 150 Udmurts have experienced true faith in Jesus Christ and many of these converts were won by their own brothers who were spreading the gospel as home missionaries. But the Orthodox church, which is the official church of Russia, is not pleased with the missionary activities and often tries to quiet or remove the home missionary from each village. Less than one quarter of 1 percent claim faith in Jesus Christ. We challenge you to set aside a meal or an entire day of meals to fast and pray for the Udmurt. Please join us in prayer and fasting for the Udmurt people of Russia today.

The IMB has a fabulous web site for more information about the Udmurt people including where they live, slideshows showing who they are and a heart breaking story of an Udmurtian father. You can read about people all over the World, what God is doing and how you can be involved at the IMB website.

Sunday Fun...

The kids had a great time playing outside after Church with their friend Maxine. We are so thankful for a great Church that we can be a part of in Yaroslavl!

Thanks Christian!!!

We are so thankful for Christian and that he is growing soo fast!!! Gideon (and ME) love the Spiderman robe that Christian gave him!!! Thanks Christian! We love you!!!

To read more about Christian, check-out his family's blog,
Willeke's Wanderings.


Tolgsky Monastery

We took a a short road trip to a small village just outside of Yaroslavl to see the Tolgsky Monastery. It was so peaceful, beautiful and unique. It is a working monastery with impeccable grounds and huge gardens. Today was Parents Day, a day you are to "think kind thoughts about your parents and to pray for them."

Outside of the Monastery.

Inside the sanctuary during a service.

Aunt Lesa with the kids.

Check-out Kristie's totally cool head covering, which was required to enter the Monastery!

City Day...

We had a great day celebrating City Day with our friends from Ivanovo, Lesa (our fun friend and teammate), Galina (our Russian teacher) and her sweet husband, Juri! It was very sunny and we got our first sunburns of the year!!! There were lots and lots of people, but we had a great time exploring Yaroslavl!

Photos From the Tolgsky Monastery


DAY 24: City Day

Today is "City Day" in Yaroslavl. Pray that the people of Yaroslavl would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

This picture was taken last year on City Day.

Congratulations Paul!!!

Our nephew, Paul Periano, graduated from Burnet High School today!!! Congratulations Paul!!! We are so proud of you and hope you enjoy your new freedom and new phase of life!!!

Thanks Granny!!!

We got a package today and everyone was so excited!!! The kids wanted to model their new things and Kristie can't wait to open the package of mint oreo cookies!!! Thanks Granny for the fabulous box of goodies and thanks Aunt Karen for sending the fun t-shirt and hats!!! We love you guys!!!

DAY 23: Gideon's Sunday School Teachers

Galya and Alya are Gideon's totally fun, sweet and patient Sunday School teachers. Please pray that Alya and Galya would love teaching and know how to best present the Word of God to the kids.


40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Hope4Russia is a fabuolous web page with lots of information about what the Lord is doing in Russia and how you can be involved! Ed Tarelton has written a letter explaining the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting and you can see the list of the top 40 cities and special information and prayer requests about each city. Please check-out the Hope4Russia web page.


DAY 22: Team Golden Ring

Our team is growing and rejoicing at all the Lord is doing in our lives personally and corporately!
Please pray as the Lord leads for the members of Team Golden Ring.

DAY 21: The Missionary Kids of Team Golden Ring

Sarah, the eldest MK on our team, is preparing for college!!! Anna is soon going to 14 and is looking forward to summer and moving to St. Petersburg! Christian just turned 10, loves playing tennis and riding his new bike! Gideon and ME love to be a part of the MKs of Team Golden Ring!

Today, we are going to Ivanovo for the day to be with our fun team. Gideon woke-up and asked "Is today a school day?" I said, "No, we are going to Ivanovo." He jumped out of bed and said, "Let's get dressed so we can go see Christian, Anna and Sarah!" I wish everyday, he would jump out of bed with that much excitement!!!

Pray as the Lord leads for our fabulous group of MKs!


DAY 20: Gideon's Classmates

Please pray that Gideon would be a good friend and make friends with his classmates. Pray that the kids would be kind, encouraging and generous to each other. Pray that the kids and their parents would find hope and eternal life in Jesus Christ.


Extreme Makeover!

This past week, a few of the tenets in our apartment decided to plant flowers around our entrance. We joined in the fun, played in the dirt, dug for worms and met several of our neighbors. I am not sure we would win an award for the most beautiful enterance, but we had a lot of fun!


Such great helpers!

ME made a friend.

The Final Project

DAY 19: Our Neighbors

Please pray that we would have many opportunities to get to know our neighbors and share Christ's love with them.


A Great Weekend...

We had a wonderful time this weekend! The weather was gorgeous and we had lots of fun discovering new sights in Yaroslavl.

The fellowship was fabulous!

The beach was a blast...especially for the kids!

Thanks Rachel and Olga for visiting us in Yaroslavl!!!

PHOTO TIP: I love digital photography!!! Not only can you simply delete a less than ideal picture, you can turn good pictures into black and white when your son has an accident in the park (no Granny he did not pee in his pants, but on them---he needs to work on his aim!) and the only pants you have are red and his shirt is green---too bad it isn't Christmas!!!
Check-out the other photos of this weekend at The 4 Sullivans Online Photo Album.

DAY 18: New Believers

This picture was taken at our yearly baptismal service. In Russia, baptisms usually occur at a near by lake in the summer. Pray that many people would come to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in their faith and knowledge of Him!


DAY 17: Orphans

Please pray for all the Orphans in Yaroslavl, but especially for these pictured. In Russia, the term "orphan" does not always mean a child who has no parents. In Russia, it can also refer to a child with parents who fail to properly care for the child, but still have legal custody of the the child. The majority of these orphans spend the school year at this Boarding School and return to their homes for the summer. Please pray for their safety, care and adjustment this summer as they spend this time in less than ideal situations. Please also pray that this children would have the opportunity to attend a 10 day summer camp in July sponsored by our Church. Finally, pray for our friends who have been waiting to adopt a little girl. They have been approved and are now waiting to reach the top of the list. Pray that in the Lord's timing, they will receive the little girl God has chosen for their family.

DAY 16: New Teammates---Alys and Sarah

Today, after a very long wait, Alys and Sarah begin their adventure to Russia to serve as the first ever Journeymen on Team Golden Ring!!! They will be living in Ivanovo and working with students, but hopefully, will come visit Yaroslavl frequently!!! We are so looking forward to serving the Lord with these great girls!!! Please pray for Alys and Sarah as they adjust to life in Russia, make new friends and share the love and hope found only in Jesus Christ!


DAY 15: The Orthodox Church

Please pray that the Orthodox Church would experience revival!