No More School Party!!!

Tonight, Gideon's school had an end of the school party. He was a flower in a little play and we were so proud that he actually did everything he was suppose to do! ME loved being at the school and I actually had to carry her away kicking and screaming when it was time to leave. Pray that we have a great summer together with lots of fun things to blog about!

ME showing off her pull-up!

Yeah, Party Time!!!

We got ready early and the kids wanted to show off their party clothes!

Our New Friends...

A family from our church invited us to their home this week. We had a great time getting better aquanted with this totally sweet family, Egor and Natasha. They have 5 kids and one on the way and Natasha's sister lives in the same building and joined us for dinner with 2 of her 3 kids. At one point, there were 10 kids running wild---the 10th was a neighbor boy who Natasha occasionally babysits for. I was shocked that we actually were able to hold a rather enjoy able conversation amist all of the kids.

ME modeling one of the kid's sunglasses.



Mommy: "Gideon, can you get ME a clip for her hair?"
Gideon: "No, mommy, I am sorry I can not do that right now, because I am very busy. When I stop being busy, I will do that for you."

Masha's (one of Gideon's teachers and a great new friend to our family) father died on Sunday. He had a heart attack a few weeks ago and just progressively grew worse. Please pray for Masha and her family.

The Last Day of Preschool for the Summer

This was Gideon's last day of preschool. He has really had a good year! The last several months, he finally stopped dreading going to school and begging to stay home...which was a huge blessing! His Russian has improved and he made several friends in his class. Gideon will return to school September 3rd---his 6th Birthday!!!

ME will also begin preschool at the same school sometime in September (new students are placed on a waiting list and two new students start every few days to minimize the hysterics---or to drag them out over several weeks).

Pray that both kids would adjust well and quickly to school and a new routine.

Gideon, Lena & Katya (2 of Gideon's teachers), Alex (one of Gideon's classmates) and Evelyn (a preschool teacher in a different class)


Good-Bye Skinner Family

Today our dear friends and teammates, the Skinners, left for the states for the summer. When they return, they will move to St. Pete. We miss you guys already and will be praying that you have a fabulous summer full of adventures and many great memories! We love you guys!!!

Photo of Team Golden Ring (minus Lesa) was taken by Jill during our team retreat.

Nap Time...

Actually, if you look closely, Keith is the only one napping! If you look even closer, you can see the two knots on ME's head---one from hitting her head on the bed frame and the other when she fell down the stairs leaving Church!
I was shocked today when I took the time to read the ingredients in this fun new 3 in 1 coffee I just bought. I can never get the coffee, creamer and sugar in the correct proportions when I make myself a cup of coffee. So, I have fallen in love with 3 in 1 flavored coffees...until today when I read that they contain "hardened vegetable fat"! Don't misunderstand, I am an avid consumer of fat, but adding it to my coffee and drinking it sort of grosses me out!


Dinner Guests...

We celebrated Alya and Galya's, Gideon's Sunday School teachers, birthdays today. I was so excited for a reason to eat chocolate cake!!! We had a great time and the kids loved all of the attention.
What is ME wearing? She insisted on sporting Gideon's soccer jersey. She is such a copycat! If Gideon takes his shirt off; she has to take hers off too. If he is playing with a toy; she wants that toy. She follows him around every where and tries to be exactly like him! Pray that he would be a good example and a great big brother!

What's New?!?

It has been almost a week since our last post! Time is flying, but not much exciting has happened...refereeing sibling squabbles, managing the chaos, cleaning up messes, picking up toys, trips to the playground (I am sure our neighbors wonder why every time we go outside I bring my camera!)

Gideon finally lost his second tooth and was really thrilled! No, I didn't take 20 pictures and create another online album...I didn't even take one picture!!!

ME is quickly becoming the Sunday School Nursery bully! She has bitten a little girl, kick another one and takes toys from all of the kids!!! Our sweet little girl who everyone thinks looks like an angel is really an imp (my new word for the day)!!!

I drove the car all the way to Gideon's school this morning!!! We made it with no incidents, traffic tickets or major disputes!!! Driving a stick shift was challenging...remembering to put in the clutch, getting out of first gear, knowing when to shift; then you add all of the crazy Russian drivers zooming around you, huge pot holes that your entire car could get lost in, your husband saying, "Go! Go! No STOP!!!" and your darling son laughing in the back seat. I was so proud that I made it all the way to the school and the car only died 3 times!!!

Picture taken after our weekly Sunday morning dress-up. The first time all week I actually dried my hair and put on make-up!


Olympic Games, Team Retreat

The 2007 Team Golden Ring Olympics were held just outside of Ivanovo. We had a great time welcoming our newest team members, Sarah and Alys, and saying good-bye to the Skinners. The fathers took on the non-fathers in volleyball, tug-o-war, Frisbee, ping-pong and archery.

The Guy's loved cooking out and we all loved the ribs, pork, burgers and sweets!

Gideon did great at archery and helped the non-fathers team win the archery round of the competition! Way to go Gideon!!!

Gideon enjoyed working on his biking techniques with Aunt Jill and Uncle Mel. Thanks Uncle Mel for fixing the bike!!!

We all enjoyed getting better aquanted with our teammates, especially ME. We love you Sarah and Alys AKA "The Girls"!!!
We enjoyed our first ever night in a tent! Gideon and ME were so excited to be able to sleep in a tent and Keith and Kristie were so thankful for the blow-up mattress that made the whole experience much more enjoyable!
We are so thankful for such great teammates!!!
We love you guys!
Please pray for our one of our teammates, Lesa, who was unable to join us due to medical problems. Please pray that she would have a quick recovery and peace, joy and lots of rest during this time.


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Keith!!! We hope you had a great day! We love you!!!


Olga & Aaron

On Saturday, we were able to celebrate the engagement of Olga (our dear friend from Ivanovo) and Aaron. We had a great time of fellowship with Olga, Araon and their family and friends. Congratulations!!! We love you guys!!!

To see all of the pics from the party, go to The 4 Sullivans online-photo album.

Happy Father's Day

Gideon, ME & Daddy

Grampy, Granny & Gideon

Grandpa, Gideon, ME & Kristie

Happy Father's Day to the World's Greatest Dads & Grandpas!!! Of course, we are partial, but we are so thankful for the families we have been given and for the supportive, loving dads we have been blessed with! We hope Les and Otis have a fabulous Father's Day!!! We love you both and miss you all terribly!!!

We are headed to Moscow and then Ivanovo and will return to the World of Blogging on Tuesday! Have a great day!!!


A New Bed!!!

Last week, ME started crawling from her baby bed, so she has moved to the trundle bed (the extra bed we store under Gideon's bed)!!! She is so happy with her new accomplishment, but mommy and daddy are sad that she can escape solitary confinement and can now come visit them any time she wants!

Biking Across Europe & Asia

An evangelism bike team traveling from Germany to Vladivostok, in eastern Russia, stopped in Yaroslavl. It was fun to be a part of such an exciting event! Please pray for the bikers as they share the Gospel and travel through 11 more time zones.

Cheering the bikers on!!!


Weekend with the Willeke's

We had a great weekend with our friends, the Willekes. We spent the day walking along the Volga and having lunch at a totally fun, cute, but not very speedy restaurant on the water. We love you guys! Thanks for coming for a visit!

DAY 40: Us, The 4 Sullivans!

Today is the final day of our special 40 days of prayer and fasting for the people of Yaroslavl. We have really enjoyed this special time and have learned a great deal! Kristie learned just how much she really does love coffee, sweets and movies. She also learned that self-discipline is not one of her stronger virtues! Keith learned that God is always at work; sometimes in ways we don't expect Him to be. He learned we need to be intent on following God's plans, not our own. Finally, we learned God is great, loving, generous and gracious! Thank you for joining in praying for the people of Yaroslavl and all over Russia. We know that God has heard our prayers and we are anxious to see how He will work in the lives of those who live here!


DAY 39: New Aquaintances

Please pray for the 650,00 people who live in Yaroslavl and that God would bring across our paths those who are open to hearing the Gospel.

The Grand Opening of Chimichanga

The Willeke's joined us for dinner at Chimichanga. Even though it is far from Taco Bell and not really even close to being anything similar to what we are use to, we all enjoyed getting to try it out and even Keith concluded the food was fairly good.


Family Day

We met some friends from our Church at a fun park and spent the morning laughing, playing and having a great time of fellowship! We are so thankful for the many friends God has given us here in Yaroslavl.


DAY 38: Good News Baptist Church

The Pastor, Serge Michaelovich

The only Russian Baptist Church in Yaroslavl, Good News, was established in the 1920s and has approximately 200 members. Please pray that the members of Good News would experience revival and be motivated to reach their city for Christ. Pray for Pastor Serge Michaelovich would have wisdom and courage to lead the Church according to God's will.

A Fun Family Moment...

Gideon has really been struggling with his attitude and anger...or maybe he doesn't have issues with it, but mommy and daddy do! After a rough few minutes, he hugged me and I thought we better capture the precious moment together! Pray that he would be a sweet, kind boy full of fun and laughter and we would be patient, wise parents!

Opening This Sunday!!!


"Broadway: The Real Taste of America"

We are so excited (Keith said he will be excited if it is good!) that these fun, new resterants will be opening this Sunday at our new mall...just 5 minutes from our house!!! The Willeke's are going to be here to help us celebrate this totally exciting new addition to Yaroslavl!!!