Emme’s most important possession and first thing she packed…her stuffed animals!!!


She was a huge help and did an amazing job purging!!!


I thought before we left for the summer, I had purged everything possible.  Today, Emme and I filled 10 more bags to give away and 3 full bags of trash.  I have a filling Moving Day will still be exhausting!!!


James Mercy Triumphs…

I am laughing {and crying}. God is simply amazing. There is so much to the story I am living and God's hand is so clearly in the midst of it all organizing even the smallest details. Last year, I had hit a hard place and just wanted to really focus on the Lord. I picked up James Mercy Triumphs, read a few pages and then decided on studying the book of Gideon. It was a perfect choice and taught me so much in the midst of a really difficult time.

Tonight, I have reached another “bump in the road” and decided to begin another intensive book study. As I read the introduction {again} to James Mercy Triumphs, amidst the tears, I totally burst out laughing. The second paragraph says, “I love the uncertainty of what is ahead as long as I am in the security of God's hands.” Then in bold says, “Have the courage to live under strain and pain to be a part of a better story. A larger story. Don't wimp out.” I feel like Beth Moore has entered my living room, pulled up a chair and just gave the encouragement I need. I look forward to seeing what the future holds, but rest and rejoice in the fact the God holds the future in His hand. God is simply amazing.


It Is Official…


Once again, I am a university student!!!  I enrolled in a Russian language course and begin classes on Thursday!!!  I pray it is fun and helps me to order a drink with ice with out repeating myself, using gestures or just settling for a warm coke!!!


So Thankful…


For a handy husband and that home repairs is not my jurisdiction!!!