Fun with Kamryn and Karstyn...

These are pictures of my sweet niece, Kandise, with her two darling kids---Kamryn and Karstyn. The kids had such fun playing together! We love you guys!

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa...

Thank you for the wonderful presents! Gideon loves the portable DVD and has even let ME watch a movie with him! ME loves her baby, Erika Raven, and plays her tunes on her fun little piano! THANKS!!! We love and miss you guys!!!

Women on Mission...

The WMU at DiVinci's Coffee Shop

Kristie & Maxine Partrick

Kristie had a wonderful time at a local coffe shop with the women from the Emmanuel WMU. Kristie had a great time of fellowship with these fabulous, faithful prayer warriors! We want to thank each lady in the WMU for their commitment to us and missionaries all over the world!


Leaving Clovis...

The Day of Our Departure

We left Clovis today in a huge rush to beat a major snow storm. Thankfully, we stayed just ahead of the snow and made it through Amarillo hours before they closed the Interstate. We had a wonderful time in Clovis! Thanks Granny and Grampy for all of the fun memories! We hope you get some rest!!!


Gideon is better...

Thank you for praying for Gideon! He seems to be doing better! We are packing today and will head to Enid, Oklahoma tomorrow to spend our final days in the states with Kristie's family.

Darth Vader

Pray for Gideon...

For the past 48 hours, Gideon has been throwing up, but only at night and in the morning. We do not know what is wrong, but please pray that he would feel better today.


"I Wanna Be a Cowboy!"

The kids had lots of fun on the saddle at the Rib Crib.



Gideon and ME had a great time opening presents! ME can now learn her ABCs & Dr. Gideon can treat your illnesses. Merry Christmas!!!

Meet the Family...

Cody & Leslie with Gideon & Superman

Aunt Karen, Paul & Shrek

Kyle, Aunt Kelli & Uncle Alan

This weekend we explored our "Family Heritage" at http://www.heritage.com/ (you can see what famous people you look like). In our family, we have a Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, a Japanese Supermodel, a black man (which was actually a female in the family), and Kevin Costner. What a diverse family!!!


The Enquirer???

Granny---are you really reading the Enquirer to ME???


Gideon & Paul

Gideon loves all of the attention he has been getting...his cousin Paul bought him a Superman t-shirt and he has been wearing it for 2 days straight! Thanks Paul!!!


Snowing in New Mexico


The kids loved going into the garage to check-out Grampy's Aquarium---a Styrofoam bucket of minnows!

Family Photo

Check-out our newest family photo at www.wessgray.com/blog/. Wess Gray is a phenominal photographer in Kristie's home town, Enid, Oklahoma. Thanks Wess Gray!


Phillips Family Reunion

Gideon & Parks with Grandpa

This weekend we returned to Enid to attend the annual Christmas Family Reunion. It was so nice to see all of the extended family and to meet all of the new family members. Gideon & Parks had a great time dring Root Beers, eating chocolates and chasing each other!


We Made it to Granny's!!!

The Welcoming Committee---Shrek & Strawberry Shortcake


On the Road...AGAIN!!!

We have spent a lot of time on the road and are so thankful for the fabulous van we are able to use. I hope the kids don't get to use to the DVD! Thanks Dad & Barbara for letting us borrow your van!!!

Mary Elizabeth...

ME has had such a fun time playing with all of the new toys, new friends, and trying to keep up with Gideon and Parks!

She still finds time to take a break for a drink of milk!


Driving Lessons with Uncle Troy...

Gideon was so excited to get to drive "Lightening McQueen"!!! Thanks Uncle Troy for teaching him the driving fundamentals with so much patience! Thank you Parks for sharing your toys with Gideon---you are a fabulous cousin & great friend!!!

A Visit to the Library...

Fun with Parks...


Fun with the Family...

Uncle Troy & Kamryn
Aunt Leslyn & Parks

Fun with Grandpa...

It was so good to see Grandma & Grandpa and get to play with Jacob & Micolyn.

Lunch Time!!!

Chips & Dip

& Fries!!!


Our Adventure Begins...

Gideon is excited to be boarding the plane to go to see Granny!!!



As we prepare to leave for the States, we just wanted to send you Holiday Greetings! We hope this month will be filled with fun and laughter. We hope you experience short lines and big discounts as you are faced with the holiday crowds. We pray that you will have great times with friends and family! But most of all, we hope that you will experience peace and joy as you remember the real reason for the season---the birth of Jesus Christ!

Please pray that we would have a miraculous beginning to our vacation with a stress-free flight. We leave for Oklahoma on Saturday morning and will travel for approximately 24 hours! Pray for safety, connections, and great naps for the entire family! Pray that our time with family would be filled with fabulous memories. Pray that we will return to Yaroslavl, Russia (January 3rd) rested and ready for 2007!

72 Hours!!!

In 72 hours we leave for the US!!! We leave for Moscow on Friday and for the States on Saturday at 12:25! We will arrive in Oklahoma City at 8:30pm (local time---5:30 am in Russia) and then head to Enid, after a stop at Taco Bell (and possibly Braums and Wal-Mart). We should arrive in Enid around 11pm. Total trip time: approximately 24 hours! Please pray for a safe, peaceful trip and that the kids get lots of sleep...OK I know I am asking for a miracle, but God is good!!!

Private Tour of the Hockey Arena

Brett invited us on a tour of the Hockey Arena. We all had a great time taking a "behind the scenes" peek of the facilities and watching the Lokomotivs practice.


Brett Hauer...

On Sunday, Brett Hauer came for dinnr and won our kids hearts! He brought Gideon ALL of the Hockey trading cards from every team he has played on, including the Olympic Team and he read "The Little Red Hen" to ME! ME liked him so much, when it came time for him to leave, she went and got her boots, put them on and thought she was going to get to go home with him! She was so sad to see him go! Thanks Brett for coming and showing our kids such a great time!