Good Morning Gideon!!!

Gideon is growing!!! He wanted to wear his monkey pj's that several months ago we passed down to ME. Surprisingly, he was still able to squeeze into them!



We leave for the states in just 10 more days. Kristie told Gideon that we were going to see our family and his grandparents soon...a few minutes later he wanted some lunch and said, "Let's go to Granny's house now! I am hurgry!" I said it would be a few more days and he said, "You said SOON!" I guess it is all a matter of perspective! Later he asked if we were taking the car to visit Granny.



We miss you and can't wait to see you!!! Hope you have a great

Hi Aaron!



Thanksgiving Memories...

on the train, in the Metro, eating, and just being together!

Gideon and Mary Elizabeth...

The kids love the Christmas Tree and have such fun playing Hide-N-Seek around it.



Happy Thanksgiving!
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful! Col. 3:15

This picture was taken during the Thanksgiving festivities with Kristie's family in 2004. We are filled with thankfulness this year. We are especially thankful for Kristie's dad, Les, who has over come major health obstacles over the past several years and rejoice that in 18 days we will see him and our other family for the holidays!!!

Today, we are off to spend Thanksgiving day with friends in Moscow. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day.


Gideon and Pashka

Gideon loves to take pictures and will do something silly and then say "take my picture...I want to see...oh, that is great!" He sonds just like his mom!

Another Trip to the Swimming Pool...


The Festival of Lights

Gideon's German Preschool in Russia celebrated the Asian Festival of Lights! The kids had a great time with their handmade lanterns and ME loved playing in Gideon's classroom.


Marriage Retreat...

Keith and Kristie are going to a Marriage Retreat this weekend south of Moscow (5 hours from Yaroslavl) with 9 other couples serving with the IMB. We are really looking forward to this time, but it is a first for us. It is the first time we have ever left Gideon and ME over night...we have been gone separately for a night or two, but never together. We are so thankful to our teammates and dear friends for offering to spend the weekend with the kids. Please pray that this would be a special time for everyone. Pray that the kids would adjust well and not miss us. Pray for the safety of everyone and that fun, wonderful memories would be made.


Winter has arrived...

Saturday night, it started snowing and Gideon is so happy that the snow has stayed. He has been asking to go sledding for months. Our first snow was very light and then "went away"...Gideon is so happy that this snow has stayed long enough for him and ME to enjoy it.


Breakfast Time...

Breakfast time at the Sullivans...with a messy face and wild hair!!!


We found this poster in the Moscow Metro that says, "SMILE-An inexpensive way to look better." The irony is that the employee sitting near the poster, who provides information to travelers, would not even look us in the eye, little alone smile, as he pointed us in the right direction.
Even though, the picture could be better, the lady's expression makes this one perfect! (I could not take another picture because I was told that the Metro is a military facility and no pictures are allowed!)


The Mom's In Touch Conference

Kristie had a great time at the Conference. She left at 1:15 AM and returned home at midnight. She was so tired that she almost fell asleep in the taxi. She had a great time getting to know the six other women that went from Yaroslavl. She also enjoyed the time she got to spend with a colleague from Moscow. As you can see from the picture, the Church was filled with ladies from all over Russia and the Ukraine.



WOW!!! We have had over 3000 hits on our blog! Thank you all for checking out what fun things have been going on with the 4 Sullivans!!!

The Return of the Princess and the Motor Cross Star

After putting up the Christmas tree (It still makes me smile that it is only November 4th and I already have my tree up!) and cleaning up the mess, Gideon and ME decided to dress up and have a little show. ME enjoyed showing off her tierra, purse, and even earrings and Gideon loved showing us his new moves!

To see more pictures of our fun day (and many other adventures), check-out The 4 Sullivans online photo album at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.

Mary Elizabeth...

ME is learning so many new things. She is learning how to brush her teeth, to pick up toys and how to put things in there place. She loves to throw things in the trash, even her own stinky diapers. We just recently discovered that every time we ask her to put something in the kitchen, she is putting it in the trash! Keith bought a can of corn for lunch and told ME to put it in the kitchen. When we started making lunch, we could find the corn. We searched the entire house, before discovering that she had "put it in the kitchen"...in the trash! I wonder what all she has thrown away that was suppose to be "put in the kitchen"!!!

We are so thankful for ME and all the joy, smiles, and adventure she brings to our family!

And yes...she still loves her bottle! And yes...we know that this will probably cost us a fortune for dental bills in the future---all for a few moments of happiness for ME and peace and quiet for mommy and daddy!

It is beginning to look a lot like...Christmas!?!

No this is not a picture from last year...Kristie had a free day yesterday and during a momentary lapse of sanity, decided to put up the Christmas tree!!! Since we will be gone for Thanksgiving (it would be really strange to eat turkey with Christmas lights flashing) and will be in the states for almost 4 weeks for the Christmas Holidays, she decided to go ahead and start celebrating now. Gideon was as excited as Kristie, ME was mad because she could play with the ornaments, and Keith, well lets just say "Bah Hum Bug" :-)!