6:07pm on Emme’s first day back to School…



Medical Play-By-Play!

Saturday evening:  Emme has had a triple digit temp since Tuesday and has missed the first 4 days of classes.  Her fever finally improved today, but her tongue is white, her mouth is swollen and her lips are covered with fever blisters.
Sunday afternoon:  Emme is growing teeth; Gid is losing teeth! Life is never boring!!!
Monday morning:  Now Gid has a temp of 102 and Emme's gums are so swollen when I not so gently brushed her teeth in attempt to remove all the gooey white gunk from her mouth her gum's bleed for almost an hour!!! When will the fun end and freedom return?!?!
Monday afternoon:  Between language differences and differences in medical treatment plans, I really wonder why we even waste our money going to the doctor. Supposedly Emme and Gideon have the same illness.  It is viral, but there was bacteria in Emme's blood and gave her an antibiotic. The doctor did not test Gid for bacteria and said he did not need an antibiotic. And why does the fact that the doctor was cute and friendly make me feel better?  One final "comment"...OK, complaint!!!  How can you call a pharmacy "24 Hour, 7 Days a Week" when they are closed for lunch?!?!

Please pray that the kids would heal completely and recover quickly!!! 

And Now Gid Is Sick!!!



Here's our latest Prayer Update. We appreciate all of you!

Another Lost Tooth…

Gid was multitasking while playing Wii and his tooth fell out!!!


I sure hope that is suppose to happen!!!



Birthday Party Exploration…


Gideon wants have a Star Wars  Laser Tag celebration for his Birthday.  Keith went to check-out the two possible locations this week only to discover BOTH have closed down.  After lots of searching, questioning and calling, we discovered a new location that has just opened!  We went on a family adventure to check it out, discuss options and finalize details.  They do have Laser Tag (YEAH!!!) but you must be 8 years or older (with proper proof!!!) to be able to play.  Thankfully Gid is celebrating his 10th Birthday, but a few guests are to young to participate in Laser Tag. 


They offer Birthday Party packages, but only in Russian…marked that off as an option.  Food must be purchased at their cafĂ© and they make their own cake!!!  Great!!!  How much? 2 kilo minimum at 2000 rubles a kilo=4000 rubles for a cake…$138?!?!  Seriously!!!  Even purchasing over priced cake mixes and frosting at $6 each at an import Grocery Store, I would be able to feed everyone pizza and cake for the price of their cake!!!  Sooo, we will use their facilities, play their games, but eat our own cake in the Food Court!!!  I am so thankful that Gideon will be celebrating double digits, but even more grateful that Birthdays only happen once a year!!!


We Survived The First Week!!!

It did not go as planned!


Emme missed 3 of the 4 days of class!


But we survived…and it’s the weekend!!!


Day 4…


4 days of class and Emme has missed 3!!!  She still has a triple digit temp, swollen glands and feels miserable!!!  My stress level has doubled with worry for Emme, living surrounded by boxes and bags in preparation for our upcoming move and trying to plan Gid’s Birthday Party.  We have been discussing for months Gideon’s desire to have a Star Wars Laser Tag Celebration.  The thought never even crossed my mind that the 2 Laser Tag locations would both close down!!!  Laugh or cry…I can’t decide!!!


Day 3…


Emme spent the second day of classes visiting the Pediatrician.  The Strep Test was negative, but the blood test showed signs of bacteria.  Please pray that she recovers quickly!!!


Day Two of Classes…


No Emme did not wear her robe to school!  It is only the 2nd day of classes and Emme is already sick!!!  Last night she had a 103 temperature and swollen tonsils!!!  So Gid is flying solo.  I pray that Emme recovers quickly and can return to her class as soon as possible!!!


First Day of Classes!!!


School has officially began!!!  I celebrated by returning to the gym…the first time in more than 7 months!!!  I pray that this year is filled with many blessings, lots of learning and fabulous memories!!!


First Day Memories…

Why do I do it?  Why do I look back?  Memories can be emotional.  We have had a fabulous summer nonetheless I thought I was past crying as I see my kids walk into the School doors.  Alone.  Without me.  But it did it.  I looked back…and now I am sad all over again!!!

2008~Gideon begins Kindergarten…in the States…in October.

September 2008 0021 

This was not our plan.  We were not ready.  Gideon was definitely not ready!

 September 2008 0051

But we fell in love with Ms. Cook, Gideon exceeded our expectations and the year was a huge success!!!

September 2008 0042

2009~Emme goes to Pre-K and Gid becomes a First Grader.


2010~Emme starts Kindergarten and Gideon begins 2nd Grade in Saint Pete, Russia.


And another year begins!!!


I pray this will be a fabulous year!!!

The First Bell Ceremony…

Summer has officially ended!!!


We celebrated the first day of School at the park.


I am praying great blessings for Gideon and Emme this school year.  I pray they are challenged, but successful in learning, make great friends and love school!!!


School Supplies…


Summer is almost over.  School supplies have been bought, sorted, labeled and bagged.  We are physically ready…let’s just hope the emotions soon catch up!!!



E:  I think I have fleas.

Me:  Why are you itchy.

E:  No my tummy hurts!

Me:  I think you mean the flu not fleas!!!


E:  I wonder when my dairy will run out?

Me:  What diary?

E:  My poop diary!

Me:  Diarrhea!!!




Headed to Dallas…

Our traditional good-bye pic…


We did our part at boosting the economy!!!


Olive Garden…Gid’s favorite!!!


A race to see who could finish lunch first…


We said good-bye to Granny and Grampy in Lubbock, rented a van and headed to Dallas.  The van was super nice and had satellite radio…which was great until Keith discovered FOX News.