A First…

When offered dinner out anywhere, the kids said, "We just want to stay home and eat Ramen noodle!" Yeah us!!!  Keith and I got a quiet dinner date at a cute restaurant right by our apartment!!! Thankful for city life...unexpected date dinners...Ramen noodles!!! Praying our house is not covered in ramen noodles or burnt to the ground and our kids are having unsupervised fun!!!

Twin Day…




Sad Good-Byes…


One of the hardest parts of life is learning to say good-bye.


Loving Life!!!

First day I have returned home after dropping the kids off at school in what feels like forever. I do not have to go to class...study grammar....do homework...stress about taking a test. I am curled up on the couch...in my super cute living room...drinking coffee...listening to K-LOVE...studying the bible with Beth Moore. My biggest task for the day...removing the salt/dirt/yuck from my very old, but super comfy boots. So thankful that my goals this year do not include the B1! Loving life!!



After years of denying, avoiding, complaining…months of class, homework, studying, worrying…I decided I would take the B1 Language Test to see just how horrible it really is and determine specific areas of weakness.  The B1 allows you to retake only the sections you fail.  It is 2 days and covers grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.  I shockingly PASSED all 5 areas!!!



Good-Bye Christmas…

As we packed away Christmas decorations, sorting them into to two piles...keep and leave behind...is a harsh reality for those who live overseas.  Categorizing possessions is a part of life for us.  If we must leave our home…for whatever reason…what do we keep and what must we leave behind.  As I make piles, reflect on the many memories of this past year…I wonder where we will be next year.


Good-Bye Israel…


We have love our time exploring Israel and so thankful to end 2014 with so many great memories.