Keith Celebrates His 34th Birthday!!!

Keith turned 34 today and blowing out his one candle became a family affair! Gideon insisted Keith have a candle on his cake---thankfully he didn't insist on 34!


Harvest Celebration

Today, our Church celebrated the Day of the Harvest, which is very simular to Thanksgiving in the states. There was a beautiful display of fruits, vegetables, flowers and even fresh honey comb. After Church, there was so much food, tea and a great time of fellowship. We are so thankful the abundant blessings God gives!


Gideon and Kristie Go Swimming...

Gideon and Mommy went swimming today! Gideon was so excited, he put on his swimming suit as soon as he woke-up! Swimming in Russia is very different than in the states. You must have medical clearence and must also wear a swimming cap---which Gideon thought was so cool! Thankfully, we were able to get the necessary certification without the required examination---Kristie was especially grateful!

Kristie and Gideon enjoyed this special time with their friends Elvera and Dima. Gideon and Dima took a swimming lesson, while Kristie and Elvera tried to stay afloot lap swimming. Kristie was really impressed with the facilities, the organization of the children's class and really enjoyed diving off the starting blocks. Elvera said she looked like a pro---HAHA!!!


Mary Elizabeth Enjoys a Visit to the Playground

Yaroslavl is currently experiencing an "Indian Summer"---obviously not really summer, since ME is wearing a hat and coat, but the days have warmed up again and the sun is shining! We are trying to take advantage of the great weather, before the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall!!!


Bath Time Fun!

Fun with Friends...

We had a great day at the Skinner's docha. We had fabulous hamburgers with homemade buns, yummie coleslaw, lots of desserts, and best of all fantastic fellowship. The kids enjoyed digging in the dirt and Gideon loved chopping wood! We are so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team. Thanks Mel and Nancy for all your hard work to make the day so fun! We love you guys!


The Craigs...

Tom, Jennifer and Ellie arrived in Yaroslavl late Wednesday night. After they get up from "falling over with exhaustion" they will begin studing Russian at the Yaroslavl Language Center. Check-out their blog at www.allthingsundertheson.blogspot.com to read more about their family and life in Yaroslavl. We are so glad you are finally here!

This picture was taken in Alaska---not Yaroslavl :-).


Coy Phillips

Kristie's grandfather, Coy Phillips, passed away today at the age of 93. He has 5 kids, 10 grandkids (+10 spouses), 13 great-grands (+3 spouses), and 4 great-great-grands!!! He was a wonderful man, father, and grandpa and will be greatly missed. The funeral services will be Saturday at 2 pm in Alva, Oklahoma. Please pray for Kristie's family during this time of loss.

This picture was taken in December 2003.

For more information regarding the life of Coy Phillips, please visit the Wharton Funeral Home.

Fitness Class

Gideon is really enjoying his fitness class and loves his teacher, Tatiana Anatolivna. Tuesday was a gorgeous day, so we all went to Gideon's class. ME had fun running around outside, while Keith and Kristie got to watch a little bit of a soccer game. What a fun night!


Medical Certificates...

In Russia, you must obtain a medical certificate to attend school (14 page document from numerous doctors), to obtain a driver's license, to get your car inspected, to go swimming, to participate in a fitness class, and to even attend music school!!! We recently had to take Gideon to our neighborhood doctor to get a medical certificate to return to school after the summer break that said "I have not been sick all summer", another certificate that gives him permission to participate in fitness class, and another to allow him to go swimming, which we still have not completed, because it includes an inspection of the posterior end of the body :-) that can only be done at 7:30 AM. We also found out that Gideon can only swim on Friday nights for 45 minutes with a parent. This means that Kristie (Keith refused :-)) must also have the posterior exam :-), in addition to a gyneological exam!!! Kristie is praying that God would remove Gideon's desire to go swimming!!!

End of the Week...

We made it through our first week of preschool with smiles on our faces. Gideon seemed to do well this week adjusting to his new routine. His teachers have said that he is learning some Russian and trying to communicate with the kids. The week progressed from "Mommy don't leave me!" to "Please stay with me for a long time!" to "Will you stay with me for a little while?"...this is great progress from last year running out of the class screaming "Mommy don't go!!! Please come back!"---while mommy hid in the corridor crying!!! Please continue to pray that Gideon would make a friend at school. When we returned to pick him up, he was playing on the playground by himself.


First Day of Fitness

Gideon has joined a fitness class that meets two nights a week. Tonight was his first night and he loved it. We are so thankful that he has had a fabulous week at preschool and fun in fitness class. Please continue to pray that Gideon will make friends with his new classmates, look forward to these opportunities and be filled with joy.

This photo is taken in front of our neighborhood sports complex.


The First Day of Preschool

Gideon had a great first day of school. He was apprehensive when we left, but didn't cry. When we return he was knee deep in dirt playing with new friends!!! Today, we also celebrated Gideon's Birthday with his class. We brought Spiderman cupcakes and little gift sacks for his classmates. One of his teachers, Lena, told a sweet story detailing major life events and lighting a candle for each year. They also gave him a little wooden car. It was a great day for Gideon! Thank you for praying!!!

Check out our online photo album for more photos at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.


Mommies Little "Helper"

ME loves standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes, usually splashing water every where but the dishes!

Valuable Lesson...

Gideon's Granny sent him Spiderman tennis shoes for his birthday and they arrived a week ago. We told Gideon that he needed to save them to wear to preschool. He loves them so much, he would say, "I need to try them on to make sure they fit" and would even fall asleep with them still on. Tonight, I was getting his things ready for school and thought I would water proof them, since it has been raining. What I thought was scotch guard, was actually some protectant or cleaner for BLACK SHOES!!! It was written in German and had a picture of shoes and coats (that were NOT black) with beads of water on them. When I read the fine print, of course after spraying the shoes and realizing there was a problem, I discovered it said in fine print in German, 4 other languages and then Russian---BLACK!!! Fortunately the shoes are not ruined, Gideon did not even notice, and they will be covered in mud tomorrow anyways!

LESSON LEARNED: A picture may say a thousand words, but you need to read the fine print anyways!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!

We had a great time celebrating Gideon's 5th Birthday! We ate lots of cake, opened presents and watched the Robin William's movie RV! Please pray for Gideon as he begins a new year of preschool.

Checkout www.the4sullivans.photosite.com for more photos.


Spiderman and Superman are ready for bed...

The house is quite and it looks like we have survived our first slumber party with only one small fight! Please pray for Gideon as he celebrates his 5th Birthday tomorrow!!!

The Birthday Fun Has Begun...

We had pizza with friends and then took the kids to play at the Castle Playground in a near by park. We came back to our house for tea and cake and the evening some how has ended with our first SLUMBER PARTY---YIKES!!!

Tomorrow Gideon will be 5!!!

Photo---Gideon and Dima.

What a Pair!

A Rare Moment...

Gideon and ME are sitting still and together watch a movie!


100 MORE DAYS...

In a 100 days we will be in the states!!! We are so looking forward to seeing our families, going to Church, eating Mexican food, and of course shopping!!!