Meal Times...

Reminder~don't forget to clean-up your messes!!! I love you and will see you tomorrow!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Parks the Pirate

Kamryn the Lady Bug

Karstyn the Moo Cow




2007...yet to be taken!

Play Time...

A reminder to Keith and the kids~don't forget to pick-up the toys!!!


Off To School...

Clark Kent visits preschool!!!

ME's playground

You must change your shoes before school!!!
A reminder~don't forget to say your prayers on the way to school, have a great day at school and play nice!!! ME~don't pinch or hit and Gideon~yes, daddy will pick you up after lunch so eat fast!!! Mommy loves you and misses you sooo much!!!


Good Morning...

What cute smiling faces to wake-up to in the morning! Reminder~don't forget to brush your teeth!!!


Mr & Mrs Popkes

FYI...In Russian, Popkes translate to Little Butt!!! Meet Mr & Mrs Little Butt!!!

The Wedding

To see all of the wedding photos, go to The 4 Sullivans online photo album at Picasa.

The Wedding Day!!!

I am sitting in the hotel suite getting my hair fixed and blogging at the same time!!! How great is that!!!

A Day in the Lives of the 4 Sullivans...

Today, I wanted to begin "A Day in Our Lives" little series of posts...to show you what a typical day looks like at our home! I hope you enjoy being a part of our lives this week!!!


Wedding Fun!!!

Olga & I

The Bridal Party

The Furture Mr & Mrs. Aaron Popkes


I know that things are not important, but we all have earthly treasures. I love our family pictures and the many fond memories they contain~they are priceless to me!

I also love my small collection of quilts...the last quilt done by my mom (the navy and burgundy Log Cabin design), the Flower Pot design and the Patchwork design each completed by my grandmothers`also priceless!

On of my very worldly "treasures" is our TV, VCR and DVD (I know this is so terrible). Since living in Russia, we have collected many DVDs and love all the VCR tapes Keith's parents have so generously spent hour (and hours!!!) recording. One of my favorite things to do is curl up and watch TV!!! Let's just say this treasure is not priceless :-).

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. Mt 9:19-21


Kristie's Adventures Continue...

Ok, I am sure you are wondering what I am doing?!?! After sleeping a total of 3.5 hours, I hopped the train to Moscow, was met by our totally sweet driver Pasha, who drove me to the airport (PTL I did not have to make my way on the metro, buses, crowds and traffic by myself and my 50 pound suitcase and equally as heavy backpack!!!) We made it to the airport in 1 hour which is totally fabulous for Moscow traffic. So, I can now sit and relax in an internet cafe...but not for too long, since it is 70 rubles (almost $3) for 15 minutes. But...I am alone and technically on vacation!!!

Speaking of being alone...I am so lost without my family. Lesa, the kids and I had a slumber party in the kids room, which I abandoned after everyone was asleep to go to my own bed. I felt lost in our big bed all alone. Usually, when Keith is gone the kids pile in my bed and cuddle with me. What will I do for 8 days in an entire bed by myself!!!

The trip has been so quiet and relaxing. I made it to the train station in record time...just as the train was arriving. Slept for almost 2 hours and was soooo greatful to Jill for letting me borrow her IPOD. The music was so fun and new (much better than our 1995 CD collection) and helped to drowned out the snooring man sleeping in the next bed and crying baby on the other side. I sat and contempted life and had periods of time with complete silence, no distractions and absolutely nothing to do, which I thought would be heavenly, but must admit was rather dull. OK, I must admit that I have already called to check on them once (would call again, but the battery in my phone is almost dead and the charger is MIA) and have spoke with Keith twice...and cried almost three times!!! I really miss the kiddos!!!

Please pray that the kids will have a great day with Aunt Lesa (I have heard cut-out cookies, trips outdoors and lots of other fun things are planned for the day!!!) and that we will all benefit from this time apart.


Kristie's Adventure Begins!!!

I am leaving for my 5:15 Am train to Moscow and then America!!! Please pray I make all of my connections, including changing airports in NYC. Pray that Lesa and the kids have a great time together and that Keith returns safe and rested!!!

Aunt Lesa...

Aunt Lesa came from Ivanovo to stay with the kids, while I go to the states and Keith returns from Moscow. Please pray that they would have a great time together, would be safe and healthy and would have so much fun they would not even miss mommy and daddy!!! Thank you Aunt Lesa for spending the day with the kiddos!!! We love and appreciate you!!!

My Favorite Spot...

Of all the many great spots in our house, this is my favorite...and most frequently occupied!!! I love the computer...not ours particularly, but any computer with access to the Internet! I love reading emails and posting fun adventures to our blog!!!

Good Night Daddy...

Bed Time...
Mommy: Let's pray
ME: Me first!!!
Mommy: OK!
ME: God, daddy don't cry...Amen

Daddy, we miss you!!! Come home soon!!! We love you!!!

Glamour Gals~Day 3

Today is the 3rd day after our glamour make overs. Jill is still as beautiful as ever with her fabulously applied make-up. Kristie has resorted back to pony tail and no make-up...her scary old self!!! Hopefully, she will have more energy tomorrow!!!

The Kid's Room

Gideon's bed

ME's bed

Their costumes~they love dressing up!

The view from their window


The Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom

The Kitchen~AKA the Danger Zone

The Fridge

Our Bedroom

Our Dryer

Our BATHroom~with only a sink, bath tub and ME's potty

The World of Pizza!!!

Finally, a trip to the World of Pizza for the best pizza (at least in Russia)!!! I ate 4 pieces of pizza, cheese bread and chocolate cake!!! What a great day!!!

Christian & Gideon

Sarah, Alys & ME

Ivanovo Glamour Gals~The Test

Today, we did our own make-up and passed the Glamour Gals Exam!!! Our fabulous instructors said that there is hope for us!!!


PJ Party!!!

We are having a blast hanging out in Ivanovo! Mommy did a great job driving on her first solo road trip and the kids (& mommy) are so excited to be at Aunt Jill's with the gang!!! Happy Birthday Alys!!!

The gang in their pjs!!!

The MKs of the Golden Ring

Waiting for a piece of the Best Ever Chocolate Cake!!!

Good Night Daddy!!!

Good night Keith...we miss you!!!

Glamour Shots of Ivanovo!

Jill & I got makeovers & make-up application tips tonight from the pros~Alys & Sarah! Thanks guys for making us look soooo glamourous!!!