Emme loves to play games.  She will play any game, with anyone.  Tonight she drug out Twister and played against Gid…


her imaginary friend “Narnia”…


her dad…


and when everyone else refused, her 2 imaginary friends, Narnia and Stinky, played against each other.  Stinky won, because Narnia could not stand the smell!!!


Mommy’s Little Helper…

Emme loves to help…usually.  Last night she made tons of cookie balls and tonight she folded an entire load of laundry and put most away!!!


Even laundry must include momentary silliness…


But she did a fabulous job!!!


48 Minutes…


I was home for only 48 minutes and our car was covered AGAIN with snow!!!  I was reminded that it is totally gorgeous and covers up lots of not so beautiful flaws!!!

A Huge Favor…

If you are singing “Let it Snow, Let it Snow”…could you please stop, at least for a few days!!!  It has been snowing for 7 days straight and I need a break.  I have seen more snow fall this week, than I ever have…including all my previous years in Russia!!!  I have seen many accidents, been in several near misses, been stuck, slipped and slided to many destinations and am sooo tired of snow covered windshield, wet pants and frozen fingers!!!  Yesterday, right in front of me, a driver hit a patch of ice, spun out and sent a pedestrian air born…thankfully no one was hurt, but it was sooo scary!!!

Every morning, we have to spend 15 minutes doing this…


Leave the house looking like this…


to make our way through this…


to get to school!!!

I am thankful, however, that I rarely have to do this…


I am thankful…thankful for a husband that scraps and warms up the car in the morning, great kids that I can “encourage” to pick-up the pace when we are running late, a car that keeps me warm while we slip and slide to wherever we need to go and a cozy apartment to come home to!!!

But please, if you are singing “Let it Snow, Let it Snow” STOP!!!


For A Moment…

The sky was blue…


the sun was shinning…


…at least for a moment!!!

8:09 AM



The Winter Bazaar…


The International Women’s Club’s Winter Bazaar was so much fun!!!  The kids had a blast getting their face’s painted, making crafts and decorating cupcakes!


I found so many treasures from all over the World.  We had lunch in India, cheese from Germany, cookies from Denmark, brownies from American and drinks from Russia!!!  At the Second Hand Shop, I filled a huge bag with fabulous finds for Emme…which totally made up for missing out on all of the Black Friday bargains!!!  I got her a coat, Christmas dress, 4 over dresses, a tunic sweater and 2 skirts for $27 and all of the proceeds go to local charities!!!


We also participated in the Lucky Draw and got a few early presents to open!!!  It was such a fun day!!!




A Christmas Box From Granny!!!


Presents under the tree, stockings stuffed and a new supply of chocolates…we are ready for CHRISTMAS!!!



At the pool, we were changing clothes and Emme said, “It’s OK if a girl sees me, because we have the same parts.”  Then with a very serious expression, she asked, “Do Russians and Americans have the same parts?”

Black Friday…

For the last two years, I have loved Black Friday and benefited from some great deals!!!  Even though I found some great deals this year on the Internet and was wide awake at 4AM (CST), I missed all the good deals.  I tried shopping in the morning and even filled my cart with $5 fleece and $14 winter coats, but ran out of time before my family was dragging me out the door…so I am trying to rejoice at all the money I “saved” by being millions of miles away from all the crowds, lines and great deals!!!

Our Black Friday this year…

I was barging hunting, Keith went to work-out, Gid was playing the Wii and Emme was STARVING…so she decided to make breakfast and did a great job!!!


Then we went from this…


to this…


and then back to this!!!


After pizza and more failed attempts at bargain hunting, I went to meet a friend at the train station during rush hour.  Let’s just say…trying to get on the Metro, into the single door, through the turn stop and down a single escalator with 5 million of my neighbors was worse than any Black Friday check-out!!!

Happy Birthday Troy!!!


My one and only brother turns 41 today!!! After almost 40 years of creative nicknames, bulling (you) and tattling (me), skating around the shop, teaching me to drive (at 8) and then reporting me for taking your car (at 15)...I still love you and am thankful you are my brother!!! I miss you!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!


Thanksgiving Day…

Took the kiddos to School…


Enjoyed a relaxing morning at home.  Keith cooked turkey and sweet potatoes and then took me out for a Thanksgiving sushi appetizer!!!  Then…


I dropped Gideon off at a Birthday Party and the feasting and festivities began!!!


The evening included a little wrestling and thankfully ended with no injuries and lots to be thankful for!!!