Happy Birthday Gavin!!!


“I had so much fun at Gavin’s party, I wish I could be his sister!!!” ~Emme

We love you Gavin and hope you have a fabulous year!!!


Birthday Party Preparations…

Birthdays can be stressful.  I have never made a Birthday cake that I have been proud of and in the states always delegate that job to the professionals!!!  I love matching paper products, even if they just say “Happy Birthday!”  In Russia, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to find coordinating paper goods and there are no bakeries with the gazillion photos of every possible Birthday theme.  I was sooo thankful when a dear, very resourceful friend introduced me to Etsy!!!  Emme declared that she would like to celebrate her 6th Birthday with a pink poodle theme.  After lots of searching, corresponding and tweaking, this is the beginning preparations of Emme’s Pink Poodle Party!!!  A few days after making her declaration, we received a package in the mail with a darling pink poodle dress from Granny!!!  She just happened to come across the dress and thought Emme would like it…before she even knew about the Poodle Party!!!


This is her Birthday Banner waiting to be hung.


Cupcake wrappers to cover my less than professional cupcakes.  These are especially wonderful since I have not found cupcake liners.


And these are her gift bag tags!!!

I am sooo looking forward to celebrating Emme turning 6!!!


A New Discovery…

The kids rollerblades have been such a fun purchase and have inspired many new adventures.  Yesterday, we discovered that we could rollerblade at the Port!


There were lots of people!


Emme is getting really brave and is trying to learn tricks.


There were also lots of different houses around the Expo center…maybe models…which once again inspired my dream of living in a house.  I walked around for a long time dreaming.  My favorite house was the yellow one with the great porch…the kids loved the “tree house” log cabin. 


What a fun night that we topped off with dinner out!!!  Great weather, fun family time and no cooking or dishes…what more could I ask for!!!

Tooth #2




After experiencing simply the worst winter of my life, I am ecstatic to see grass, wear short sleeves and feel the sunshine!!!  The weather today was perfect and the kids had a blast playing at the soccer field.


Emme entertained herself with a little warm-up while Gid finished his homework.


A little bike race.


I left the fun early to go to English CafĂ© and missed out on Emme pulling her second tooth all by herself!!!  I was totally bummed to have missed all of the excitement!!!

Preparing For K/1 Graduation…

Emme singing in English, Korean and Swedish…Japanese will be next!!!