One Last Story!


Bye Granny and Grampy!!!  Thanks for a fabulous weekend!!!  We love you!!!

Snow Ball Fight!!!

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It’s Snowing!!!

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Saved By Wal-Mart!!!


Trips to Clovis usually do not require much planning, organization or even a suit case!  I usually just throw what ever clothes that are laying around, dirty or needing to be put away into the most convenient container…usually our laundry basket, grab my make-up bag and we are ready to go.  I usually live in my PJs, sweats and consider my jeans dressing up! 

Today, we wanted to go to a sweet friends Wedding and I realized that the only clothing option I had was a jean skirt and tennis shoes!!!  Since Granny is skinner, shorter and has much smaller feet, I could not raid her closet.  I did not want to spend another day shopping…sooo, I went to the only store open at 8AM…Wal-Mart.  They only had one dress option.  I tried it on and it fit, did not look horrible and was only $11!!!  I grabbed a pair of hose, borrowed shoes from Bri and was ready to go!!!

I am so thankful for great, generous friends that are willing to share their shoes and others that love me no matter what I wear!!!

Roller World!!!


Gid is skating like a champ!!!

IMG_3219IMG_3230IMG_3317 IMG_3222IMG_3295

Emme is really getting the hang of it!


Our friends joined the fun!!!


Jera made sooo much progress and even beat us all at the Limbo!!!


Jaden also doing a great job!!!


Even Beeper was a skating maniac!!!


What a great afternoon!!!

IMG_3277IMG_3334 IMG_3220


My First Photo Shoot!!!


I had my first official photo shoot this weekend…and learned sooo much!!! 

Of my many lessons, the most important is to make sure you have your memory card IN YOUR CAMERA!!!  Thankfully, I learned this lesson the night before!!! 

You must also check your camera setting to make sure you don’t leave the ISO on 3200 which you need to capture skating rink pictures, not to take well lit family portraits!!! 

I need more to offer a 2 year old than promise of candy!!!  I need a much bigger and more developed bag of tricks!!!

I also learned that just because I love taking pictures doesn’t make me good at it!!!  I need lots of practice…lots!!!

If it is windy…stay inside!!!

If they are squinting…move to a different location!!!

It is very challenging to remember all the details, while posing, encouraging, positioning and reminding!!!

I must remember to have fun to make it fun!!!

When you think your done…keep clicking to make sure!!!  The odds will be in your favor!!!

I also was reminded how much I love taking pictures!!!

Thanks Scott Family for being my first victims, trusting me with the very important task and all the encouragement of a job well done…even though I still have ALOT to learn!!!

My Favorite Pictures of Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3274

Nice try Bri!!!


The Feast!!!

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A Thanksgiving Adventure…

I love Thanksgiving!!!  It is a fabulous way to bring in the holidays!  Thanksgiving in the states is not the same as Thanksgiving overseas.  I know that it is an American celebration of the pilgrims survival of their first year in the states and therefore not celebrated in other countries, but very much celebrated by expats across the World.

Until last year, we had spent 7 Thanksgivings with our teammates in Russia.  Turkey was very difficult to find, pumpkins did not come in a can, stuffing was not in a box and rolls were not in the freezer section of the local grocery store.

My sweet friend Jill at The Willeke Wanderings wrote about this year’s Thanksgiving turkey hunt!  I miss the adventure, the hunt and the feeling of being like the Pilgrims…so grateful for turkey!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and

give thanks in all circumstances!

1 Thessalonians 5::16-18

This past year has been filled with lots of lessons, trials, joy and waiting! We are learning to have joy in the midst of life’s unknowns and uncertainties. Even though we long to grow roots and feel settled, we still wait. We are still “camped-out” in OKC, rejoicing that God is with us, loves us and has a perfect plan for us. He has surrounded us with family and friends and has provided a wonderful home, School and Church family.

Emme is an official Pre-K student at Ridgeview Elementary. She loves life and is very independent and determined…which occasionally is referred to as rebellious and stubborn!

Gideon is adjusting to the life of a First Grader, with harder lessons, more homework and challenges. He has made amazing progress at Ridgeview, ended Kindergarten with all A’s and has been Star Student 3 times!

Keith continues to work for Family Enrichment Counseling as a Behavioral Specialist with underprivileged kids and their families. He doesn’t consider himself an “Okie” nor does he like watching football yet, but is learning to enjoy life here as he serves in the Church wherever he can.

I have joined the ranks of the unemployed, and am a “stay-at-home” mom…who rarely stays home! I cherish my 2 hours of quiet freedom, while Emme is in School, and try to cram in a Women’s Bible Study, exercising, grocery shopping, errands, and an occasional visit with friends. I love capturing our lives in photos and on our blogging, but spend most of my time just hanging out with my family.

We are sooo thankful for God’s love, provision, plan and purpose for our lives…and that He has made you a part of them!!! We love you!!!


Getting Ready!!!

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