Jennifer and Eddie

After the Deeper Still Conference, Jenni and I drove to Helen, Georgia with Jennifer. I met Jennifer and Eddie in my home in Yaroslavl, Russia. They were part of a team that had come to catch a vision for what the Lord is doing in Russia and I feel in love with them. In one day, we went from the usual greetings to sharing our hearts and lives, laughing and crying...by the time we said good-bye, we had connected in a way that most relationships don't experience for months or even years. The entire team was a precious gift from the Lord!!!

So, it was such an honor to be able to visit First Baptist Helen, see the team members who had been to Russia and meet the members of the Church. The people were so warm, open and encouraging and I cried as I passed hugs and greetings to our teammates in Russia with one of the Church members who is going to Ivanovo this coming Saturday!!! First Baptist Helen, thany you for praying for us and joining the Lord in the work He is doing in Russia and around the World.

Jennifer and Eddie...you guys are awesome hosts!!! Thank you for opening your home and treating us like royalty!!! I loved getting to meet your family, see where you live and talking until hours I have not seen in ages!!! I am still catching up on my sleep!!! Thank you for everything!!!

He Is...

God is truly everything we need...

In Genesis, He's the breath of life

In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb
In Leviticus, He's our high priest
In Numbers, the fire by night
Deuteronomy, He's Israel’s Guide
Joshua, He’s salvation's choice
Judges, He’s Israel’s Guard
In Ruth, the kinsmen's redeemer
1st and 2nd Samuel, our trusted prophet
In Kings and Chronicles He is Sovereign
In Ezra, He’s the true and faithful scribe
In Nehemiah, the re-builder of broken walls and lives
In Esther, He’s Mordecai's courage
In Job, the timeless redeemer
In Psalms He is our morning song
In Proverbs, He is our wisdom
Ecclesiastes, He's the time and season
In Song of Solomon, He is the lover's dream
In Isaiah He is Prince of Peace
In Jeremiah, the weeping prophet
Lamentations, the cry for Israel
Ezekiel, the call from sin
Daniel, the stranger in the fire
Hosea, the forever faithful
Joel, the spirit’s power
Amos, the strong-arms that carry
Obadiah, the Lord our Savior
Jonah, the great missionary
Micah, the promise of peace
Nahum, our strength and shield
In Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He's brings revival
In Haggai He restores that which was lost
IN Zachariah, He’s our fountain
And in Malachi, He's the son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings

In Matthew Mark Luke and John, He is God and Messiah

In the spirit filled book of Acts, He is the reigning fire from Heaven
In Romans, He is the grace of God
Corinthians, the power of love
Galatians, freedom from the curse of sin
Ephesians, our glorious treasure
Philippians, the servant's heart
Colossians, He’s God and the trinity Thessalonians, our calling King
In Timothy, Titus and Philemon, He's our mediator and our faithful pastor
In Hebrews, the everlasting courage
In James, the one who heals the sick
In 1st and 2nd Peter, our faithful shepherd
In John and Jude, He's the lover coming for His bride
AND in the Revelation, in the very end, when it’s all over, said and done, when time is NO MORE. He is and will always be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, son of Man, Lamb of God, The Great I am, Alpha and Omega, God and Savior
He is Jesus Christ the Lord

Words from the song He Is.


Deeper Still...

I joined 19,000 other women in Atlanta for one of the most amazing times of worship, fellowship and teaching that I have ever experienced. I truly felt the presence of the Lord leading us through the wilderness in Exodus with Priscilla Shirer, challenged to seek to know truth by Kay Arther in Jeremiah and our time ended with Beth Moore encouraging us to embrace Jesus as our one and only!!! Deeper Still was a time of conviction, encouragement and renewal! Even from the highest corner in the balcony, I saw the Lord and want to go deeper still!

DeeperStill - Atlanta from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.



Camp life is sooo much fun!!! We spent a few days in west Texas at a very nice camp and had a blast meeting new people, eating camp comfort foods and being campers!!! It was great to spend time with our great friend Corrie!!!



It was a privilege and joy to spend Sunday and Monday in beautiful Broken Arrow!!! Forest Ridge Baptist Church was located on top of a hill with a gorgeous view. We were encouraged by the love we felt and the words of the pastor and his wife, who are former IMB missionaries. Gideon and ME had a great time participating in VBS and ME helped daddy teach the kids Russian greetings and a song. Thanks Forest Ridge!!!


The Lake

Even though we did not go fishing or even eat fish, we had a blast at Ute Lake with the Landrys. Thanks guys for a great weekend!!! The kids are still talking about all the fun they had!!!


Gone Fishing!!!

OK, we probably will not actually fish, but we are going to spend the weekend with friends at their lake house. Gideon woke-up at 3;45 this morning and asked if it was time to go yet!?! At 6:45, he pulled back the curtains and said, "It is morning time, let's go!!!"

It is now 10:45, answering a million times, "No, it is not time yet!" It is now officially time to go!!!

On Sunday, we will be in Broken Arrow speaking at Forest Ridge, then to Enid for a couple of days. On Wednesday, we will spend the night in Plainview, Texas at the Baptist Encampment and exactly one week, I head to Atlanta, Georgia with a friend (and no kids or husband!!!) to attend the Deeper Still Conference lead by Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. I am sooo excited to get away and spend some time with other women seeing how the Lord wants us to go deeper in our relationship with Him!

Thank you for praying for our family during this difficult and busy time!!!

Officially FRUSTRATED!!!

I am officially frustrated. I have been trying for a week to create a beautiful slideshow of the fabulous Doss Wedding, but can not find a program that I love. They all crop the pictures or just in general irritate me :-)!!! So, if you would like to see all of the fun memories we made go to The 4 Sullivans very reliable, consumer friendly Picasa Web Albums.


The Railroad Muesuem...

The kids had a great time exploring all of the train exhibits and even getting to see several real trains pass by...of course the highlight for mommy was ending our adventure with a snow cone!!! Thanks Clancey for a great time!!!


Please Continue to Pray...

Thank you for praying for Gideon and for our family. I have been filled with an amazing sense of peace and have had a great week spending time with the kids, friends and Keith’s family.

It was concluded at the meeting yesterday that we do need to further evaluate what is going on with Gideon. It has been recommended that Gideon be seen at the OU Child Study Center in Oklahoma City. However, the Child Study Center has a very long waiting list for appointments. We must first apply and then wait to see when they could see Gideon…which will be sometime in the next 2 to 6 months!

I know God is in control and if He is asking us to wait, then, of course, we will wait! I would love to have Gideon evaluated as soon as possible, so that I can focus my attention and energy on a solution and not just worrying!

This will obviously delay our return to Russia. Once again, we find ourselves at the feet of Jesus not knowing what to do. Our schedule is full through July, but beyond that we are not sure where we will be living. I think we have exhausted our time as guests in every spare room between New Mexico and Oklahoma!!!

Once again, I ask you to join us in prayer for Gideon’s health and development, our family and all the logistical issues that go along with this delay. Please pray that we would be able to get an appointment at the Child Study Center in the Lord’s time and that we would be able to wait patiently until then. Please pray that we would know how to spend our time, until then and where…and that the where would include a bed!!!

It has also been recommended that we pursue Speech Language Therapy, while we wait for the appointment at the Child Study Center. Once again, we have no idea where to begin looking, but please pray that we find a therapist’s whose strengths would match perfectly with Gideon’s needs.

We love and appreciate you!!! I have become somewhat of a recluse ☺, so please accept my apology for not being responsive!!! I pray that you will continue to write!!! I need lots of encouragement…always!!!

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

Hebrews 3:13

A Day In The City...

The Scotts came to the CITY!!! I am not sure Clovis classifies as a city, but we had a blast! We spent a beautiful morning at a city park, went to see a free movie and later had a picnic!!! Of course, the day would not have been complete or qualified as perfect without snow cones!!!


Daddy's Back!

Gideon and I went to Lubbock today to pick Keith up from the airport. Before his plane arrived, we went to the movies and to dinner! It was so fun spending the day with Gideon and hearing all that Keith learned while he was away!

Please Pray

Please pray for our family today.

Two weeks ago, Gideon completed testing that revealed significant Learning Disabilities with an IQ below normal. I know that Standardized Test are not always completely accurate, especially in dealing with a little boy who is not standardized, but we know that Gideon does have some difficulties in this area.

I have wanted to share my struggles on our blog, but have not had the words. I have not been able to process all of the information, work out all of the details, organize it, create a plan and back-up options...because I am a doer and a fixer...and I honestly do not know what to do or how to fix this situation! All I can do is cry!

I feel the Lord calling me to stop trying to figure it all out and just give Gideon and our future to Him; to stop worrying and rest in Him. I do this, but before I am able to really let go, I take it all back to once again begin the futile process all over again!

I know that this is no surprise to the Lord. He has created Gideon in His image and He makes no mistakes. He has a plan for Gideon, as well as for our family. I know all of this, so why is it so hard to let go!?!

Please pray for me and my family. Pray that we would cling to the Lord and to His promises and let nothing come between us. Please pray that Gideon would grow, develop and be filled with peace and confidence. Please pray that Keith and I would be the parents that our kids need. Pray that we would be willing to make any sacrifice necessary to walk in the Lord's will. Pray that we would be able to trust in the Lord and rest with peace and joy in the plans He has for us.

This not only effects how Gideon learns, but our entire family. As missionaries, our resources can often be limited overseas and therefore, this new development may result in major changes in our lives. God knows this and has already worked out a plan that will meet the needs of our entire family. Please pray for us as we seek to walk with the Lord through this. Pray that my worry would be replace with peace and that all of our needs would be meet in the Lord's timing and according to His perfect plan.

The organization that we work for will meet today to discuss our situation. Please join us in praying that the Lord’s desires would be made clear and that we would know the next steps to take.

We love you and our so grateful for your prayers!!!


A Day At The Farm!

The kids and I went to visit our friends at the farm and spent the day...

eating scrumptous soup and cookies,



watching movies,

and dancing!

We also swam and the boys got to plow a field! Thanks Scotts for a fabulous day!!!


The Gift Not Given...

The kids found a cute little baby kitten they named Sasha. They played with it all morning and thought it would make a nice addition to our family. I reminded them that daddy was allergic to cats, therefore we could not keep it. They suggested that we get rid of daddy and keep the kitten, but I said that we must keep daddy! I also reminded them that the kitten's mommy was probably missing Sasha, like I would miss them if some came and took them! My logic didn't stop the flow of tears, but Sasha is home with her mommy and daddy can rejoice that we did not give him a cat for Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to the World's Greatest Dads!!!

Dad, I am so sorry that I could not spend today with you!!! You are such a wonderful man, great friend and fabulous dad and Grandpa! You have always been there to give me advise, wisdom and encouragement and have been a wonderful example of hard work and determination. Thank you for always being there!!! I love you!!!

Keith is in California at a Conference and is missing out on one of the few days he gets to be the center of our attention! We miss you Keith, but hope you are having a tremendous time!!!

Finally, Otis! The kids and I are spending Father's Day with "Grumpy Grampy"...who instead of getting pampered got to watch the kiddos and make lunch, while I was at Church and Granny got sick! I am so sorry Otis! I hope you had a great day anyways!!!

We love you guys!!! You truly are great men, fathers and friends!!!


Road Trip

Why are road trips such a challenge for parents??? Even with 2 boxes of toys, a DVD with lots of movie options and loads of snacks, there was still lots of fighting and I was completely exhausted after being confined with them for 9 hours!!!

There was lots of laughter, even more fighting and occasional threats...

And even a few moments of silence, but millions of unforgettable memories!!!!!!


The Main Event!

The Wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Leslie was gorgeous, so relaxed and so happy!!! After the outdoor ceremony, there was dinner and dancing, including fondue...the strawberries dipped in dark chocolate were my favorite...at one point my entire face and hands were covered in chocolate, I loved it sooo much!!!

And, I did have a part in the Wedding!!! I helped Gideon, the pillow holder, and ME, the flower thrower, complete their tasks, by dragging them down the isle!!! Gideon was so nervous, the entire day, up until the music began, he kept asking, "Mommy, will you be right behind me?" and would demonstrate that he meant it literally!!! All of this discussion also made ME doubt her abilities to also walk down the isle without me. So, as we started down the isle, I tried to fade into the background (as if that is even possible). Gideon quickly realized that I was MIA and stopped the processional and began looking for me!!! Which then distracted ME from her job of carefull and individually placing flower down the isle and they both began a major investigation with an all points bulliten, "Mommy come on!!!" What is a totally embarrassed mother to do when looking into the terrified eyes of her children...grab their hands, smile and march proudly down the isle, thinking the entire time, "I am glad I am wearing this totally cute pink dress!!!" Thanks agian Brianna!!! Leslie and Cody, I am so happy for you!!! We love you!!!

Gideon Swam!!!

After 2 trips to the pool, remaining in the Hot Tub, playing with things outside the pool, or trying to kill me by clinging to me so tightly I felt as if I would choke, when I would finally relent to holding him, Gideon put on a life jacket and arm floaties and actually got into the water by himself! This is huge for Gid. Way to go Gid!!! We are sooo proud of you!!!