Valentines in January!!!


This morning was another difficult morning for Gideon.  After such a fun, relaxing weekend, the thought of returning to school caused another major melt down!!!  I had to push him out the door crying!!!  A package on this very day was such an encouragement to all of us on this dreary, cold day!!!  Granny you rock!!!  Thanks for the Valentine’s treats!!!




Life has been difficult.  The Holidays were amazing…15 days of sunshine, massages, great food, fruity drinks, Starbucks Frappuccino, Aunt Annie’s almond pretzels, service with a smile and an additional 10 more days of sleeping in, relaxing and lots of rest…the reality of real life has been a difficult adjustment.  I do try to be real and transparent, especially since if you are actually reading this Blog…you are either horribly bored or must really care about at least 1 of the 4!!!

In addition to the cold, dark days of winter, mounds of snow and the incredible sadness that seems to permeate life here, Gideon has had a really hard time getting back into the routine of school.  School is challenging for Gid, but this week has been one of the worst.  Yesterday, we did not even make it through the School doors due to an emotional breakdown.  Please pray for Gideon…that God would give him all he needs to be the great man he was created to be.  We will meet next week to review Gideon’s educational plan…help us to know how to best challenge, encourage and teach him.


I have had a hard time taking a picture everyday.  This is a random picture taken near our home a few weeks ago.


Home Sick…


Gid woke-up with a swollen eye (much worse this AM) and a day home from school.  Gid was thrilled to get to extend his weekend and Wii time.  Please pray for Gid…that he would love school and life in Russia!



A Russian Orphanage…

A dear friend from Yaroslavl came to work in an orphanage for a few days.  The orphanage is in our neighborhood, so we joined her.  The kids are from 3 to 7 years old and have special needs.


We had a great time sharing the story of Christmas with them, giving them gifts and doing a project with them.


A Visit From Yaroslavl!!!


Friends from Yaroslavl are in Saint Pete!!!  It was so good to see them, hear news from Yaroslavl and get to eat Burger King and Cinnabon with them!!!  We love you!!!


New Year’s Day…

After 2 weeks of sun and warm temps, returning to Russia was a bit of a shock!!!  One of things that our family does love about Russia is the fabulous sledding opportunities!!!  We had a blast sledding with friends and then warming up with hot chocolate and cappuccinos!!!