VIDEO---A Day at Camp

Good Times at Camp

We went to a near by Youth Camp and Keith did a seminar on Evangelism and the kids and I had fun time exploring the camp. To see a few more pics go to our Photo Album at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.

What a happy girl!!!

Kristie Declares War...

OK...I know they are only cock roaches, but the situation is getting serious!!! These small, little bugs cause me so much stress! I have spent over an hour on the internet researching roaches and how to kill them! I went to bed so stressed out and tired, but all I could do was lay there thinking about these awful bugs and how to eliminate them. I went to the Pharmacy tonight to buy boric acid---I do not know why they sell boric acid in the Pharmacy, but they do. She brought out a little tiny package. I said "Great give me all you have!" I bought 40 packages and spent about $1.60! I also discovered a huge whole in our wall that had not been covered so we could access the water pipes! I had totally forgotten about this "open invitation" to our home, since it is behind a desk. I was so excited and immediately began dumped about a dozen packets of boric acid in this space and then sealed it up with duct tape! I pray this will bring an end to my roach nightmare and they would take up residence some where else!


VIDEO---Ready, Set, Go!!!

The Big Day!

Keith took Gideon's training wheels off today! I think Keith was more excited than Gideon, but with a little more practice, crashes, and "pep talks," I think Gideon will have success. Way to go Gideon! We are proud of you!

Family Fun...

This morning, we took the kids out to ride their bikes and play. Keith and the kids did some exercises, but Keith refused to let me take pictures of his pull-ups. What a fun morning!


Want to go for a bike ride?

Gideon and ME got a package from Granny and were so excited, they forgot to get dressed!

I am stuck!!!

Picnic in Ivanovo

We just returned from a fun day of food and fellowship with old and new friends in Ivanovo. We sang, played games, and ate lots of wonderful food. We also celebrated our dear friend, Lola's birthday. The kids were so exhausted, they were asleep before we left Ivanovo. Thanks to everyone who made today such a fabulous memory! See more pictures at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.


Saying Good-bye...

Tonight we went to a near by mall for our last fun adventure with the students. Gideon has had such a fun time this week and loved all of the attention they have shown him. This week, they went to the beach, the banya (Russian bath house), sightseeing, and even to "Texas" and "Georgia" (resturants in Yaroslavl). Thank you all for coming and loving on our kids, encouraging us, and sharing with us how God has been at work this summer. We love you guys! To see more pictures, go to www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.


Fun with Students...

A team of students have come to visit us in Yaroslavl for a time of relaxing and debriefing their summer here in Russia. Last night, we ate dinner and ended up dancing the night away with some Russian ladies attending a banquet. What a fun night!!! Please pray for the students has they share about their experiences in Russia and prepare to return to the states this coming weekend.

Coming to America....

We are coming to America!!! (I want to see the movie Coming to America). We bought our tickets to spend Christmas in the States with our family and friends!!! We depart on December 9 and return on the 3rd of January. We, especially Kristie and Gideon, are so excited...144 more days!!! I am ready to get out our Christmas tree and start singing Christmas carols!!! I think the heat has fried my brain!!!

PS. I found the movie "Coming to America" in Russia! What a treat!


We Made it Home!

We made it home after a totally hot and exhausting train ride. It has been so hot here, it felt like we were baking in an oven! We are so thankful for play dough, which entertained the kids for over an hour on the train! ME was also able to nap in her stroller, which gave us a break from having to hold a squirmy, sweaty, whiney 1 year old. We were so happy to be home in our own beds with a fan blasting on us.

Language Progress..

Kristie ordered e-tickets online from Aeroflot (the Russian airlines) for our trip from Saint Petersburg to Moscow. She was very impressed with how easy it was and how up-to-date Aeroflot has become. We went to the airport to check-in and discovered that the Aeroflot agent was not willing to accept our e-tickets and to be able to get on our flight that was now leaving in less than 30 minutes, required us to purchase new tickets. To say the least, Kristie was "a little disappointed" with the agent and Aeroflot and frustrated that it took almost 25 minutes for the agent to issue new tickets! We were all thankful, however, that we made it through all of the check points with all of our luggage and kids without standing in line. One of the agents "escorted" us through the crowds, yelling several time "Why are you just standing there, go!"

A few days later, Kristie went to the Aeroflot Office to request a refund for the e-tickets. Her original explanations were meet with "I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do."; "This is really not my problem."; and "I am busy, please go." She asked to see the supervisor and was able to tell the situation to three extremely nice ladies, who actually did want to help and were shocked that this had all happened! It took several tries and some charades to get them to understand the complete story. Then it took about 25 phone calls, but she got the e-tickets refunded. The best part of this story is that Kristie managed all of this in Russian, because the one English speaker in the Aeroflot office spoke worse English than Kristie did Russian! Way to go Kristie and thanks Aeroflot!


Fun with Friends...

While in Moscow, we were able to meet up with Olga. We had a great time sharing funny memories and fashion phases! We love you Olga! Thanks for visiting us at the Cosmos!


Moscow Memories...

Our first night in Moscow, we spent relaxing at the playground, until ME fell down some steps and busted open both lips. She was gushing blood and screaming...I think more because she was tired than hurt. She did bleed (and screamed) for a long time, but other than a puffy lip, she seems fine. Today, Keith and ME hung out and took naps, while Kristie, Gideon, and the Landrys met up with some other Americans and toured Red Square. Kristie and Gideon actually skipped the tour and hung out at McDonalds enjoying the AC and drinks with ice! We did some souvenir shopping and ended the day at Christ the Savior Cathedral. We were not allowed inside, because some of us were wearing shorts, but we had fun anyways! It is still very hot in Russia and is predicted to cool off at least 10 degrees on Saturday---when everybody has returned home!


Made it to Moscow

We made it to Moscow and are so thankful to be settling into our new surroundings. We really enjoyed our time in Saint Petersburg. We saw so many sights, walked so many miles, took so many photos, and sweat soo many buckets!!! Some of our favorite memories were visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan during an Orthodox service, playing on a nice, shaddy playground, called Micheal's Garden, located along one of the many canals and next to a gorgeous Cathedral (called the Cathedral of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood), and Kristie and Gideon's favorite memory was zooming around Peterhof (the location of the Summer Palace) on a bicycle taxi. Our most stressful memory was at the Peter, Paul Fortress at an Exhibition of Tourture Instruments used during the Spanish Inquistion. We thought the Director was going to personally demonstrate some of the techniques after we failed to close our stoller that was left in the entryway (at the request of the receptionist) and after Keith stepped on the carpet before putting on his "hospital type slippers." It has been so hot, ME has heat rash and Gideon and ME each have over 25 mosquito bites! See more photos at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com!!!


Fun in Saint Petersburg

We are having a great time in Saint Petersburg. It is so hot, however, everytime we catch a breeze it is such a gift! We (Gideon, Christin, and I) just toured the Hermitage in a record time of 20 minutes! On our way out, I found an Internet Cafe, which I will enjoy much more than seeing a million painting with a million other tourists! Yesterday, we went to Peterhof and Gideon wanted to swim. Frank commented, "Just watch out for any hypodermic needles!" We all laughed, until Gideon returned with one!!! I was so shocked! We put his clothes on and left immediately. When we got home, Keith got in the 1962 elevator with the kids and tons of bottles of water. The elevator broke trapping them in for 30 minutes. Thankfully, the kids did great and thought it was just a fun adventure! This morning, Gideon said, "Who wants to take the elevator?!?"


Thanks Granny!

I love my new doll house and hair bands...I tried to call you to say THANK YOU!


Fun Memories in Poland...

Gideon and Mary Elizabeth had a great time in..the AM, the cafeteria, the class program, the pool, the playroom, and of course making new friends!

If you would like to see more pictures, go to www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.


Mary Elizabeth is sick...

ME has her first ear infection and a temperature. We thought she was just not enjoying the new surroundings and was having a difficult time adjusting. Thursday she developed a fever and on Friday, Kristie took her to the "resident doctor" at our conference. She has an ear infection and is miserable. She has been so clingy and whinny! Please pray that she will get they sleep she desperately needs and well feel better soon! We thank the volunteer medical staff and childcare workers for their dedication, love, and service. You make our AGM such a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and relaxation!!!

Our Trip Home...

12:30am Wake-up and check-out (as hard as we try not to wake-up the kids...they wake-up)
1:00 Depart for Kaliningrad on a charter bus
3:00 Reach the Russian boarder and must go through Passport control (kids wake-up again)
7:00 Arrive at the airport (kids wake-up again)
11:00 Leave for Moscow
2:30 Arrive (kids wake-up again)
3:30-4:30 Kristie runs through IKEA (after begging Keith) and Keith takes the kids to KFC for a to-go dinner
4:30-5:30 Stuck in traffic jam---yuck!
8:30 Finally HOME!!! Keith unloads the car and Kristie starts laundry!

UPDATE: ME slept from 9:30pm until 12:30pm today! By 12:30pm, Kristie had completed 5 loads of laundry!