English Movie Night…


Our family loved attending English Movie Night this summer.  We want to try to keep this as a fun part of our week.  This is how the day looked for the kids…a full day of school, 1 1/2 hours at the park, pizza, a promised 40 minute TV show, homework, 2 hours at English Movie Night, showers and asleep by 9:45...not to bad!  We can tweek our schedule…soon eliminate fun in the sun at the park {when the ground is covered in snow and the sun no longer shines!} and make no TV promises {even though they did watch the show on the tablet when we were stuck in traffic…so thankful for technology!!!}  Please pray that this will be a fun part of our week and we will be able to connect with, love and encourage lots of people.


Team Worship…

IMG_2067 IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2095 IMG_2081 IMG_2083 IMG_2087 IMG_2092 

Such a fun time with teamies feasting, eating, singing, reading, acting, playing and watching a movie!!!


Fun Friends Are Now Neighbors!!!

IMG_2062 IMG_2063

We have been friends with the Coe family for 3 years.  Due to the distance separating us, we really only got together for Birthdays or special occasions.  Now, every day can be a special occasion, because they only live minutes from our house!!!


The First Bell…

IMG_8336 IMG_8339 IMG_8344

Emme wanted to put on lip glass for school today!!!  I know every mom is totally biased, but my kids are so cute!!!

IMG_8348 IMG_8356 IMG_8357 IMG_8340 IMG_8361 IMG_8363 IMG_8367 IMG_8372 IMG_8376 IMG_8380 IMG_8385 IMG_8387 IMG_8390 IMG_8399 IMG_8393 IMG_8395  IMG_8400

Looking forward to a fabulous year!!!


A New Play Ground!!!

I am so not very observant!!!  I actually got off the couch and went outside!  It is amazing what you will find and who you will meet when you leave your couch!!!  Lots of new play ground equipment has been installed right outside our front door!!!

IMG_2058 IMG_2059