An Entire Year of Birthdays...

Since our visits with the Skinners are becoming more difficult to schedule, we celebrated everyone's Birthday this week. It was so fun having a party every night, not to mention all the yummy cakes! Anna was especially excited to turn 15 six months early...now she can officially date, or at least that was her wish!

Kristie, Mel and Sarah...cumulative age 104

ME and Anna...cumulative age 18

Gideon, Keith and Nancy...cumulative age 87


Happy Birthday Granny!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!!! We love and miss you!!!


Fun On The Train...

The kids were so excited to go visit the Skinners. Even though, ME fell asleep on the way to the train station, it took over an hour for them to settle down and go to sleep!


Saint Petersburg!

Tonight, we are taking the night train to Saint Pete for our first family trip since September! We are all so excited to get to see the Skinners and the kids are so looking forward to riding on the train! Please pray that we would have a safe, fun trip and that we would not totally exhaust the Skinners!

Pictures are from our previous trip to St. Pete in 2006.


Men's Day

Today is Men's Day and I want to wish my 2 favorite guys a great day!!!

(Yes, Olga and Phyllis, I know that today is Men's Day, but to celebrate it with a concert in our dvor? I have never seen them have a concert for Women's Day or one for any other holiday!?! Thanks for the comments! I wish you both were here to celebrate...we could have went to the

Always a Reason to Celebrate...

Today on our playground was a concert. I am not sure what they were celebrating, but everyone was having a great time!

Mommy Day!

One of Gideon's friends from preschool, invited us to the Puppet Theater. We all had a great time.

Gideon and Makar at the Puppet Museum.

ME checking out one of the exhibits.

Waiting for the show.

A sled ride...

driven by ME!!!

Lastly, a ride on a 4 wheeler!



Another Birthday...

Our friend, Maxim, turned 3 and we celebrated with salad, pizza and cake!!! The kids (5 total) were full of energy and had a great time playing together. We left at 7:45 and by 8:15, Kristie and ME were fast asleep!


Hockey Victory!!!

Tonight, we cheered the Locomotives on to a fabulous victory against the #2 Magnetagorska. It was ME's first hockey game (that she remembers) and we all had a blast!


What A Great Day!

My fabulous day began with coffee in bed (probably my hint that it was time to get up!!!), Birthday greetings from my family and even a special surprise posts on our Blog and at the Willeke Wanderings (except I am not sure she is referring to me, because I would never pose like that or have any love life to share)!!!

On the way to school, a big truck was blocking the road. I asked the kiddos what they thought was in the truck and Gideon said, "Birthday presents for you!!!" I also met Keith for lunch, which was later topped off with yummy pumpkin pie!!!

Gideon and ME love celebrations and have loved my retro, disco lighted picture of the Lord's Supper, that one of our friends delivered to me this morning!!! They have put it in every room, including a tent they made in the living and its final resting place is their bedroom as a new night light!!! Thank you all for making this an extra special day!!!

This Will CRACK You Up!!!


Happy Birthday Kristie!

Happy Birthday Kristie (Momma). We love you. You are the best Wife and Mom ever!!! Have a great day.


Gideon lost his 5th tooth!!! Even though it was already loose, we think ME actually helped speed up the process, but Gideon is thrilled to have another missing tooth! Gideon said, "Mommy, are you going to take a picture and put it on your blog?!?" OF COURSE!!!


Valentine's Day Continued...

Granny sent a Valentine's Day package and the kids were so thrilled! In 10 minutes, ME had eaten a box of conversation hearts, 5 pieces of gum, a package of Cinderella gummy hearts, heart marshmellows and jelly beans! WOW!!! Yesterday, in Ivanovo, she ate just as much chocolate! Gideon was much more interested in declaring war with daddy as they battled it out with these weird, squishy, stretchy hands.

"Mom, stop taking pictures and open the candy!!!"
"Sweety, your not going to get any candy if you don't look at the camera and smile!!!"