Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

We celebrated Nathan's 6th Birthday today and his sweet mom made all of the kids Super Hero Capes!!! ME insisted on wearing her Christmas dress...even though I had hid it, thinking out of sight, out of mind, but she associates the word party with a need to wear her Christmas dress!!! I am so glad that I had only hidden it and not given it away, because she was adamant about wearing it!!! Happy Birthday Nathan!!! We love you!!!


26 Things About Keith

1. I have spent at least one day in 18 different countries.

2. I like living in Russia better than Oklahoma.

3. I’ve read the Bible through every year since 1991.

4. My favorite hobby is weight lifting.

5. I don’t like watching, hearing about, or talking about football.

6. When I was 14, I got my first girlfriend, became a Christian, and spent a night in jail and 6 months on probation for stealing stereo equipment from cars.

7. I started college when I was 17.

8. Ever since the Summer of 1992, I thought I would spend a big part of my life in Russia.

9. My favorite food is enchiladas. In New Mexico. Not in Texas or Oklahoma.

10. Outside of New Mexico, my favorite food is chicken fried steak.

11. Before I met my wife, I was planning on being single. Like forever.

12. I’m glad I’m not single now.

13. Usually.

14. It’s easy to love my wife.

15. Usually.

16. The past 6 months have been so complicated and difficult, I could not even put it into words.

17. I am the youngest of 3 kids in my family.

18. I am 11 and 14 years younger than my sisters.

19. I really like to fish and learned how from my dad.

20. I have little idea what I will be doing with my life in 6 months.

21. I wish I knew.

22. Two of my favorite things are coffee and sweets.

23. I’m in the middle of a 40 day fast from both.

24. This summer I weighed more than 200 pounds for the first time in my life.

25. Usually Calvinists think I am an Arminian, and most Arminians think I am a Calvinist.

26. He used to wear socks with sandles...(added by his non-judgmental (usually) wife.



The snow has melted and life is back to normal...whatever that is!!!


27 Things About Me...

After 3 days of not leaving the house, I am desperate for entertainment...sooo, I joined in with all the other totally bored people of Facebook and wrote some fun facts you might want to know about me...or not, but here they are...

1. I was born in the same hospital as my sweet little girl.

2. I have moved over 30 times...and will again this weekend!

3. I have been to 25 different countries.

4. I dream of going to India, but not really living there!

5. I am sooo lazy!!! I am sooo lazy I choose my major due to proximity of the classes to my dorm!!! I am sooo lazy, I have been known to tell the kids to wait for food until their daddy gets home!!! I am sooo lazy, I haven't taken a bath in four days!!!

6. I have a degree in Leisure, but do not really like to play!!!

7. I love to eat!!! I love watermelon, mashed potatoes, chocolate. But am a horrible cook!!! So horrible (and lazy...#5) that my husband has been cooking since our 3rd week of marriage...Week 1-Honeymoon; Week 2-ruined every meal; Week 3-Keith was starving and took over Kitchen duties...Yeah for me!!!

8. I have eaten tongue, liver and kidney...and am not a fan!!!

9. I have learned to be thankful for hot showers (and sooo much more) after being without for more than 6 months my first year in Russia.

10. I love movies...especially girlie, sappy, funny ones!!!

11. I thought the perfect job would be on a Cruise Ship...and considered applying, but ended up at Southwestern Seminary.

12. If I could be anything, I would want to be a Photographer working for National Geographic or the IMB taking pictures of Unreached People Groups.

13. I love taking pictures, but rarely print any! The last picture I printed for myself was 3 years ago!!!

14. When Keith and I retire (that assumes we get jobs...HAHA), we want to own a Bed and Breakfast in Spain.

15. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one thing...I would want it to be our computer. I would never go to an island that did not have internet!!!

16. My idea of camping out is staying in a hotel with Spa services! But I have slept in a tent!!!

17. I have peed in outhouses, squatty potties, in the woods, in the front of the docha (sorry Mel!!!) and even in my pants!!!

18. I love playing games, especially Spades.

19. Even though I am very lazy, I actually like to exercise.

20. I topped the scales at more than 200 pounds when I was pregnant with Emme.

21. My dream is to run 5K in the Red Bud Classic, but have yet to start training!!!

22. I love the smell of coffee and fun coffee drinks, but rarely finish a cup of coffee.

23. I would love to meet Jillian from the Biggest Loser...especially after my personal training session with Bri (AKA Jillian on Crack).

24. I smack my lips when I sleep (contributed by my sweet and ever so thoughtful hubby).

25. This has been the hardest year of my life...harder than losing my mom to cancer or moving with a 6 month old baby to Russia.

26. I love the Lord, my amazing husband and precious kids even if I don't always show it or act like it!!!

27. I spend way too much time on the internet...trying to come up with interesting things about myself!!!Thanks for persevering!!!

Your reward...you can add any additional facts you would like...as long as it does not involve my lingerie drawer (that means you...JILL!!!).


From "Reveal in the Mystery"

"Our satisfaction is not found in the answer we do or do not receive from God, but in the encounter we have with God because of the question. To embrace the mystery of faith frees us to relax in the unknown, to revel in the sovereignty of God. Answers never satisfy, only God can satisfy."

Thanks Jill!!!


Are we in Russia?!?! No, people don't wear pink cowboy boats in Russia and you would be attacked by the neighborhood Grannies for not wearing a hat!!!

Another snow day tomorrow!!! Yeah!!!


No School!!!

School has been canceled due to slick roads...no school, means no work!!! It could not have come at a better time!!! I have been sick and in a funk, since Friday and desperately need to pack!!!


Grant's 3rd Birthday!

Grant turned 3 and we celebrated in a barn...only in Oklahoma ;-). It was a totally nice barn with gorgeous horses, lots of fun and fabulous fellowship!!!

Happy Birthday Grant!!! We love you!!!

The Green Waves...

The Cheerleaders!

The Enemy ;-), but also our dear friends...


and twind from Gid's school!

Gid's teammates, Johnathan and...


The Green Waves and...

their amazing coaches, Edward and Ben!!!

Way to go Green Waves!!! You guys are awesome!!!


Memories From The Big Night

A Manicure

New hair-dos for my doll friends...

and for me, too!!!


And a Tea Party!!!

Happy Birthday, Faith!!! We love you!!!

ME and Gid's First Tea Party

A day at home to rest and relax...fabulous!!! A night of complete peace and quiet...what a dream!!! Or at least I would have thought!!! But, I am sooo bored and sad!!! Last night, I went to bed feeling yucky and have continued to feel weak, sick to my stomach and just horrible all day. I had a list of To Dos to do, but barely managed to eat the toaster waffle my sweet little girl made me for breakfast...she said that she was practicing her cooking skills...and the piles continue to grow around me!!! I am so tired of flipping channels; I can not focus on completing a mental task and when I am not in the horizontal position, I begin to relive the first trimester of pregnancy...and no I am not pregnant!!!

Tonight, ME was invited to her first Tea Party and Gideon is her Knight in Plastic Armor!!! I sooo wanted to witness this big event...I even considered going as a paparazzi, but Keith forbid me from leaving the house!!! I guess I will spend this rare evening alone moping as I flip the channels...pray I get better soon and that I do not infect my precious family with whatever I have!!!



We move in one week, sooo I decided I should start packing and ME decided she would help! She filled her suitcase with her most precious possessions...3 dolls, 2 stuffed animals, a baby carrier, her brothers match box cars and of course an ample supply of socks and underwear!!!

A packing tip...don't pack your children's toys, while they are "helping"...my plan was to pack only their most favorite toys, (since their toys continue to multiple and soon will take over our entire house), but every toy is ME's favorite, that she would not be able to live without and Gid remembers when he got each and every toy, who gave it to him and therefore must keep!!! I did manage to sneek a few toys into a special bag that ended up in the trash!


Hi Granny!

This is Granny (ME's rendition). "Granny is cheering because she gets to sleep with me! She is sooo happy to see her princess!"

Later, Gideon (the evil big brother) came and ripped Granny from ME's room (removed the post-it note Granny was drawn on) and kidnapped her. After a great war with lots of fighting and screaming, Granny was returned to her place of honor in ME's room!

If you are ever bored, please stop by for a visit...the kids are extremely entertaining and I am in desperate need of adult conversation!!!

Happy Birthday Donna!!!

We love you and hope you have a fabulous day!!!


So Glad!!!

ME asked me if I was glad "we are your kids?" I am sooo glad!!!

I have been wishing for a life that required less faith...it seems like sometimes I can not take a breath without mustering up the faith that God will provide the air needed to sustain me. We have been on a difficult, but truly amazing journey. God has so generously and graciously met each and every need we have had.

We will move into another temporary residence at the end of this month, while we wait for the Lord to reveal His plans to us...I pray that we are not required to wait 40 years wandering through the desert of Oklahoma!!! We will leave our current residence with only a few boxes of personal possessions, but through the generosity of sooo many people...God has met all of our needs to set up a new home!!! I can not wait to post pictures of us resting in our new home!!! Please pray for our family as we transition into our new home and that I will not stress about the details, but rejoice in the Lord's abundant provisions!!!


The Fun Continues...

Today's game was a little bit of basketball mixed with a lot of wrestling, a little football, some soccer and even included biting!!! I am just glad no one was hurt and the kids seemed to have a blast!!!


What Does This Mean?!?

This was included in Gideon's folder...but, we are not sure what it actually means!?!?


Yesterday, ME insisted on wearing her Christmas dress to school.
Keith said, "ME you can't wear that because Christmas is over."
She said, "Then why hasn't mommy taken done the Christmas tree?"

Later, she was no the phone with Granny. Granny asked how her Princess was doing and ME replied, "Oh Granny, I am everyone's Princess!"

Encouraging Words!


Fun With Family

Kandise, my niece, and her 2 darling girls, Kamryn and Karstyn, came for a visit!


Just The Girls...

ME and I went on our first road trip by ourselves!!! We had a blast visiting with "Aunt Anne"...who is really not their Aunt or my sister, but one of my dearest friends, most influential role models and wonderful mentor and encourager. We spent the morning sipping tea, eating muffins and discussing life! Thank you Anne for such a wonderful morning, fabulous wisdom and insights and encouraging words!!!

Then, ME and I meet Grandpa and Grandma for a fabulous lunch and visit to see my brother to see the new addition to "The Shop"...AKA as Enid Mack Trucks!!! It was so fun to spend the day with ME and my precious family!!! Next time (which hopefully will be real soon) must include an additional stop to visit Aunt Leslyn, my sister. We love you guys!!!


A Lesson In Spades...

We thought the boys needed all the help that they can get...sooo, we thought we better start young!!!


Our First Church in Russia

A Sunday in Ivanovo, Russia

Hope in Christ meet in a Hotel

A Baptism Service

Easter Sunday Service

Game #3

Ready to play!

He did it...I got it on camera...I don't know what is more amazing!!!

The Cheering Section