A Perfect Day…With One Exception!


It feels like fall!  I am limiting my computer time, especially before school, which seemed to make the morning rush a little less crazy!  I had enough time to exercise, grocery shop and make a little cash all before I had to pick Emme up at 11.  What a great day!!!

When I pick Emme up, I usually ask her lots of question…one is, “What did you learn today?” 

She said, “Boomer Sooner!!!” 

I did not think brain washing would begin at such a young age!!!  I told her tomorrow to say, “Go Pokes!!!”


A Rare Moment!!!


This is very unusual…that mommy has enough time in the morning to snap a pic and that the kids are agreeable enough to hug!!!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great new outfits!!!  I love you guys!!!


Our Princess…




IMG_0407 IMG_0408

9:45 and we are still on the road!!!

Happy Birthday Karstyn!!!


Today, Karstyn turned 3!!!


Emme is oh-so serious!!!

IMG_0389 IMG_0403

I am sooo thankful to be apart of such a fun family!!!


Happy Birthday Karstyn!!!

Splash Bash!!!

We celebrated Gid’s 8th Birthday with a Splash Bash!

IMG_0297IMG_0291 IMG_0296 IMG_0302

A sweet friend made this darling Star Wars cake!

IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0323 IMG_0335 IMG_0340


IMG_0345 IMG_0347

Happy Soon-To-Be 8 Birthday Gid!!! We love you!!!



A Proud Moment ;-)

I love Gid! He can be such a sweetheart and sooo encouraging!!!


I smiled when Gid said, “Mommy, someday I want to be a photographer, just like you!!!”


Or a Bible Scholar! What ever he becomes, I pray he does it to the glory of the Lord and is filled with love for the Lord and life!!!

Happy Birthday Reagan!!!


Today, we celebrated Reagan’s 4th Birthday…Fancy Nancy style!

IMG_0254 IMG_0248 IMG_0244-2

Fancy dresses (OK, Emme didn’t get the memo!) and lots of jewels were required!!!

IMG_0240 IMG_0249 IMG_0252

Too funny not to share!!!

IMG_0258 IMG_0261 IMG_0262

Reagan looks suspended in air!!!


Happy Birthday Reagan!!!


To Pierce Or Not To Pierce?!?!


A major topic of conversation with Emme lately has been “Can I get my ears pierced?” I initially said, “Getting your ears pierced really hurts! It feels like getting a shot…” thinking that voluntarily submitting herself to unnecessary pain would end the conversation, but it has not. She just says that she will be brave!

Neither Keith or I have strong feeling on this issue and had never really even thought about it. I think we have decided to use ear piercing to our advantage…we will require her to get every necessary vaccination first, reminding her every time that this is what getting your ears pierced will feel like and that she promised to be brave! After she is completely immunized with no whining or meltdowns, then she will deserve to get her ears pierced!!!


Bed Time…


I love bed time!!! Clean kids, curled-up sound asleep…it makes me want to shout for joy!!!

Day 5…

No pictures!!! Woke-up late this morning (why does my wake-up times vary from 2:30 to 5:30 to 7:30!!!) and asked Keith if he could take the kids. Of course he can…he goes right by the school on the way to work, the drop-off time for him is perfect and he loves getting to do it. However, the kiddos are sooo dramatic!!! Emme started whining and said, “I want you too!” Of course, my main goal is keeping the peace…not my peace, but the peace of everyone else. I also want the drop-off to be a happy, positive, encouraging time, so they begin school on a good note…so, I end-up totally catering to them and wanting to just eject them from the car and speed away!!!

After getting them dressed (which included re-dressing Emme and explaining to her why her hot pink shirt and lime green shorts did not match the Ridgeview dress code and cutting the tags off of everything that could possibly, scratch, poke or even touch Gideon…to only insist on changing 14 more times!!!), I threw on the first thing that was clean and ran out the door to find Emme in tears. “Emme, what happened?”

“I want daddy to take me!”

Gideon still wanted me to take him…candy was offered and in the car they climbed with daddy!!!

Disclaimer: I know this post screams manipulation of my darling kiddos and complete lack of control!!! I am also confident that I would be the last person you would want to take parenting tips from BUT would want to give them to!!! How to Have a New Kid by Friday” is beginning in September and Keith and I are leading it! OK, now that you have recovered from heart failure at the shock and have resumed reading…I have discovered that when you lead a study you get even more out of it…you read the book more closely, watch the videos more attentively and more often, and pray…pray for wisdom, pray for insight and pray that your kids will reflect all that you are learning…or at least to embarrass you!!! Please join us…Sunday nights at VBC so we can learn, laugh and love our children unconditionally!!!




Emme had here first night of homework, too!!!


A Trip To Enid…


Emme and I went to Enid to visit Grandma & Grandpa today!


Say C-H-E-E-S-E!!!


Thanks for a great visit Grandma & Grandpa!!! We love you!!!


Day 4…

IMG_0167 IMG_0166

Day 4...On the way out the door after running around gathering all the junk I could possibly need for the day, Gideon said, “I missed recess yesterday.” I was already frustrated, stressed and lost any resemblance of patients an hour ago!!!

“What?” I said...OK, I am not going to attempt to tell you it was in my sweetest voice ever-did I mention we were running late again!!! He refused to tell me on the way to school what happened, as he hid in the back of the van. Then would not get out of the car, when I told him that I would just ask his teacher!!! To avoid a scene or to prevent making an already horrible morning worse, I said, “Fine, get out of the car and we will talk about this later!”

What is happening to my darling little boy?!?! I want to be a go-to, tell anything mom, that loves him unconditionally!!! How can I do that when he won’t even talk to me!!! Some how I did manage to snap a pic...I know I am horrible, but can’t help it!!!


Thanks Aaron (& Bri)!!!


We love the corn!!!  You guys are awesome!!!

Our First After School Play Date…


We meet M and her mommy at the park after school for a picnic. The girls have become great friends in such a short amount of time and love their class!!!