Getting Ready For Company!!!

I have been so productive!!! {Not that anyone really cares...but there is something about sharing my random successes that make it seem more real!!!} I made lasagna, enchilada casserole, chicken pot pie, blueberry and banana muffins, cleaned out my freezer so I could fit it all in, baked some froze cookies that would not fit...and showered…which for some reason seemed like the biggest accomplishment of all!!! I am celebrating my accomplishments with a Dr Pepper Zero, while researching new, bigger refrigerators so I can cook some more!!!

Emme Made Breakfast!!!

What a way to kick-off summer!!! Emme made Keith and I scrambled eggs, toast with jelly, cut up fruit. She organized her one million stuffed animals, showered and got dressed...all on her own!!! I made it to Lenta and home in 28 minutes...and was welcomed home buy a drunk guy that could hardly stand!!! Looking forward to a great day!!!


I made it to Lenta and home in 28 minutes...and was welcomed home buy a drunk guy {who was not Keith!!!} that could hardly stand!!! Looking forward to a great day!!!


Lesson Learned!!!

I always answer the door. I like people, like to talk, and even like visitors. Tonight our door bell rang at 10pm...so I answered it. Did I look through the peep hole? No! If I would have, would I have still answered the door? Yes! It was a guy wanting to talk to our neighbor. I asked why he did not ring their door bell? He said that it was broke and asked me to knock. He did not answer, so I said I am sorry is not home and went to shut the door. The guy blocked the door and said, "He is home and you will get him!" Thankfully Keith was home and I started yelling for Keith and both Keith and the neighbor came out. The neighbor (who is a police officer) got in a huge fight with this guy and now I feel terrible!!! Not to mention...I will no longer be answering the door to unknown guests!!!

New Aikido Levels!!!




I am so bias and know that no one wants to hear a mom brag about her kiddos…BUT…I have super cute kids!!!

IA Graduation…

Graduation, good-byes and the end of another school year.  I cry every year…and I barely know the graduates!!!  In just 8 more years, I will be a puddle of tears!!!


This years graduates and parents.


To celebrate a fabulous year, we went to one of our family favorites…Marcellis!!!



Summer Kick-Off Game Night…


a last minute idea+some cookies, chocolate, tea+games=a totally fun way to welcome our summer students

Our New Front Door!!!


I am seriously in love with my door!!!  A can of paint can make me sooo happy!!!  Some times little things annoy me.  Our two entry doors were 4 different colors and the trim was continually falling down!!!  I am glad I have one less annoyance in my life!!!  I love being able to update and personalize our apartment!!!

A Happy Spot By Our Entrance…


Field Day