Happy Halloween!!!

The Houk girls joined us (The Storm Trooper and a Biker Princess) for dinner, playing and preparations!!!

Then we crossed the street (and parking lot) to celebrate at the VBC Fall Festivial!!!

The kids had a blast playing games, running wild, cramming their bags and faces with sugar...while the parents tagged along, wondering when the maddness would end!!!

I think Garrett had the right idea!!! The kids finally passed out and I thanked the Lord we have 364 days until we have to do that again!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all and to all a good night!!!

Happy Halloween!

This is our first Halloween to celebrate in a country that actually celebrates Halloween!!! We have had a great day...after we dropped Gid off at school, the remaining Sullivans went to the YMCA, where ME's candy consumption began. After a great work-out, we went to Target...I love Target and was sooo excited to find Sushi To Go!!! (It was not cheap, but cheaper than a resteraunt and I was craving sushi sooo bad...I honestly think it is addictive! I came home and ate all 8 pieces...2 1/2 servings...and loved every bite...but was still hungry!) Then, ME and I went to Gid's school for his Halloween Party. I love getting to be a part of his class, getting to know his teacher and classmates. The kids were so excited to get to fill their sacks up with candy and other treats and Gideon said, "I love Halloween!!!"

Now, the kids are taking baths and getting ready to go to our Church for the Fall Festival!!! I am considering a nap or a cup of coffee...or both!!! I hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Basketball Try-Outs...

Gideon is considering participating in VBC's Basketball League. He was really excited about going, but once we got there...he got really nervous. Gideon had never even dribbled a basketball! Pray that he would have the desire to participate (if it is the Lord's will), learn, make friends and have fun!!!

Off To School...

Daddy spent the day at Gideon's school being a Watch Dog Dad!!! Gideon was sooo excited that daddy would get to go to his school, eat lunch with him and RIDE THEIR BIKES TO SCHOOL!!! Mommy was anxiously awaiting a full report when they got home...and am so glad they both had a great day!!!


Gideon's First Report Card...

Gideon's is doing much better than we had anticipated. He made 6-Excellent and 2- Satisfactory...in Reading and Language Arts, both areas we knew would need some extra help. Miss Cook also reported that he needs to work on paying attention and obeying...which we were no sooo thrilled to hear!

Gideon has finally begun Speech Therapy and also gets additional services from the ESL teacher...I never really considered that Gideon would need English as a Second Language services, but am thrilled that he is getting additional help!


In A Funk...

I have been in a funk this past week! When we got the news that we would not be returning to Russia...at least not any time soon...and the reality set in that we would soon be without a job...or money, security, focus, goals and identity that all go with employment...I began planning. That is what I do...I plan. Even when I know I need to pray...I am still making plans to present to the Lord, giving him options, choices, suggestions!!!

This week several of my plans were rejected by the Lord and I felt my list of possibilities growing smaller. I know I said that I would do ANYTHING, but honestly, that was a lie. I can do anything...or at least a lot of things, but I don't really want to!

When you are unemployed, especially in today's economy, you get a job...you don't WAIT! At least that is what the World would tell you, your friends and family would tell you, I WOULD TELL YOU TO GET A JOB!!! No one would tell you to WAIT! However, I feel like the Lord is telling us to wait...does he not know that we have been waiting?!?

Today, I reached my pinnacle of frustration...mainly with myself. After scrolling the numerous job possibilities and getting more and more discouraged, I finally picked up my Bible to be told..."Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength!" I am waiting...and trying to find joy in it!!!

We have SOOO many things to be thankful for...a great home to borrow, a reliable car to borrow...which both mean minimal financial needs...which is a huge blessing, Gideon is making lots of progress, we are all healthy, happy and usually having a blast!!! Pray that I would find contentment, joy and security in the Lord...not in the World, things or a job!!!

"Why do you complain, Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, "My way is hidden from the LORD; my cause is disregarded by my God"? Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:27-31

Fun Times!


Fall Play Day

ME and I had a blast at the HHBC Fall Play Date! We are so thankful for friends that surround us, encourage us and love us!!!



Shawn...what can I say about Shawn?!? ME is crazy about Shawn. They are great friends. He is actively involved in Church...a good Baptist Church. He is pursuing his education (and is very advanced for his age). He comes from a great family. OK, I love his family and think his mom deserves an award for her resourcefulness, enthusiasm and love for all children...not just her own!

HOWEVER...he better not kiss my little princess or declare his love for her ever again...at least not until they are married!!!


Village Fun Fair

We had a blast at our neighborhood fair...rock climbing, bathtub racing and horseback riding were a few of the highlights!

We also loved getting to meet so many new people and spend the afternoon enjoying the fellowship and fabulous weather!!! We are so thankful to live in such a wonderful neighbor!!!


Cute Face

Hi Granny! Love, Your Cute Face

A Big Treat For An Even Bigger Accomplishment!!!

4 months ago we were told Gideon could be Mildly Mentally Retarded. One month ago, we were told that Gideon may never read. Today, after a week of practice, a few tears, a promise of a big reward and a great deal of determination, Gideon read 9 out of 10 three letter words!!! Miss Cook had suggested that Gid shoot for 3 to 5, but he was able to read 9 words!!! This is huge for Gid and we are so proud of his determination and hard work!!!

Winner Of The Bronze!!!

Gideon brought home the Bronze in the Standing Long Jump!!! Way to go Gid!!!

No Power

We forgot our computer cord in New Mexico, during our totally fun Fall Break trip. Sooo, we have been making daily visits to the library to check messages, the sad state of the economy and continue skimming through job listings. Honestly, other than the encouraging words from sweet, dear friends, these visits make me a little sick...let's just say now is not the time to be unemployed!!! Please continue to pray that we would have direction from the Lord regarding our purpose for being here. When need a purpose, we need a plan...and if those include an income, major medical, dental and trips to Russia would be fabulous!!!

I can't wait to post about the Ridgeview Olympics (Gideon got a bronze medal!!!), the progress he made this week in school and the reward he will get today for all of his hard work!!!

Please pray that we would rejoice in all things and that we would get our computer cord in the mail...2-3 days has now become 4!!!


Bye Granny!!!

Thanks for a great time!!! We love and miss you already!!!
Cute Face and Princess


Please Pray For Gid...

On the way out to the Scott's, Gideon said that a boy in his school (but not in his class) took a match and burnt Gid's arm. Keith and I were both shocked and began asking questions, which lead to Gideon recanting this story and saying that he could not remember how he got the mark on his arm. After numerous attempts, pleas and bribes, Gid just says he does not remember what happened. I do not want to over react and Gid has been known for his colorful stories and creative imagination, but the thought of my little boy being tortured on the play ground is terrifing! He has complained about the same boy pushing him and being mean to him, but playing with matches that end up burning my son!!! Please pray that God would protect Gideon physically and emotionally!!! Please pray that Gideon would find godly friends to play with and would learn self-defense!!!

An Encounter With A Bike...

Keith got his old 10 speed out of the shed, shinned it up, bought new tires to prepare it for an additional means of transportation...and suggested I try it out. My legs could not straddle the 26 inch bar, but out of determination, I got on and tried to pedal. I barely made it down the drive, managed to turn around...only to crash in the middle of the street!!! My elbow was scrapped, my shin was cut and my bottom was throbbing. The kids rushed over to me to offer their assistance.

ME offered to get me band-aides and Gideon suggested I get training wheels, so I would not fall...while my sweet husband laughed and suggested I try again!!!

The Pumpkin Patch...Visit With The Scott's, Part 3

Our totally fun adventure ended at the Pumpkin Patch.

Thanks guys for a great time!!!