Facebook Status…

I almost never get sick. I can not remember the last time I have had the flu or anything even close. Keith left Monday at 10 and by 10:05 (so weird!!!) I was coughing and feeling horrible. I am sooo thankful I found an old box of Cold and Flu (expiration date 2008)...it has helped me get through the bare minimum, along with food delivery and super great kids!!! For the few of you that will actually see me during the week~don't judge (which I know you don't!!!) or smell me (or the kids!!!). We have not showered since the weekend!!! I am so thankful for such great friends that surround us in St Pete with drop by visits, rides to school and hugs, encouragement and make life so much fun!!!

Watch Out Boys!!!



Doctor Emme…


makes house calls!!!

Masha’s Swim Competition


Masha is a trainer for competitive swimmers.  Her first meet was today and our family was looking forward attending.  We made a few stops along the way and had lots of time to navigate the unpredictable St Pete traffic…or so we thought!!!  The GPS said that we would arrive in 15 minutes at our destination, but it had no clue that there was a major tram, trolley bus traffic jam.  Over 15 buses and a million cars were trying to get through the intersection.  Our 15 minute trip took over an hour.  When we finally arrived, the kids and I were racing up the steps, but were told we needed covers for our shoes.  We found the shoe cover vending machine, but did not have any change.  So we tried again with our uncovered shoes and were stopped again.  I told the hall-monitor that we did not have any change and they directed us to the Accounting Office.  I pulled out the only bill in my possession, $30, but they lady just shock her head and said that she could not make change.  Our third attempt to sneak past the hall-monitor was also unsuccessful.  We updated him on our unsuccessful attempts to purchase $0.17 shoe covers and as we were about to resort to just going bare foot and carrying our boots, a bystander took off his shoes covers and gave them to me and the hall-monitor got 2 more pairs from the trash.  Once admitted into the competition, Masha called and told us she was finish and waiting for us in the Lobby!!!


Nose Dive…

I took a nose dive out our front door.  I have no idea what I was thinking, but completely missed 3 steps and I only wish I could blame it on ice. I face planted into the nasty, mud covered door mat, ripped the sink from my face and hand, ate some dirt and totally humiliated myself!!!  I cried all the way to School and am so thankful Hannah Henson was there to take care of me!!!  I know that if this happened to any other family member or even friend, I would thoroughly document the moment, but thankfully my editing privileges prevail and therefore no pictures will be taken to remind me of this tragic day!!! :-)



O’ Christmas Tree…


Where did you go?!?  The house looks so bare and sad without the decoration and lights!!!

10 Days!?!?

I think this may very well be a first…I went 10 days without taking a single picture!!!



Our last day of Christmas Break…


Putting the sled to the test…


My little snow angel…



Another Present!!!

Keith came home with a fancy new sled!  I asked, “Why did you buy that?  There is no snow.”  Obviously I need to get out of the house more!!!


Sorry this is the only pic I took…since I stayed home, enjoyed the quiet so much…I was sound asleep when they returned!!!





And food…


A fabulous way to start off the new year!!!