I gave Emme my old cell phone, removed the SIM card and she still loves it!!!  She can play games, take pics and video, but can’t waste any money!!!

17 Days…

To celebrate 17 days {and -5 pounds} of being without Diet Coke and almost no flour, sugar or chocolate {and no, I have not killed anyone...yet!!!}...I bought an enormous watermelon, carried it home {counting this as my exercise for the day}, hollowed out the center and ate it ALL!!! I could seriously die right this minute and be completely happy!!!


Yes, I did share!!!


OK, I thought one little bowl would be sufficient, but remember I AM CELEBRATING!!!


I totally finished off the entire watermelon…and yes I do feel sick!!!  I am off to put on stretchy pants to give my bloated stomach more room to jiggle!!!  I love summer!!!


New Buds!!!


Keith and the kids bought me a mini rose bush for Mother’s Day…much of it died and I was about to surrender defeat, but it seemed to have bits of green left.  Today, I noticed new buds!!!  I love plants, color and life!!!



I love summer!!!  We have really been able to relax, enjoy the flexibility, late nights…resulting in late mornings {Emme has slept until noon everyday this week!!!}, play-dates, coffee chats, picnics, parties, camp, the beach, watermelon, adventures, vacation, visitors, family ministry, pajama days!!!

Coffee With Friends…



Real Mexican Food!!!


Emily, a REAL MEXICAN {which after much discussion insured me was politically correct}, made us REAL MEXICAN FOOD~green chili enchiladas, fabulous rice and refried beans!!!  What a fabulous treat!!!


White Nights…


Keith returned to his “Glory Days”…joining students half his age…to explore the amazing White Nights of Saint Petersburg.  In the summer, at 1:30 {in the morning!!!} the Bridges go up and the fun begins!!!  Since we live on an island, when these very gorgeous bridges do go up, you can either enjoy the fun on Nevsky Prospect or the comforts of your warm, comfy bed…but not both…at least not until 6AM when the Metro begins working.  For some reason I always opt for the comforts of home!!!

Masha~Thanks for capturing these memories!!!


IGNITE Update…

I survived!!!  I completed the Challenge with minimal cheating…for 8 day, I have not had any sugar or flour and have only drank water, milk, tea and coffee.  No Diet Coke!  No chocolate!  No bread!  Even though I was hoping for a bit larger loss {but 4 pounds in 8 days is pretty great} I am thankful for all I have learned…about myself, how I use food for comfort and that I can survive without sodas and chocolate!!!


Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day to a great dad that “tells people about Jesus” (Emme), “makes me laugh” (Gid), “plays with me” (Emme), loves “Aikido” (Gid), “the computer” (Emme) and his family!!!



Gid and Emme

Happy Father’s Day!!!




I have made it half-way through the IGNITE 8 Day Challenge.  I have felt overall really good.  I miss cereal, fruit, bread and chocolate, but have not really missed Diet drinks or junk food as much as I thought I would!!!  One of my biggest weaknesses is eating when I am really not even hungry…as comfort or socially, to feel apart…when my family made microwave popcorn (locally you can only buy the high calorie, greasy kind), when Emme wanted to share an apple (during this challenge you should not eat fruit…glad that is only for a few more days!!!), after making a fabulous cinnamon cake for the family (I really wanted to help them enjoy that!!!), chips at a picnic and my favorite burger at Fridays.  I know that I can occasionally enjoy all of these things, but I have really feel good recognizing how I can control food and not vise-versa!!!


Summer is so much fun!!!  I love staying up late, sleeping in, schedule-free days but most of all PICNICS!!!


FUN!!!  FOOD!!!  FELLOWSHIP!!!  What a great way to celebrate summer!!!