Children’s Expo

Saint Petersburg is an amazing city with lots of amazing things to do.  In the winter, with freezing temps, piles of snow and very little sunshine, we often struggle to find our adventuresome spirits to actually leave our warm, cozy cave!  This weekend, however, was the Annual Children’s Expo which was only minutes from our home, admission was only $4 and it was full of great things for the kids to do!!!  There were trampolines, jungle gyms, a train, a planetarium, games, crafts, face painting, performances and lots of great shopping and yummy treats.


We ended the day with a late lunch at the new TGIFridays (My 3rd time this week!!!) and a mini shopping spree at the oh-so-fabulous new Gap!!!  When we returned home after a very long day, Keith was very happy to announce that my Birthday celebrations have come to an end…along with the Birthday cake!!!  What a great day!!!



The morning began with Emme’s declaration, “Gideon, you must do what mommy says, because today is her birthday!!!”


I had a fun lunch with friends at the new TGIFridays and a mini-shopping spree that consisted was limited to the brand new GAP!!!  Every rack was thoroughly explored, lots of time spent in the dressing rooms discovering new fashions and purchases were made…a new sweater, t-shirts, PJs, pants!!!  In the last few months, Saint Petersburg has opened a great, very pricey grocery store and wonderful Western shops!!!  Even at 80% off the prices are still more than in the states, but it is sooo great to have options!!!  In seven years of living in Russia, I can count the number of clothing purchases on one hand…until today!!!


After returning home and taking a long nap…which I think is a requirement for the proper functioning of all 40 year olds, we continued celebrating with our Bible Study group, who showered me with balloons, flowers, chocolates, new candles and bath supplies and a great time of fellowship!!!


“40 is a great number!” affirmed one of the 19 year old participants, “You are that much closer to being with the Lord!”  I, however, found little encouragement in this fact, since it indicates that I am also one year closer to death!!!  Nonetheless, it was a great day!!!


Facebook Post on the Eve of the Big 40!

It's only a number, it's only a number...I am trying to find encouragement in the fact that according to Wikipedia I will be middle aged tomorrow!!! I hope the sad, nauseating feeling passes so I can enjoy cake tomorrow!!!


Oh WOW...I remember that feeling!!! BELIEVE me Kristie...once you get past TODAY, you will be THRILLED to be 40!!! It is INDEED, only a number!!! I am 42 now and I will tell you, that the last week of being "39" was the hardest!!! :) HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!

Well, it should make you feel better that when I read your post I wondered if you were turning 30 or 35!

OK here are two bits of advice - 1. 40 is God's favorite number - it rained for 40 days & night, the Israelites & Jesus were in wildernesses for 40 days, etc but after the 40 good things happened! 2. Also remember that there will always... be a number higher than your current number & numbers younger - do you really want to be 17 again?? (just to refresh your memory: zits, trying to figure out the OS, angst about looks) there are advantages to age but those above you are remembering your current age & saying ahhh 40 - those were the days ... I didn't have to try & remember where I put my reading glasses,what I promised to do today & where the list I wrote it down on is, my hair still had bounce it & most of it wasn't in the sink or hair brush, parts of my anatomy were still in the right place & hadn't drifted south .... so Enjoy 40 because you have 10 years before all that happens to you :)

Yeah! Don't worry about tomorrow for each day has enough troubles of it's own & tomorrows are probably worse so don't even worry about today just enjoy the fact you are living breathing have a husband that makes you cakes & thinks 40 is a hot number (that was probably AFTER he lit your candles right?) & two adorable kids & all your faculties ( I am not talking about about your mind not school teachers) about you ENJOY what today brings xoxo!


Atleast the sun is shining…even though the temps are so cold, my nose freezes shut and I stop breathing if I am outside for more than 2 seconds!!!


Valentine’s Day Celebration!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I woke up this morning to a gift certificate to my favorite spa, discovered that our summer business meeting originally schedule in Moscow has been moved to Turkey and have a lunch date planned at the new TGIF followed by a party at the kid’s school…what a great day!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Valentine’s Day cards for classmates.


Date Night


Last night, one of our friends hosted Date Night…delicious dinner, fun games and fabulous fellowship.  It was the first time we have arranged for an actual sitter to come watch the kids in ages.  Other than team meetings, it is the first time since arriving in St Pete, back in July, that we have actually spent an evening without kids.  It has probably been more than 2 years since we have had an official paid sitter.  The kids loved getting to have a special evening with Ms. Luba and I loved getting to have a wonderful evening with Keith and great friends!!!


100 Days of School Celebration


My top 10 favorite pics…


and the 9th…an innocent picture of Emme and the other girls in her class…


that quickly became the 10th, an invasion of the the big kids ending in a dog pile with the teacher at the bottom!!!


What a great celebration!!!





Emme asked Gid, “What are you allergic to?”

He replied, “5 year olds!”



Emme:  What will I look like when I grow up?

Mommy:  Probably like me.

Emme:  Oh, so I will have gray hair too?


Mommy:  I think there might be a bug going around school.

Emme:  I didn’t see any bugs!


Emme:  Does God speak Spanish?  Russian?  Does He know more than you?  Wow…He must be smart!!!


Bible Study


We have a great group of college students that come to our home on Friday nights.  We sing, study scriptures, have tea and treats, play games and the Wii.  Please pray that God would continue to grow and bless this group.


Christmas in February!!!


I should have kept our Christmas Tree up one more week!!!  Thanks Grandma for all of the wonderful treats!!!  We love and miss you very much!!!