We Love Snow Cones!!!

One of our favorite ways to end the day is with a snow cone!


After a great deal of patience and perserverance, Keith and Gideon both caught fish!!!


Enid Mack Trucks

Trucks and bulldogs have been apart of my life for over 30 years, even though my actual involvement in the family business has been limited to racing through the Parts Department as kids, when forced-helping with inventory, answering a few phone calls one summer during High School and occasional visits over the years. My brother, Troy, has worked there for 20 years. He took over when our dad was no long able to work and has done a fabulous job.
Today, we joined the Friday Feast for a great lunch and many memories…even a walk through the Parts Department, unfortunately without our skates! We are so proud of you, Troy!!!



Army Hair!!!

Gideon has always loved Army guys. When asked what new hair style he would l like, he patriotically declares, “Army Hair!” So, on the way to Aunt Leslyn’s for a haircut, this was how our conversation was going. After we all thought the discussion had ended, ME said, “I want Army hair too!” I replied, “ME, you have already gotten your haircut, today is Gideon’s turn.” Thankfully, Aunt Leslyn came to the rescue making Gideon military ready and sooo cute and giving ME an Army look too!


Memorial Day...A Day to Remember

Today was my first visit to a cemetery in a really long time and the first visit ever for my kiddos. Trying to explain death to little ones and why we would go visit someone who is “sleeping” is a challenge. I thought, having a picnic at the cemetery would be a fun idea and something my mom would have appreciated more than a bundle of fake flowers. Since we had already made lunch plans, I bought watermelon chunks this morning and our adventure began. Of course, the cemetery was packed…like rush hour in Moscow…and my bucket of watermelon, even though sounded delicious and a fun idea at the time, seemed a little foolish, as we drove past all of the colorful flower bouquets. I secretly prayed that my mom’s grave would not be the one and only head stone with nothing. I know my mom did not like fake flowers and would have loved a picnic, even if it was limited to chunks of melon, so why did I feel so bad? I was relieved when we arrived to find that someone had come and brought her flowers. The kids were not at all interested in helping me “remember” my mom or enjoying watermelon with me. Gideon returned to the car after refusing to take a picture with his sister to help me later remember our day. A few minutes later, I found myself alone with my watermelon and my mom. Mom, I will also remember you! I love you!!!


Saying Good-Bye to Friends...

Over the past 7 years, we have become experts at saying good-bye. I still have yet to uncover what is good about having to say bye and was reminded just how much I hate having to say it! Today, we helped our dear friends load their U-Haul for new adventures. We no longer live in Enid and our friends also have family in Clovis, so we will still see them often (or at least as often as we see anyone!), but saying good-bye to such a sweet family was really hard…even if it is just for a few weeks!!! We love you guys and appreciate your encouragement, emails and friendship so much!!! We pray that you will find friends in Edmond that will reach-out to you and love you the way you have done us…and sooo many others!!! We miss you already, but look forward to seeing you soon!!!


Keith is Back!

We picked Keith up tonight and the kids talked non-stop reliving the fun we have had the past few days. I will say that being a single mom is a challenge, but much, much easier in the states. We visited old friends, had play dates, went to the library, had picnics and cook-outs and even went on a road trip to Oklahoma City…not to mention the doctor fiasco and trip to the dentist. We were, however, glad to see Keith. He said the Conference (an orientation for students going on missions) was awesome!


Dinner With Anne

Over 20 years ago, my family moved across the street from the Abernethy family. Over the years, we became good friends and Anne reached out to me after the loss of my mother. Anne has taught me so much about life, being a mom and a wife and so much about the Lord. She has walked beside me through many trials and been a constant source of wisdom and encouragement. I always love spending time with her and tonight was a very special treat! Thank you Anne for being such a dear friend, a wonderful example and so encouraging!!! We love you!!!


Dentist...Round 2

I was so nervous about Gideon’s follow-up Dentist appointment, but he did fabulous!!! He did everything the doctor asked and only said, “That hurt!” one time! When the doctor had finished, I went to Gideon and tears had collected in his eyes. He was so brave and proud of his new silver tooth (He will have 4 fillings and one cap…because one tooth is sooo decayed it can not support a filling…YUCK!!!) We are now using the money that we used to buy juice, Sprite and candy to pay Gideon’s dentist bill!!! Dentist-Round 3 will occur this Tuesday! ME said, “I want to go back to the Dentist, because I ate cake and my teeth are very dirty!”

One Vile of Blood

To obtain one vile of blood from a 30 pound, 3 year old required 1 Doctor, 1 Nurse, 2 Lab Technicians and a very, frustrated mommy! A blood test is required from each family member to complete the required physicals before returning to the field. A comedy of errors, oversight and unexpected delays, required me to have to take both kiddos to the doctor for blood tests, while Keith was having a blast in Kansas. After trying the diplomatic approach of asking who wanted to go first (of course, no one volunteered), I had to chase ME down the hall, running into our doctor (who thankfully is a dear friend of ours…or at least was!!!) and begged for back-up. We all gather in an Examination Room and began our best wrestling moves to capture and hold down the kids for one tiny vile of blood! Did I mention the ME was screaming and yelling, “I don’t want to o it!!!” the entire time…even after we were finished!!! On the way out, she said, “I don’t want to come back here again, EVER!”


A Day With Maxine

We (the kids and I) spent the day in Oklahoma City with Maxine Partrick. Maxine is a dear friend and fabulous prayer warrior who recently moved from Enid to Oklahoma City to be closer to her family. I was able to meet many of her sweet friends at her Church, tour her darling home and have a marvelous dinner with her before heading home. Thank you Maxine for a remarkable day! We love you!!!


Family Picnic...

Today was one of those special days you really miss when you live overseas. My parents decide to break in their new grill and cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the whole family! It was so fun to just get to be with my family!!! I know that I don’t tell you guys very often, but I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you guys for a fabulous day!!!

Birthday Fun Continues!

ME was so excited when Grandma gave her a flapper dress and a cell phone for her Birthday!!! Thanks Grandma!!! We love you!!!


Snow Cones!!!

After a 4 hour drive to Kansas and back (hearing repeatedly…Are we almost there? How much longer? and the superlative comment of the day was by Gideon…Why are we going so far in the wrong direction?!?!), we were in desperate need of a treat not to mention silence!). We found a darling snow cone PARK with swings, benches, scriptures along the fence and yummy snow cones!!! The weather was perfect and the kids were busy devouring (spilling and dripping) their snow cones for over an hour!!! A great ending to a very long day!!!


Congratulations Trever!!!

My nephew, Trever, graduated tonight from Enid High~bringing back memories of almost 20 years ago when I walked across the same stage! We usually try to “pick our battles” with the kids. This very important day, to me, meant wearing our “Sunday best” or at least clean clothes that matched! Keith wanted to wear the same pants he had been wearing for the past 3 days (and if cleanliness was not as issue, the ragged bottoms should have thrown-up a red flag!) and ME, after a very long discussion that her t-shirt and shorts would not be appropriate for Graduation, selected a red dress. I was glad the battle ended with mommy victorious! Until…as we were walking out the door, I hear, “Mommy, I need pants!” ME decided that she need pants to go with her dress, the chosen ones~a pair of khakis with pink flowers, and her pink princess, light-up tennis shoes! We had a blast at Graduation and are so proud of Trever, who in August is headed off to college!!! Way to go Trev!!! We love you!!!


Quees, Knights, Princesses and Servants!

The kids have had a blast playing with their new friends. Tonight, we went back in time to meet Queen Elizabeth, Princess ME, Sir Knight Gideon and their servants, Savannah and Madison. I am so thankful for such sweet friends that would open their home and hearts to us!


5 Cavativies!!!

One of our stops while in the states is the Dentist. This was the first visit to the Dentist for ME and second for Gideon. He passed his first exam (3 years ago) with filing colors, which made the news of 5 cavities even more horrifying!!! I felt like the worst mother ever!!! It will take two more trips to repair his 5 rotting teeth…IKES!!!


A few minutes into our road trip, Gideon said, “People should not live so far apart!!!” I totally agree!

On The Road Again!

Today, we are zooming down the long lonesome highways headed to Oklahoma for a couple of weeks! Granny is looking forward to a break from the kiddos (Grampy claims to have lost 2 pounds picking up all the toys...maybe he could make millions promoting that as the newest exercise program!), rest and an ice pack to help her big shiner heal!!! We love and miss you guys!!!


Mother's Day...and a Black Eye!

Instead of flowers or chocolates, Gideon gave Granny a black eye for Mother's Day! They bumped heads when picking up toys! Sorry, no picture is available...Granny said that she would send the photographer to the Dog House!


Fun With Aunt Karen!!!

Aunt Karen and Uncle Michael came to Clovis today!!! We are so glad to see you guys!!!

Getting Ready For Company!


One of my sweet friends is training for a 10K. And, of course, my competitive nature jumped at the challenge...even though, last Wednesday, I thought I would die...literally...after running 4K!!! Today was only the second time I managed a trip to the gym this week...I have thought of every excuse to keep my rapidly growing bottom firmly planted on the couch! Today, before my mind could come up with an excuse, I was at the gym, huffing and puffing on the treadmill. At 3K, I walked a few minutes and was so glad when 5K was only minutes away. I drug my self across the "finish line"...my goal has never been more than a 5K...and started walking, when Keith began his 15 minute cool down. So, I bumped it up again to see how far I would make it before falling on the floor, requiring emergency assistance! 15 minutes passed and Keith was ready to go, but 7K was so close, I kept going...making it across at a turtle's pace of 50 minutes! I hope to be able to join my friend in running through the streets of Saint Petersburg in September!



New Friends...

Trever and Gideon spent the morning playing, while their Granny's drank coffee and "supervised"...thanks for coming to visit Trever and Phyllis.


Burger King!

We went to Burger King for lunch. Whoppers are fabulous and the kids loved the 3 story play place...once ME conquered the intimidating "big, purple hill" (AKA slide).

We were all wondering if she would need to be rescued. After 20 minutes, mommy was chosen to go rescue her. Once down, she wanted to do it again, "BY MYSELF!!!"