Mary Elizabeth...

ME has been coughing for three weeks and took a turn for the worse the day our guests arrived. We called the local pediatrician, who made a house call and prescribed antibiotics and cough medicine. Yesterday, ME and Lola joined us to visit our neighbor, Pepa, for an after Ramadan dinner. We had a great time visiting with Pepa and meeting her family and friends.


Ice Skating...

Last night, we went ice skating at the Hockey Arena. It was Gideon, Kristie, and Aaron's first time and Olga was the only one who fell!!!

Today's Adventures...

We began our fun today with a demonstration on how to stop public transportation...great job Gideon! We spent the majority of the day exploring the Yaroslavl Kremlin. We all loved the "stuffed animal" display that included almost every imaginable animal---a dinosaur display, bugs, fleas and even cock roaches! But everyone's favorite was the hands on display of an old Russian Fair. We were able to watch an old movie, see a puppet show, make flour from grain, and so much more! What a fun day!

For more pictures of our fun adventures with Olga, Aaron and Lola, go to www.the4sullivans.photoshop.com.


Meet Brett Hauer

Kristie, Olga, Aaron, and Gideon made it their mission to meet Brett Hauer, the only American playing professional Ice Hockey in Russia and he is on the Yaroslavl Ice Hockey team! They joined the teenage groupies after the game as they waited for the team to exit. After 45 minutes, many laughs and new friends, and very frozen, they were able to met Brett!

Mr. Incredible!

Horseback Riding...

This morning we went horseback riding. After a very brief safety lesson and a loop around the corral, we went down by the Volga and then through the forrest. We had a fabulous time!!!


The Fist Snow of this Year...

After the hockey game, we saw the first snow fall of the year!!! Gideon is ready to get the sled out!!!

Company has Arrived...

Olga, Aaron and Lola arrived today. To kick-off ourtime, we went to an Ice Hockey Game, which is always fun. Keith and Gideon purchased fun hats to display their team spirit! We had a great time!

FUN FACT: We learned tonight that our local Hockey team has an American player---Brett Hauer.


The Motor Cross King and his Little Princess

Aunt Kelli sent fun costumes for Gideon and ME. They are having so much fun playing dress-up!!!

Thanks Aunt Kelli! We love and miss you!!!

Yeah, Teaxas!!!

Don was very impressed that one of our stops in Yaroslavl was Texas! Notice---David is not in the picture; he was not impressed.

New Discoveries...

On our Yaroslavl adventures today, we discovered a fabulous view of Yaroslavl and a monument of the Russian Orthodox interpretation of the Trinity.

David, Don and Keith

Keith's BSU Director, David, and his friend, Don, came to visit us. It was so great to have them here! We saw some fun historial things and had a fabulous time of fellowship! Thank you guys for coming to visit us, bringing treats from the states and sharing so much great wisdom!!! We love you guys!!!


Rare Photo...

I am usually taking pictures...so I just wanted to show you this rare photo of ME and I.

This week, we are looking forward to visiting friends!!! Keith's BSU Director and friend arrive tomorrow and will spend one night with us and on Saturday, our friend, Olga, will be coming with a friend for a whole week!!! I am so excited! Please pray for safe travel and a great time fellowship!


Thank You!!!

We really appreciate you “coming alongside” and joining us during these days of prayer. We know that you too need prayer and today we want to pray for you. Please share any specific requests by adding a comment or sending us an email (click on the word "comment" or on the envolpe below). May the grace of God go with you as you share what He has done for you.

You can see pictures of the places we visited during this prayer emphasis by visiting the following photosite: http://GoldenRing.photosite.com/

Please pray and consider coming next year to join us for our annual Week of Prayer for the Golden Ring of Russia.

“Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” Acts 20:32


The Final Day of the Week of Prayer---Pray for Pereslavl Zalessky and Sergiev Posad

Pereslavl Zalessky was established in 1152. Aleksander Nevsky (1220-1263), Russian saint and national hero, was born here. In the beginning of the 14th century, after the fall of Mongol/Tartar rule, Pereslavl was the first city to return to Russian rule. In the 17th century, Polish and Lithuanian invaders took over the city until the Russian army could free it. Pray that God would free this city from bondage to religious tradition and the invasion of the world with its influences.

Sergiev Posad began as Sergei Radonezhski's, the greatest spiritual leader and monastic reformer of medieval Russia, settlement. In 1345 he was performing miracles and healings. Many people flocked to join his order. In 1380, the Moscow prince came to him for blessings for the victory in battle with the Mongol/Tartars. Even czar Ivan the Terrible and his son had a church built here that resembles one in the Moscow Kremlin. Today Sergiev Posad is one of the most “religious” centers in Russia with many very high and important monasteries. Pray for Jesus to be the One and Only Who would receive the honor and glory for salvation and healing. Pray for God's Name to be Hallowed in this place.


Day 6---Pray for Rostov and Uglich

Rostov is a very old city and known as the Pearl of the Golden Ring. It was first mentioned in 862. The city was on a very prominent trade route connecting the north with Moscow to the south. In 1870 a railroad was built to connect the two cities. Pray for the people of this area to know Jesus as their only way to God. Pray for them to hear and believe in His love and grace towards them.

Uglich, like many of it's neighboring cities, is over 1,000 years old. The city's streets are in the same general plan as they have been since 1784: 3 major streets emerging into the main square. Pray for the people of Uglich to accept the True Path of Life. Acts 2:28 says “You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.” Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that seems right to a person, but eventually it ends in death.”


Day 5---Pray for Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is the home of the Sullivans!!! It was founded on the Volga River in 1010. It is a treasure of Russian history and it is known historically as the first "Christian" city on the Volga. Monuments, theaters, and museums are constant reminders of the influenial artists, musicans, poets and actors. One of the most beautiful monuments is The Church of the Epiphany (manifestation of God) built in 1684-1693. Pray the people of Yaroslavl will recognize that God has shown Himself through Jesus' life. Pray that they will repent, place their faith in Jesus Christ, and that their Christian faith would become living and active. Pray for the Sullivan family to be used by God to reach Yaroslavl.

To see more pictures of Yaroslavl check-out The Week of Prayers online photo ablum at www.goldenring.photosite.com and the Sullivan's online album at www.the4sullivans.photosite.com.


Happy Birthday Nancy

Today is Nancy Skinner's Birthday! Nancy has been Kristie's mentor since we arrived in Russia in March 2002. Nancy has lived in Russia for the past 15 years! She is an incredible baker, a wonderful encourager and a fabulous friend! We love you Nancy! We hope you have a fabulous day!!!

Nancy is pictured with her 2 daughters Anna and Sarah at her Birthday party 2 years ago.

Praying in Kostroma

Yesterday, we meet in Kostroma to prayer walk. It was a beautiful, sunny day and a wonderful time to be with friends to pray for the people in Kostroma. Keith had an opportunity to share the Gospel with a local artist, ME loved spending time with Lola, Gideon's nanny in Ivanovo, and we all enjoyed a fabulous time of fellowship and prayer. Thank you for joining us this week as we pray for the people of the Golden Ring.

Day 4---Pray for Privoizhsk and Kostroma

Privolzhsk is a city of about 30,000 located 30 miles north of Ivanovo with only two known Baptist believers. Evangelistic outreach has started. Please pray for seekers to be found and congregated for Bible study. Pray for many people to hear, believe, and become the church that would allow God to do His work through them.

Kostroma was first mentioned in 1152. As one of the northernmost cities it served as a place of retreat for grand dukes when enemies besieged Moscow. In 1612 the future tsar was living in Kostroma. When a Polish detatchment found out that he was there they went to find
and kill him. Legend has it that a peasant named Ivan Susanin promised to take them via a "shortcut" through a forest directly to where the young tsar was hiding. The enemies followed him and were never heard from again. It is presumed that Susanin led them so deep into the forest that they could not find a way out, and they perished in the bitter cold. (I wonder if Susanin's plan was intentional, or did he simply fail to ask directions?) Pray that people would experience an awareness of their lostness, a desire for forgiveness, and a knowledge of the truth.


Day 3---Pray for Shuya and Kokhma

Shuya and Kokhma are names of two cities in the Ivanovo area where we have good missionary friends; one family is from the Ukraine and the other is from Moldova. God calls people from all nations to be faithful to Him and go “to the ends of the earthmaking disciples of all nations.” Pray for these families to be completely dedicated to the task of testifying to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for them to stand firm in their faith, to be kept free from evil, and to be bold in their witness. Pray for believers from all nations to be faithful to go when and where God calls.


Day 2 of the Week of Prayer---Pray for Ivanovo

Ivanovo is a relatively new city established in1561. It is a well known center of textile manufacturing, and has been called the “Manchester of Russia.” Ivanovo had a great influence on the movement that brought the Communists to power with the Revolution of 1917. Ivanovo is the "headquarters" for Team Golden Ring and was the location of the Sullivan's first three years in Russia. Our team's vision and desire is to see a spiritual revolution that would give all people an opportunity to repent and have faith in Christ. Ask God to give a Great Awakening in Ivanovo that would cause her to be a great influence in Russia. May believers here be as bold and courageous in sharing Christ as the revolutionaries were 100 years ago.


Gideon loves playing dress-up...maybe he will become a fashion model! He is wearing a rather common Russian outfit for little kids. Our first nanny, Olga, gave it to him for his first Birthday and shockingly it still fits! Gideon quoted his first Russian poem today that he learned in preschool! We are so proud of him. This week, Gideon is also working on a few other "lessons"---being nice to his sister (ME is working on self-defense) and taking care of other people's property (Mommy is learning to sew and becoming Mrs. Fix-It). Please pray that God would show Gideon the importance of love and obedience!

ME the Lion and Gideon

Life is rarely boring with two little kids around! We are so thankful for the joy they bring to our lives and the peace and quiet that comes each night!

Pray today for Vladimir and Suzdal

Vladimir was established in 1108 as a defensive outpost. It quickly became a major commercial city and was the capital of Russia from 1121-1238. At its peak, Vladimir was one of Europe's largest and most beautiful cities. Pray that Vladimir would once again be a central city of influence-spiritual influence for the proclaimation of the gospel.

Suzdal was first mentioned in the year 1024. When Vladimir was the capital of Russia, Suzdal was the religious center for the Russian Orthodox church. Pray for God to send workers in the harvest fields of people that need to hear the truth of His grace and love through Jesus Christ. Pray that those who are called will go and share the good news.

A Week of Prayer for the Golden Ring of Russia

Today is the first day of a concentrated time of prayer for the Golden Ring of Russia. The Golden Ring is a symbolic ring of cities located to the Northeast of Moscow. Please join us this week as we "prayer walk" the Golden Ring.

"Look, I place in Zion a stone that will make people stumble, a rock that will make them fall. But whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed." Romans 9:33

To see more pictures go to http://GoldenRing.photosite.com
(All the information and photos for the Week of Prayer were provided by Mel and Nancy Skinner. Thanks Mel and Nancy for all of your hard work!)


Broken Camera...

Our camera is broken. I am so sad! I am trying to keep this in prespective---it is only "stuff" and not important. So many real tragedies happen every day, I want to rejoice that it is only a camera. I have become so attached to it, however. I take it almost everywhere and use it all of the time. Please pray that I would have wisdom to know how and where to get it repaired and that I would remember it is only stuff! Thanks for praying for us and reading our totally silly stories about our lives here in Russia! We love you!!!

Dima's 5th Birthday...

Gideon's friend, Dima, celebrated his 5th Birthday today. The kids loved playing games and singing songs with Tigron, the clown. Keith and Kristie enjoyed getting to know Dima's family better and everyone ate way to many sweets! Happy Birthday Dima!


Mary Elizabeth's First Play Date...

ME's 1st play date was lots of fun. Kristie and ME invited Jennifer (her friend from the states) and 2 ladies she met last spring at the park over for "Tea Time"...the tea and cookies ended up mostly on the floor, but the fellowship and clean-up :-) were a huge success! The ladies had a great time practicing their English, sharing "mommy tips" and Kristie learned several things...the most important being---only serve tea and cookies in the kitchen when 4 one year olds are present.

Pictured are ME's new friends: Valaria and Niketa.