Picture From Yaroslavl…

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Fun Times!

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Our Playground…


Today, Emme had her first experience with Culture Shock.  Emme loves people, is very outgoing and can become BFF with a total stranger in about 5 seconds.  Sooo, she marched onto the playground, spotted a new potential friend and went to work.  “My name is Emme.  Let’s play!”  Of course she spoke in English and assumed that the little girl did too.  The girl just looked at her as if she just arrived from Mars, turned and walked away.  Emme was devastated.  On a return trip, another little girl initiated contact with Emme and Emme just shrugged and said, “I don’t want to play.  I don’t speak Russian.”

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I know that Culture Shock is a part of adjusting to a new environment, but my heart broke nonetheless!






All of our bags made it, nothing split, broke or was damaged…except by me (as I was unpacking a frame slipped from my hand and the glass broke)!!!  Emme wanted to help “organize the shoes”…this is how she organized them!


Miracle After Miracle!!!

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An Airport Angel!!!

I am amazed at what an awesome God we serve!!! The Bible clearly says "do not worry" so why do I? Our flights were completely stress free!!! For 9 bags of OVERWEIGHT luggage (well over $400) we paid $4 due to a computer glitch!!! The last leg of our flight, when I thought there was no way we could carry our 4 carry-ons, 3 backpacks, purse, camera bag and Emme's collection of stuffed animals down the stairs, on the bus, up the stairs, down the tiny crowded isle and then hoisted into the overhead bin...the stewards asked to check them all for free!!! And if this isn't all enough...we got all of our luggage and so far the only thing that is broke was the frame that I dropped taking it out of the suitcase!!! What an awesome God we serve!!!

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ABQ-DEN-FRA-LED & a Big Request!!!

Finally, after two years of waiting God has opened the door for our return to Russia.  With the new luggage restrictions and differing policies for each carrier, we have taken FULL advantage the luggage limits. There is a chance that we have even exceeded the carry on weight limits for one leg of our flight. Our first flight has no weight limits for carry-on luggage, but the final leg only allows 18 pounds. I know that asking for grace when it comes to luggage and rules that are not being followed may seem petty to many!!! However, even as I sit writing to you, I think of the “one more thing I can’t possibly leave behind!” So, I would love it if you would join me in praying that we would have a great day tomorrow, no problems with our check-ins and no extra baggage fees!!!



Panic Mode!!!

Early this morning, I discovered that we may get our visas today and fly to Russia on WEDNESDAY!!!  Since I have yet to pack, I am in full panic mode!!!  I am sooo thankful for Bri who is willing to host on last play date!!!


Pictures of the girls were unavailable due to their inability to be still and my lack of energy to care!!! :-)