Family Fitness Fun...

The 4 Sullivans went to an old fitness park on the Campus of the Community College. Gideon and ME started out full of energy, which quickly fizzled out leading to whining and a great deal of distraction. Why do kids always want to do what they are not allowed to do?!? Both Gideon and ME wanted to explore a military/ropes type course...I was just thankful to pass the Seniors Exercises Track with flying colors!!!


ME is turning 3 tomorrow!!! Today, she said, "I will be 3 and I will turn" (making circles with her hands).

In preparing for the big event...I asked what she wanted for her Birthday.
She said, "PINK!" I guess she doesn't care what it is as long as it is pink!

Granny asked, "ME, what would you like to eat tomorrow?"
ME replied, "I just ate with daddy!"

I asked, "What do you want to do tomorrow?"
She said, "Happy Birthday!"


High Cholesterol?!?

We are required to get physicals...the required torture for a paid vacation :-). Keith's blood test showed that he has high cholesterol. I chuckled (silently, of course) and told him that he needed to stop eating high fat foods. I received my lab report today in the mail and was shocked that I too have high cholesterol...it is less than Keith's, but still higher than it should be! I am shocked...I eat low fat foods, never eat fried foods or mayonnaise and exercise (when we are in Russia) almost every day. I thought that I was in great shape, especially since I have lost 70 pounds over the past 3 years (I gained 65 pounds when I was pregnant with ME and still had 10 pounds that refused to budge from Gideon...WHO IS NOW 6!!!) I do, however, love a challenge...sooo I guess I better stop laying around and eating nonstop :-)!!!

Great Day!

A great day...no shower, 7 PM and I am still in my PJs, Granny is playing with the kiddos (and my feeble attempts were rejected and Granny was once again taken captive to meet their every desire...I smile and thank God for Granny!!!) and ending a totally unproductive, lazy day with a movie and popcorn!!!
27 Dresses is such a darling, funny movie...a must see!!!


On The Road AGAIN!!!

We have traveled over 1000 miles in just 3 weeks...not to mention an 8 hour flight over 5 time zones!!! Spending such long amount of time with 2 kids has been a challenge...let's just say I am so glad to be out of the car! We rejoice that we will be in Clovis for the next 2 weeks doing as little as possible!!!

The Jelovac Family

Ajla, Sadeta and Muharem

10 years ago, we met the Jelovac family. It was so fun getting to know such a wonderful family, hear about their lives and difficulties in Bosnia and see Fort Worth through their eyes. We all got to experience new things and learned so much from each other. This weekend, we got to spend together! 6 years really only seemed like a few minutes...with the exception of our 2 little girls, only 4 months apart. I am so thankful for our time together and for such dear friends!!! We love you guys!!!

Fekreta (Sadeta's sister), ME and Ajla

Please pray for Ajla. At 13 months, she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, the most common cancer striking infants and only has a survival rate of 30% at best. Ajla has undergone numerous surgeries, treatments and has spent the majority of her life in the hospital. All of the treatment has also caused heart failure...her heart is currently only functioning at 25%. We rejoice that her last test were negative for cancer, but she still has a long road ahead to be declared cancer free. Please pray for Ajla and the Jelovac family. I know they covet your prayers!


Aloha Hawaii!

Aloha means Hello and Good-Bye. We were sad to have to say Good-Bye to the beautiful weather and beaches, but we left in style...a limo!!! The kids (and adults, too) were sooo excited to get to ride in a limo. They wanted to watch movies and have drinks...I am just glad there was no sunroof to entertain them!!!

Army Museum...Our Final Adventure in Hawaii


The Zoo

Food...Lots and Lots of FOOD!!!

I think that we spent the majority of our time in Hawaii eating. We loved the Wailana, a coffee house next door to our hotel. They had great breakfasts, that included all you can eat pancakes with fabulous coconut syrup, great hamburgers and huge ice cream sundaes. We also went to Benihanas...a Japanese Steakhouse. The food was great and the kids loved our chef. We ate so much, I gained 4 pounds!!!

And, of course, we had lots of ice cream!!!

One Of Our Favorite Memories in Hawaii



Peppermint White Chocolate Latte...all that was missing was our fun teammates!!! I totally bought this (and had a stranger take my picture) in honor of you guys!!! I thought of you guys all morning...OK, at least while I was drinking the fabulous, $5.25 cup of coffee!!! Hope you all are doing great!!! I miss you all!!!

The Beach



Gideon took this picture...good job Gid!

The Polenisian Cultural Center

Our First Adventure in Hawaii

We spent the morning exploring a military park that was across the street from our hotel. We loved the Indian Banyan tree, whose roots grow down from its limbs.

Good Morning HAWAII!!!

Our first morning in Hawaii...I love coconut syrup, gorgeous beaches and perfect weather!!!


Aloha Hawaii!!!

Hawaii...Here We Come!!!

We are finally headed to Hawaii!!! We had to rebook our trip, after ATA canceled all their trips due to bankruptcy, which even though was stressful, proved to be a blessing. We saved lots of money (which was in its self unbelievable), but we also had better flights, hotel and more time in Hawaii. We did have a 3 hour layover in Houston, which proved to be entertaining and included lots of shopping, free massages and of course lots of food and coffee!