Blast From The Past!


Emme loves to play games…and win!  She played this for an hour and totally mastered it!  Wish she was as determined to learn her Math facts!


Mexican Fiesta!

Food {Salsa, Queso, Mexican Pinwheels, Sopapillas, Tres Leches Cake}…Limbo…PiƱata…Macarena…Birthday…Fabulous Fiesta!!!

IMG_2335 IMG_2340 IMG_2348 IMG_2344 IMG_2352 IMG_2351 IMG_2354 IMG_2357 IMG_2362 IMG_2358 IMG_2365 IMG_2360 IMG_2366 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2370 IMG_2373 IMG_2374 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2378 1234287_722855624408047_810328159_n

Happy Birthday Z!!!

IMG_2321 IMG_2331

So thankful Gid is surround by such great friends!


Celebrating 41!!!

IMG_2295 IMG_2297-001 IMG_2298 IMG_2300

Candles that spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Happy Birthday Keith!!!

Birthday Goal…

On my Birthday, my goal is to do no work. Sooo, on Keith's birthday, I try to not ask him to do anything. We have 24 different kinds of pepper in our cabinet! So when I went to mix up taco seasoning, I grabbed, "original" chili pepper. I mixed it up, dumped a bit in and made the kids tacos. The meat was sooo hot!!!  The “original” was Keith's special super hot chili pepper!!!

Fail #2: I had 50 minutes to make a cake that takes 45 to bake and realize I only have 1 cup of flour...so I add my last bit of whole wheat flour, a bit of oatmeal and some potato starch. WHY??? I have not idea!!! I can not say it is the best cake I have ever made, but definitely better than the fire hot taco meat!!! Keith did get a Thai massage and lunch at Fridays.  :-)


5th Grade!


Kids Are So Different!!!

Gideon has had his own cell phone for 3 years and has called only once or twice. Keith gave Emme a phone yesterday and she called 5 times in 90 minutes!!!

Fall=Rain & Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte :-)

IMG_2287 IMG_2245 IMG_2281 IMG_2243




A Warning! :-)


I think Emme knows me too well!!!

A New Step…

Sent my "baby" off to school alone!!! OK...she is hardly a baby and was with our amazing teammate, but it felt like a big step...at least for me!!! I am curled up on the couch with Gid sipping tea {my coffee making husband returns this afternoon} trying to make his throat feel better!!! Last night, I Googled sore throat tips...he had tea with so much honey, throat spray, vitamin C drink, Tylenol, saltwater gargle, throat lozenges and even marshmallows, but is still sick this morning. Pray for Gid. He has had a bit of a rough start this year and seems weak...I am a master worrier...I am sure he will be back to normal tomorrow!!!


Happy Early Birthday!


For my husbands upcoming Birthday, I cleaned off his desk!!! OK, he probably just had heart failure or crashed the car if he is driving, but I did no thrown {much} away!!!  For the first time {possibly ever} I can see the top of his desk!!! Love you Keith Sullivan!!! Happy early Birthday!!!