A Look Back...

A Look Back at 2007

We returned from the states, in January, with a stomach bug!!! Even though it is a great way to shed those extra holiday pounds, it is a totally miserable way to fly the “friendly” skies...or not so friendly when your child is throwing up & by the time you land you are covered in it!!! We spent the majority of January trying to recuperate & get the energy to repack our bags to hit the road again.

The majority of February, we spent in Prague at a 3 Week Training Session for Strategy Coordinators and Team Leaders. Kristie loved not having to clean, Keith loved not having to cook & we all loved the wonderful Childcare workers & new friends we all made! Even though, we made 6 trips to the local doctor, experienced Scarlet Fever (Gideon), Strep Throat (G & ME), & Pink Eye (ME), we had a blast!

In March, we celebrated our 5th year as IMB missionaries in Russia & our 7th year as Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan!!! We are so thankful to still be married & live in Yaroslavl!

We spent 14 days in Poland getting new visas & attending our Annual Meeting with all of the IMB Missionaries from Central & Eastern Europe. We love this yearly time of renewal, fellowship & childcare & the kids loved their classes & new friends.

In May, we celebrated ME’s 2nd Birthday & we rejoiced that the snow was now melted and the sun was shinning!!! We spent most of our time outside learning to ride a bike without training wheels...which we never mastered, but enjoyed trying!

Most of June was filled with trips to the park, play dates with friends & in July, we had our first ever Russian Camp experience! Keith helped with games, Kristie took pictures & the kids loved playing, especially in the stream. We had a great time building relationships with our Church family.

We ended the summer in Turkey! We met fellow colleagues there and had a blast doing absolutely nothing!!! We made a continuous circle going from the beach, to the pool, to eat and then sleep...and repeat!!! It was one of our most favorite vacations & memories of 2007!!!

September & October brought many new beginnings, firsts & freedom! Gideon turned 6 and began his last year in preschool/kindergarten; ME started preschool; & mommy was given 4 hours of free time...everyday! Mommy also learned to drive a stick shift adding to her freedom!! This was a huge blessing, since Keith spent most of September & October in Moscow & Prague at meetings & conferences.

Kristie went on her first ever no kids, no husband, 8 day trip to the states to attend her friends wedding in Minnesota and to see her family in Oklahoma. At first she was really reluctant to leave the kids, but everything went so well, she is already looking forward to going somewhere else!!! Freedom is fabulous!!!

Kristie, with our other Ivanovo teammates, spent most, if not all, of November planning & preparing for the Best Thanksgiving EVER!!! We, & 7 colleague from Moscow, invaded Ivanovo for one of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever! We ate, and ate, and ate and then rolled our totally stuffed bodies down the hill (AKA went sledding)...it was 3 days of fun, laughter & unforgettable memories!!!

December has been lacking the joy that usually comes with the approaching holidays & the anticipation of a new year, especially for Kristie. Up on returning to Yaroslavl after Thanksgiving, Kristie discovered that her dear friend L was beaten by her husband, ending up in the Emergency Room. Through much prayer, tears & reaching out to L, we have discovered the seriousness of Domestic Violence throughout Russia & the very little that is being done to stop it. Please pray for L!

We celebrated Christmas with our fabulous Ivanovo team!!! We had lunch at Texas (a local restaurant) and end the night watching Christmas Vacation. The next day, we hit the slopes!!! We went to our local “Ski Resort”...which consists of one run that took Keith & I a total of 28 seconds to complete. Nonetheless, it was totally fun, since we have not been skiing in 7 years!!! We hope you have a fabulous New Year filled with love, joy, peace & many fabulous memories!!!

Please check-out our blog, www.the4sullivans.blogspot.com, to read stories and see pictures from our fun adventures we had this year!

HAPPY 2008!!!

We love and miss you!!!

The 4 Sullivans

Going to Granny's House...

Gideon & ME decided that they wanted to spend the day with Granny...and they were going to just ride their bike there!!! Granny, better make some hot dogs & macaroni...they will be really hungry when they get there!!!

A Morning Shopping Spree...

This is what ME really wore to the mall this morning...a dress, pj pants with cats, rain boots with frogs and a stocking hat...and of course, we could not forget the puppy!!! I burst out laughing walking out the door thinking about how fun (and funny) kids make life!!!

Christmas Ornaments...

I have always loved Christmas and my ornaments have become one of my most favorite treasures. They tell such a story about someone's interests, hobbies and travels. I wanted to share a few of our favorites.


My Favorite Place in Yaroslavl

For some reason, I have fallen in love with this square...the little Orthodox Church, great trees and fountains. Today, we had pizza for lunch and, of course, I wanted to take a family picture. The only person available was a half drunk man that was obviously late for something...so Keith took this picture of us...you can just imagine Keith standing by us!


More Presents!!!

We got two boxes today...thanks Aunt Kelli & the Doss gang and Cody & Leslie!!! We loved all of the treats and were so surprised that they were all wrapped...it was like Christmas all over again!!! The sweaters were fabulous, the soap scrub is awesome and the toys were perfect and great entertainment and break for me!!! Keith's favorite present of this year was the Taco Soup!!! You guys are so sweet for sending us boxes! We love and miss you LOTS!!! See you in June for the best Wedding ever...next to mine, of course!!!

Daddy Day!!!

Mommy went to the gym and to the post office, while daddy stayed and played with the kids. What a fun day!!!


Gideon's Christmas Party

Two of the Three Wisemen...I guess one brought his wife...he must have been really wise!!!

Mary, Joseph, Jesus and their doney (the little boy in the red shirt and blue "ears").

Gideon's teachers, Lena, Masha & Katya (the main teacher, who organized the entire class play of the Birth of Jesus all by herself)

Do Nothing Day!!!

Gideon woke-up with a bad cough and we are all exhausted! We had so much fun yesterday, Keith decided to try a different ski slope with a friend today, while the rest of the family hangs out in their PJs trying has hard as possible to do as little as possible!!!


ME's Christmas Party...

We were sooo tired after a day skiing and playing. ME feel asleep on the way home from the slope and lunch at McD's. We woke her up and she was so mad, tired and frustrated. We all rushed around to get ready for the party and say our good-byes to our friends from Ivanovo, while ME was in hysterics. A few minutes before leaving for the party, ME was peeing in her little potty and some how she managed to flip the potty up, drenching her self in pee!!! I grabbed the first outfit I could find and we some how made it to the party only 15 minutes late! We are so thankful that ME has such great teachers and classmates! ME loves preschool!!!

ME & Galya

ME's Class

Gideon & Mommy

Rita, one of the helpers

Skiing Adventure!

Fun Memories...

Movies with "The Girls"

Uncle Chris fixes ME's hair!!!


More Christmas Presents!!!

Christmas Lunch...

We enjoyed fabulous steaks at Texas (restaurant) and a great time of fellowship and laughter!!! We love you guys!

Merry Christmas!!!

I Will Never…

How often have we said those words to do the very thing that we said that we would never do!!! This has happened more often than not, since moving to
Russia. Our first year in Russia, I said that our kids would never go to school on Christmas Day…guess where they are today?!?! SCHOOL!!! Just for the morning…then we will meet our totally fun teammates to begin the Christmas festivities-lunch at Texas (a fabulous, local restaurant) and then to our house for movies and desserts!!! Tomorrow, we are planning on hitting the slopes (or at least a near by little hill that has been converted into a ski run with a small T-bar lift). MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas Wish
A “Silent Night, Holy Nightas opposed toRockin (AKA Running) Around the Christmas Tree!!!"
Nonetheless, “We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!”


ME's Teachers, Galya & Era

Gideon & Katya

Gideon's Class

ME & Galya

ME's Class

Christmas Morning!!!

Christmas morning and we are off to school!!! Today is the last day of school until the New Year!!! Keith and I are off to the gym...it sooo does not feel like Christmas!!!


Christmas Cookies

Day 2 of the Christmas Festivities

The kids opened the 2nd (of 3) round of presents this afternoon. Thanks Granny and Grandma for all of the great treats and new PJs!!!