Ladies Lunch...


Kristie and Gideon were out walking and they past a dog (there are lots of dogs here). Gideon asked, "Mommy, can I have a dog?" Kristie asked what kind of dog he would like. He replied, "An ORANGE one!!!"

Bus Schedule...

Prague is such a nice, clean city! They have wonderful public transportation and even have a posted schedule of when the buses will arrive! In Yaroslavl, we have to just wait at the stop until a bus comes---it may be 2 minutes or 25 minutes!!!


Gideon is on the mends...praise the Lord! Today, his rash and fever are gone and he asked to go back to his class. Hopefully, he will make it the whole day. Please continue to pray that Gideon and ME would be healthy and full of laughter and joy our last few days in Prague.

We return to Russia on Saturday morning and will spend the night with friends in Moscow and return to Yaroslavl on Sunday. Please pray that the kids are healthy and we have a safe, peaceful flight home and a great time with our friends.


Happy Birthday Granny!!!

This is your present...Gideon wanted to "model" it, but ended up wearing it today! You may need to wash it before you wear it! HE-HE!!!

ME also wanted to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We miss you and love you!!! Hope you have a great day and eat lots of cake.

FYI---I uploaded this early, since I will probably be in solitary confinement with Gideon tomorrow.

Scarlet Fever...

Gideon has scarlet fever! Please pray that he will be comfortable and heal quickly. Please also pray that ME and the other kids will stay healthy. Also, pray that Kristie and Gideon would find fun things to do in the hotel room.

This is our last week in Prague and our energy is diminishing. Pray our final week will be fun, relaxing, enjoyable and all that God wants it to be.


Charles Bridge...

What are you looking at, Gideon???

Gideon and Keith climbed the tower and yelled down to Kristie and ME.

Leaving the Charles Bridge.

The Charles Bridge was a highlight of our time in Prague and has inspired us to go and watch Mission Impossible 3.


Playground Fun...

We had a great time playing on the playground and even made a new Czech friend, Laura.

Prague Castle...

We had a great time touring the Prague Castle. ME also loved sharing her snack with the pigeons!


Birthday Cake!!!

ME's friend, Barnabas, turned 2 today and they got to celebrate with yummy carrot cake!!! Happy Birthday Barnabas!!!

Fun Family Memories...

Aunt Leslyn gave Gideon a stylish new hair do!!!

Memories from on of one of our family hang-outs. We miss you guys!!!
These pictures were taken in 2005.

Gideon has had a great week...

Gideon's class has been really busy. On Monday, they went to Sea World. We asked Gideon what kind of fish he saw and he said "BIG!!!"

On Wednesday, they went to the zoo. We asked Gideon what he saw at the zoo and he said, "COCK ROACHES!!!"


ME's first task in her class is to remove her shoes and socks. She loves to be barefoot. It has become a chore for us to make her keep her shoes on. When we come to the room after breakfast to brush our teeth, we will usually find ME on the floor taking off her shoes.



This morning Gideon asked, "When can I go to school to see my friends?!?" We told him after breakfast. When Kristie dropped him off, he said, "Mommy, I am OK. You can go!"

ME got out of her stroller and went straight to her class and crawled up on her teacher's lap!

This is a huge praise and answer to prayer!!! Thank you for praying for our kids and our time in Prague.

Kristie's New Favorite Treat...

Keith and Kristie were walking to the hotel and stopped at a small "grocery store"...which was actually so little there was not even an isle. We were checking-out and Kristie spotted a peanut butter kit-kat. She intended to share it with the kids as a Valentine's Day treat, but after the first bite...she found different treats for the kids!!!

Sarah, Anna, and Christian: we will bring you a peanut butter kit-kat, if you reply to this message. What a way to get more hits and see if you are reading our blog---HEHE!!! We love you guys and miss you!!!



Meet Barnabas! This is ME's new buddy who lives in Finland.

Apples and Oranges...

Kids are so different! When I was pregnant with ME, I thought she would be a "girly" version of Gideon. I was so wrong! Gideon is shy, reserved, likes to hold our hand and proceeds with caution. ME is Little Miss Independent. She likes to run free, stomp her foot and literally climb the walls! She loved flying down the slide and bouncing across the floor. I was a little afraid at first, but quickly saw how much fun she was having.

I recently watched "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" while on room confinement with Gideon. I can summarize my kids by saying, "One is an apple, one is an orange, but they are both fruits!"

Lots to do in Prague....

In Prague, there is so much to see and do! Today, we went to see the monument dedicated to John Huss, a Catholic reformer from Prague who was martyred in 1419.

There were also many Churches, an Astronomical Clock and shockingly even a museum dedicated to sex machines!!! We of course did not go in, but found the expressions of people as they walked past hilarious!


A Day at the Park...

We call this the "Church of the Holy Timex" :-)

Gideon...a warrior with a stick :-)

Fun Time at Lunch...

We had a really fun lunch time for Kristie's Birthday.

Kristie turns 36!!!

Today is my Birthday! I am getting so old and forgetful, Keith and I had to do the math to see how old I am!!! We have been “celebrating” (AKA finding an excuse to pig-out) the entire weekend. Yesterday, we went sight-seeing and then travel across town to the Bohemian Bagel for hamburgers and philly steak sandwiches, that we had heard raves about. The kids were so tired and hungry and the line was so long, Keith suggested we get our lunch to go and eat in the hotel. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted and deaf from ME’s crying, then discovered my hamburger was still bright red in the center and our French fries were completely cold. I was pretty bummed, but quickly recovered when Gideon and Keith sang “Happy Birthday” and we pigged out on cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate chip cookies!!!

Today, I have had a great day. The weather in Prague is absolutely gorgeous and so sunny!!! We went to the International Baptist Church and then had Chinese food for lunch. On the way back “home” to the hotel, we stopped and let the kids run around at park. While the kids (and Keith) took naps, I went and had a Thai massage. It was so relaxing, I almost feel asleep! When I got back to the hotel, we all went across the street for pizza and ice cream. I am so thankful for my sweet family who made my Birthday so special.


Gideon was suppose to be getting dressed and was throwing clothes all over the room. When asked what he was looking for, he said, “my white, preacher coat.”

What is a white, preacher coat??? A white button down oxford!!!

Keith asked him if he was going to preach this morning. Gideon said, “I won’t reach”…the pulpit.


Life in Prague...

We have completed our first week of training in Prague. We could really get use to life in Prague!!! The kids seem to really be enjoying their classes (VBS), Keith and Kristie are enjoying the training sessions and fellowship with other missionaries, we love the food and the fact that we do not have to prepare it or do the dishes!!! We also love coming home to a clean room with fresh towels everyday. There is also a nice gym in the hotel, so Keith and Kristie have taken turns working out after they get the kids to bed. Kristie and some of the other missionary ladies have attended Czech aerobics and are even learning a few Czech phrases!

Please continue to pray for our final two weeks in Prague. Pray that the kids would heal quickly from their colds and coughs and have a great time in their classes.



Kristie hurt her tailbone the other day and Gideon asked her later if her “end bone” still hurt.

She said, “No, my tailbone.”

Gideon said, “Mommy, you have a tail! Is it a really long one???”


PLEASE PRAY: Gideon is sick..

We have really enjoyed our first few days in Prague. The food, fellowship, and conference have been great. The kids are adjusting well and enjoying their classes. ME cries for the first few minutes, but her teachers have said she is doing great! She has become buddies with a little boy named Barnabas who lives in Finland. Gideon also had a great time playing with new friends and eating worms (read the blog for more details). Gideon woke-up this morning with a fever and bad cough. Kristie skipped class to take him to the doctor, who said that he has a bacterial throat infection and gave us antibiotics. Kristie is already a little bored hanging out in the hotel room with only Czech TV.

Please pray he would get better quickly and have the energy and desire to go back to his class and that the rest of the family would NOT share his germs.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! Our blog reached 5,000 hits!!! It seems like yesterday, we had just written our first post!

Dinner Fun...

After a long day in class, we are all exhausted. We are usually all in bed by 8 pm. We have to grab dinner, but our experience has been that even though Czech food is fabulous, you have to wait forever (or what seems like forever with two tired, hungry little ones.) Even the restaurant across the street called “Quick CafĂ©” took 45 minutes to serve our food. One night we were waiting for dinner and ME was playing with the salt and pepper shakers that were on our table and dumped the pepper right into her eye. She cried for so long---talk and eat and run!!!
Can you imagine taking this messy face to dinner???


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We are having a great time in Prague. The weather has been cool and crisp, the kids are doing fabulous, Kristie is thrilled with no house cleaning, Keith is thrilled with no cooking and we are all eating lots of yummy great food. There are several great restaurants right by our hotel and tonight the childcare workers are watching the kids to give the parents Date Night for Valentines Day!!!

Please continue to pray for the kids health and adjustment. They are both beginning to show signs of colds.

Sharing a Coke...

We had a great first day in Prague. The kids did spectacular in the classes. Kristie asked Gideon what he had for lunch and he said, "Worms and squished chocolate!" Kristie found out later that meant chocolate pudding cups, with gummy worms! We had a great dinner just across the street from the hotel and were all sound asleep by 8:30!


Gideon and His Teachers...

Gideon and ME have had a great morning. Gideon as so excited to get to play with new toys and friends...he said, "I can't wait to go to school. Is it time yet???" ME was also so excited about all of the new things, she didn't even know mommy had left. Kristie just checked on ME and the teachers said she was doing great! Thank you for your prayers for Gideon and ME...usually the second day is more difficult, so please continue to pray for their adjustment and enjoyment in their new situation.


First Day of VBS

Gideon is really to go, but ME is still sleepy!