I know what it feels like to be cast for the movie Frozen!!! I have never been to the US Consulate, so I was shocked to discover they would not welcome me without an appointment or bring my a cup of hot coffee to keep me from freezing to death!!! We stood with Masha and other US-visa-hopeful Russian in-20 degrees for over an hour!!! Somehow we still managed to laugh, make friends and have fun as we slowly lost all feeling in our limbs and face!!!  I love that even though her application was denied, her joy never wavered and she just said, “God must have a better plan for this summer!  I wonder what they will be!?!?”



I do not like the cold…still wondering how we have survived so many years in Russia!?!?


School Projects…


School can be tough.  Gid has Auditory Processing Disorder so school can be really tough.  Organizing his thoughts, remembering things and following steps are tough for him.  Organizing his thoughts, remembering a process, demonstrating the process in front of a class full of peers while your teacher is grading you…is super tough!!!  Last night, Gid was so nervous his heart was racing and he felt sick.  He woke-up today pale and dizzy.  During his presentation, he was so nervous and came home and cried, feeling like he had done a horrible job!

I think it may have been just as hard for me.  To watch your kid struggle is heart breaking!!!

Please pray for Gid.  As he gets older, school gets tougher.  Pray he would love school, find ways to be successful and stop worrying, and that his teachers would have wisdom to know when to push or to give grace and how to challenge him to reach his potential.


So thankful that Keith is home!!! I have not seen him, but I know...clothes on the floor, pillows on the floor, dishes in the sink...but most importantly coffee in the pot!!! Every time he leaves...I try to make coffee...every time...I fail!!! This weekend, I bought the most beautifully package instant coffee with a gorgeous cappuccino in the box...I was so excited about the possibility of making the yummy coffee, I failed to realize it was for the pod coffee machines!!! I even Googled how to make pod coffee without a pod machine and lets just say it was an epic fail!!! So YEAH Keith is home!!!



Celebrating the simple fact that we survived the weekend!!! Keith is out of town, Gid had a Science Project, homework and scripture memory, we had company, de-Christmasfied our house, cleaned {dusted for the first time since November}, assisted Emme in cooking 3 meals, organized and attempted to purge toys, marked every thing off my weekend list...including details for a Valentine's Day Party, PSO meeting, Baby Shower, Spring Break, and setting some goals for the year!!! Next on my list...watch Captain Phillips and try to stay awake until 8:30!!!


So SAD!!!


I hate taking down my tree and putting away all the fun memories for another year.  I guess when your tree has been up long enough that your ornaments need to be dusted…it is time!!!


A Conundrum…

When it is sunny…


It is also freezing…




Emme is learning how to multitask…studying for a test in the shower!!!



My side…


Keith’s side…


I love color…cute…order.  I love our living room…bright pillows, surrounded by family, friends and cherished memories.  Keith loves simple, functional and convenient.  He is a “Why make the bed when you are just going to sleep in it?”…”Why have a pillow if you can’t use it {AKA smash it, sit on it, fold it up and lay on it}?” kind of guy.  Towels can not be decorative…they must be useful.  A bed only needs 2 pillows…one for you and one for me.  Thankfully…I love Keith!!!


A Cruise Liner…


So thankful for Grandma and LEGO for giving me hours of peace and quiet…oh, I mean for giving Emme hours of fun!!!



You know you are home when you hear…Gid were home!!! We don't have to wear clothes anymore!!!



Paris! Sounds glamorous, but right now just means one final stop before we are finally home! Originally, we had planned to go see the Eiffel Tower during our 12 hour layover, but after a long day of traveling, a yummy dinner, relaxing shower and the inviting presence of comfy beds...we all laughed at the thought of leaving the hotel to travel in the dark, cold, drizzly night to say we saw the Eiffel Tower! I don't think it is going anywhere!

Biggest Challenge…

The hardest part of our airport debacle has not been the delay, dealing with luggage, long layovers or crazy flight itinerary but keeping Emme in the correctly labeled daily panties Granny gave her for Christmas!!!

London Heathrow…


First Class!!!

I think this is the first time I am loving flying!!! Feeling like I have to "justify" my fortune or apologize to ever passing passenger!!!



Airport Adventures Round 2…

DFW Adventure #2...hopefully more successful than #1!!!


We are in Atlanta...progress is being made!!! We purchase a day Internet pass to keep us connect and entertained!!! We are already tired and still have more hours and time zones that I can count...something like 40 more hours until we are home or at least in Russia!!! ATL is pretty fun!!! The Coke machine alone is solo impressive and offers more than 100 drink options!!! I am making regular rounds to the Body Shop lathering up my totally dry skin!!! Planning a visit to Einstein Brothers Bagels, maybe getting a Five Guys Burgers or La Madeleine with our 7 hours remaining in ATL!!!


5 Guys was amazing...enjoyed every greasy bite!!! Emme and I have explored all 6 terminals, rode the assistance cart for fun, tried on every neck pillow we found, played with all the toys in Brookstone...including the awesome sand, gave each other "massages" at Express Spa, added several new drinks to our list from the 100+ options, raced up the escalator...and down, dance in an empty express train and we still have 2 hours until we board...First Class to London!!!


Good Bye ATL…hello LHT!!!