A highlight of being in the states is always the special time and memories we get to share with our family. Tonight, we had such a fabulous dinner and time of fellowship at the Abernethy's. We discussed everything from parenting to the decline in the stock market, but the highlight for everyone was watching flies fry, literally, as Barbara tried out the Abernethy's Bug Zapper, an electric fly swatter!!! Barbara was a pro and everyone cheered as she ended the life of 3 flies, which was a very amazing accomplishment! She, however, absolutely forbid me from posting the pics...I could be tempted to send them by email to anyone interested!!!
Thanks Abernethys for your wonderful hospitality and delicious dinner!!! We love you!!!

A New Kid...By Friday?!?

"Have a New Kid by Friday!"

When I read the title of Kevin Lehman's new book, I wondered if they literally sent you a new kid, because surely my darling kiddos, that have lately metamorphisized into unidentifiable wild hooligans, could not return to their angelic state in 5 days. After reading the book, contemplating it, discussing it, rereading it...I finally decided to implement it.

ME has become increasingly demanding, displays incredible leadership potential, as she fine tunes her ability to tell everyone what to do and is willing to preserver until she gets what she wants! This morning her persistence had taken the form of whining and her bossiness had reached new heights, I grab my book, review my plan and sweep the little princess up and place her on the back porch, tell her that when she is ready to listen, she can come back in and then I turn and lock the door.

30 minutes later, the demands (along with the screaming, crying and banging) have ceased and the sweet, thoughtful, fun ME has returned...at least temporarily!!!

Tonight, ME asked, "Did you know God made the rocks and He made me special!"

He sure did make ME special...and also stubborn!!!


Soaked In The Sun...Continues

Leonardo's With Kameryn and Karstyn

We had a blast spending the day with Kandise and her two darling girls, Kamryn and Karstyn. The kids had so many adventures, from outer space to tornados! I think the highlight, however, was the outdoor playgroud...the kids ended the day completely soaked!!!
Thanks Kandise, Kamryn and Karstyn for a great day and unforgetable memories!!! We love you guys!!!


This week, we get the privilege of staying with the Abernethy's...I have been looking forward to this week for the past 5 months!!! Sophie, Anne's niece, joined us for a few days, adding to the fun and wonderful adventures! Gideon and ME loved bug hunting, tea parties, swimming and just getting to be with Sophie. She was a great big sister and a true blessing to our family. We love and miss you, Sophie!!!

On The Road...

Today, we were scheduled to return home, Yaroslavl, Russia. We, of course, have been delayed and are officially on medical leave waiting to having Gideon evaluated at the Child Study Center.

Over the past 4 months, we have spent lots of hours on the road (it feels like a million!!!), driving over 6,000 miles, through 8 different states from Hawaii to Virginia and have slept in 24 different beds. Our kids are becoming expert travelers and we have seen lots!!! We are so grateful to all of the families that have opened their homes (and refrigerators) to us as we have experienced the life of "wandering fugitives (or in our case...nomads) going from house to house." We have truly experienced such an out pouring of generosity from such a wonderful body of believers, who have loved us, encouraged us and prayed for us!!!

Thank you!!!


Splash Pad

The Splash Pad is a free water park in Enid and a great way to beat the heat!!!

Thanks Cammeron for another unforgetable play date!!!



Blogging has become a form of therapy to me. It helps me to process what is going on around me, document it, organize it, remember it and share it. This is something I must share, because I have tried to process it, understand it...but I can not. All morning, I have been walking around in a daze, mumbling, "How awful! How could this be?"

Life is so amazing, every minute is precious and every breath is gift, often taken forgranted. Today a dear friend and colleague went to be with the Lord. Teri was a wonderful friend, full of wisdom, always smiling and most of all love the Lord and her darling family! I wish I could tell Teri how much she means to me, how encouraging, thoughtful and wise she is, how loved and respected she is by all that know her...how much I already miss her!!! I called Teri on Friday to asked her a quick question...it was too quick and too all-about-me. I should have taken the time to tell her how much I loved her. Please pray for this sweet family and all of those who are grieving the loss of Teri.

This morning, Monday, July 28th, Teri went home to Heaven to meet and worship her Father face to face. As Teri and all of Heaven rejoices, we who remain behind try to understand and grieve the loss of our precious friend. We will try to continue living as Teri would ask us to do. Please join me in remembering the Tarleton Family as they walk through this difficult time. Let us celebrate the life of Teri who touched so many of ours as she lived, loved and taught many of us about life! We will miss her but will NEVER forget her as her legacy continues through Ed, her children and future generations to come! We love you Teri!
~written by JH in Russia

Snow Cones!!!

Snow cones are the only way to enjoy a hot summer day!!!


Fish, Fish and More Fish!

Preparations, waiting and the first catch!

From baby perch, to an exciting bass, to an unbelievable, 5 pound catfish!!! The gang fished until after 10 and caught well over 40 fish, but we had steak for dinner!!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Today, we were able to celebrate my dad's birthday! Usually, I am limited to bringing Birthday greetings by telephone, wishing I could be with my family on this special day. It was a great today to get to be a part of the festivities!!! I love you dad!!! I am so thankful for your example, wisdom and perseverance!!! I hope you have many, many more wonderful years!!!

My Family

I love family and spending time with family has always been important to me. Living in Russia has made family time even more precious to me. I love hearing what is going on in their lives, sharing memories from the past and just being with each other. A few nights ago, we had all met for dinner and were laughing at life, our kids and our selves. In a moment of vulnerability (or possibly stupidity), I asked my brother and sister if I had been a good sister? My brother smiled and said, "The plague is bad; a heart attack is bad...Kristie, you were worse!!!" You can always count on family to tell you like it is!!! I love you guys...no matter what!!!



Braums, smiles, milk shakes, hamburgers...a great day...need I say more!?!

Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse

We had a blast meeting friends at Leonardo's...the kids pretended to be fire fighters, pilots, royalty, weather anchors. There was so much to see and do, I thought the kids would never want to leave!!! Thanks Stephanie for arranging such a fun play date!!!