Summer Students…

New Mexico…



Summer 2015



Awards Ceremony


What Happened To My Babies?!?!

August 2014…


May 2015…


What happened to my babies?!?! All Gideon's bottoms are inches to short, he has facial hair and is taller than me!!! And Emme...I do not even have words!!! They have had a great year and are looking forward to 7th and 5th Grades!!!


St Pete’s Newest Team Member!!!


Congratulations Catherine and Justin on the birth of your beautiful son, Michael Harris Kirkwood!!!


Hair Cuts…


Praying Gid will one day speak to me again. I told the hair cutter to trim his hair. Last time they barely cut it; this time he is cutting INCHES! Praying Gid loves it or it grows fast! 

Update:  Emme was thrilled with her new look and now wants me to blow her hair dry every day!  Gid was less than thrilled and refused a picture. :-/


Another Season of Good-Byes…

This time of year {actually everyday for me} is full of mixed emotions!!! I am so happy that homework is finish, tests have been taken, there are no more lunches to pack. I love thought of sleeping late, less pressure, and so much summer sunshine. I hate saying good-byes...even if it is only for the summer...but this year saying good-bye has happened way to much. Half of Emme's classmates will not be returning...that is half of her friends...some who she has know for half of her life!!! It is the worst part of life. I know I should be thankful for the great friendships that result in great sadness...but it does not make me less sad today...but am still rejoicing that there is no more homework or lunches for 3 months.



What started out as a “great day” quickly ended in a frustrating, exhausting mess!!!  I got lost...really lost...for the first time ever in Russia. My phone died and it took me 3 1/2 hours to go a distance that I have driven in 10 minutes. Traffic was horrible, got on a bus that could have been used for a city tour bus that took me through the most indirect route through the worst traffic ever. Passengers were arguing with the conductor as to their rights to exit the bus when the bus was stopped in traffic, but not at a bus stop. The bus route ended a street away from the far back corner of my building...which I totally did not recognize or have a clue where I was. I only realized I missed my stop when the bus circled around crossed back over the same bridge and reentered the horrible traffic. After 2 more buses and having no real clue where I was...I finally found my apartment. When I got home...I burst in to tears!!!


What A Day…

What a day!!! Went flower shopping, then cheered for my favorite swim team, unexpectedly ran in to Keith and our great friend having lunch, watched the season finale of Grey's, helped decorate for a fun celebration, walked through the park, sat in sun waiting for my bus and now stuck in a horrible traffic jam...which would normally stink but I found a box of Hot Tamales that Granny sent me in my purse! So now I am watch people argue on the bus while eating my favorite treat...it is like I am at the movies!!!



A Great Day!!!

After spending 41 hours aboard the “luxurious” Cruise Liner, the Princess Maria, with the darling peeps that have made me a mother, I was thrilled to get to spend today with a super dear friend that helps me be a better mom.  She is full of wisdom, encouragement, grace and so much fun!  I loved cruising around town, drinking coffee, eating fabulous sweets and sharing life!