We love and miss you!!! Save us some cake!!!

Swimming at the Hotel House...

It really feels like we live in a hotel with all of the fun amenities...and ME told her teachers that we were living in a Hotel! We have been swimming several times and the kids ask to go everyday. ME jumps right in, has no fear and when she goes under or swallows water, she just smiles and says, "I am OK!" Gideon is much more timid. He is beginning to put his face in the water, likes a lot of reassurance and he rarely is in the pool without mommy. They are sooo different, but both very sweet, fun and I am so honored to be their mom!!!


Conversations Continue...

Tonight, ME said that her stomach hurt.
Mommy: It hurts because you have eaten to much junk.
ME: God made me do it.
Mommy: Really, He did?
ME: Yes, He did! But, Jesus left my heart...so, now can I have more candy?
Where does she get this stuff?!?!

This weekend, we have been making plans for Spring Break and ME asked, "When will we come back from Granny's...when Spring fixes?"


Where Is Keith When I Need Him?!?

Our dinner conversation went something like this...
G: When you have a baby in your stomach, does it come out your butt or your mouth?
Mommy: Your butt.
G: How does it come out there?
Mommy: A doctor gets it out.
ME: The baby is in your stomach with all your food?
Mommy: Yes.
ME: When the doctor cuts you in half, does the baby get cut in half?
Mommy: No. Does anyone want ice cream?
Everyone: Yeah! Ice cream!!!
And end of discussion!!!


Even though it was in the 40s this morning, the kids and I went swimming. Our "hotel house" has an indoor pool and hot tub. I was not expecting much, but the water was warm and the hot tub was fabulous! ME and I were so tired, we came home, crawled under the covers and slept all afternoon!!!



Welcome to our new home!!!

In a fleeting moment of creativity, ME and I made this basket of flowers that will greet you when you come to visit!

Our Kitchen and Living Room...

Storage is a bit of an issue in our kitchen...so I have had to be a little creative! This dresser has become our pantry...

and a very old Ice Box now stores our dishes.

Our Dining Room table was made by my dad.

I love our bar that connects the kitchen and living room.

Our Bathroom...

My mom made this shower curtain for my first apartment a million years ago and it has followed me to every home I have lived in. I was so glad it found its way back to me from Russia.

A peek into our organized cabinet and my favorite scripture...
Our Bedroom...

with my mom's desk and antique folding chair...

and the most used area in our home...our computer desk.

The Kid's Room...

which includes our Laundry Room...

and the converted Pantry has become their Toy Closet!

I was disappointed in the small amount of kitchen space and having the kid's closet serve as our laundry room, until I read this excerpt from Esther, by Beth Moore...Esther had detached from the common man's need. We tend to detach from sights and situations that make us feel badly about ourselves-especially when we feel powerless. If we think we can't do anything about a bad situation, we'd just as soon not have to see it.

However, if we distance ourselves long enough from real needs, we replace them with those that aren't. Pretense becomes the new real and suddenly a delay in the delivery of our new couch becomes a terrible upset. We are wise to force ourselves to keep differentiating between simple inconveniences and authentic tribulations. The more detached and self-absorbed we become, the more we mistake annoyances for agonies.

Thanks for visiting...please stop by any time!!!


Bye Daddy!!!

Today, we said good-bye to daddy. He is on his way to help with the NMSU's BSU Retreat this weekend. He will get to see his sister, Kelli, eat real Mexican food (while we eat hot dogs and PB&J) and enjoys a relaxing break away from us (while we preserver in a life of bickering, whining and arguing)!!!

Keith, we miss you already!!! We are praying for a fabulous retreat and clear words from the Lord! We love you!!!


Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today, I woke-up with a Birthday greeting from my very, sweet, thoughtful brother...he said, "Hey sis, you are almost 40!!!" Thanks Troy for the reminder and encouraging words!!! I have had a great day...hanging out this morning with a friend, eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and spending some time tonight with Esther, Beth Moore and my sweet Bible Study friends!!! What a great day...even if I am almost 40!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Keith and I celebrated Valentine's this year on a Cruise!!! OK...that is not exactly the truth...there was actually no boat and the destination port was Village Baptist Church, but it felt like a Cruise and probably the closest Keith and I will get to going on a Cruise for a while!!! We had a blast with friends, playing games and eating a totally fabulous dinner...including more fondue!!! Thanks VBC for a wonderful night and thanks Keith for being my Valentine!!! I love you!!!

Gideon's Valentine's Day Party

Gid's Valentine's Day Party was FABULOUS!!! There was sooo many fun things for the kids to do!

Of course, they exchanged Valentine's cards,

enjoyed a fondue fountain,

got their face painted,

made doughnuts,

and had such a great time!!!



Everyone got GREEN today in Gid's class!!! I don't think this has happened all year!!! Miss Cook, you are an awesome teacher!!! Way to go class!!!


Focus on Marriage...

First Presbyterian Church of Edmond is hosting Focus on Marriage!!! I am sooo looking forward to hearing such wonderful people share their thoughts on marriage and helping Keith and I make our marriage all God wants it to be. I am especially looking forward to Gary Thomas, the author of Sacred Marriage, one of my all time favorite books!!! For more information, check out the website and if you are in the area and want to join us...let us know!!!



Gideon is feeling better and was ready for Church in 3 minutes!!! I am just as eager to get out of the house and looking forward to some adult fellowship!!!


A Quick Peek...

Remember...today is only day 1 in our new home, but being home bound with no working internet for the majority of the day allows for a lot of time to unpack!!!

The Kid's Room...we purchased a pop-up trundle that is fabulous and saves lots of space!!!

Our Bathroom...OK, not much to look at, but the cabinets are clean...a huge accomplishment!!!

Our Bedroom...AKA Sick Bed Headquarters for most of the day...the quilt was just protection from bodily fluids!!!

A sweet, dear friend brought me tulips to brighten my day...what a huge treat to lift
my spirits!!!

Day 1 In Our New Home


lots of pouting and comments such as "I am not your brother any more"...but usually said by ME and Gid would reply, "Fine, I am not your sister!"...

working on Valentines, which is definitely a sign of boredom...I never want to do projects, especially early...

and a feast...finally!!! I fixed a can of soup and Gideon said, "This is such wonderful soup! I want to eat it everyday and even on my Birthday!!!" I guess that is what happens when you don't eat for 3 days!!! He ate soup, chips, mac and cheese and popsicle and then wanted more soup...more in one meal than 3 whole days combined!!!

Keith left early this morning to go get some things we had stored in Clovis over 8 years ago!!! I can wait to see our treasures!!!


We missed the game today...we have missed everything the last 3 days...due to bodily fluid issues, but once again, I am hopeful that healing has come to the Sullivan home. For the past 3 days, the kids have been sick all day and perk up in the evening. If we are still home bound tomorrow, I will need a major psychological intervention...or a babysitter!!!

Gideon Is Still Sick...Day 3

Gideon woke-up still sick!!! Please pray for a quick recovery and that we would soon get to enjoy the outdoors!!!