Gideon s Better!!!

Gideon got off the couch this afternoon and said, "I think that I can eat now!" And he ate, and ate, and ate!!! Thank you for praying for Gideon!!!

More From Gideon...

Gideon is doing a great job with his new camera! We are proud of you!!!
Pictures taken by Gideon and edited by mommy.

Gideon's Sick

Please pray for Gideon! He woke-up really sick and has been vomiting all morning. Keith and ME went to Church, Gid is resting on the couch and Dr. Mom is at his every beckon call and trying to catch-up on laundry!!! Please pray that he would get better quick!!!


Karstyn's 2nd Birthday!!!

Karstyn, Kamryn, ME and of course DORA!!!

We had a great evening in Waukomis celebrating Karstyn's 2nd Birthday!!! Kandise made a beautiful Dora cake, the weather was beautiful and the fun and fellowship were unforgetable!!!

Swimming At The Y

The Houks joined us on a fun adventure to a fabulous YMCA that had an awesome indoor aquatic area, with a wonderful children's pool!


Pictures By Gideon...

Granny and Grampy gave Gideon a wonderful camera for his Birthday...a 7 mega pixel, Canon Power Shot that is ORANGE!!! He is loving it, found his own camera bag (a cell phone carrier that Granny gave him with a play cell phone) and has taken some great pictures!!! He is even talking about starting his own blog, but for now I have told him he could post here...since it is the 4 Sullivans!!!


After a FULL morning of celebrating, eating, presents and so much excitement I think the kids may burst...we said bye to Granny and Grampy!!! Thanks for a great time and all your help...we love you!!!


No Birthday celebration would be complete without cake!!! Gideon played the theme to Star Wars (thanks to the new high-tech Birthday cards) while we sang Happy Birthday!!!

With 5 days still to go...today will be hard to beat!!!

The Countdown Has Begun...

Gideon will turn 7 in 5 days and is sooo excited.

Granny and Grampy came up for a visit, so we decided to begin the Birthday festivities a few days early!!!

Gideon got his very own camera and daddy is just thrilled to get to pose for more pictures!!!

Thanks Granny and Grampy for coming to visit us and helping kick-off my Birthday!!!
Thanks for the fabulous camera, Iron Man costume and making my Birthday extra special!!!
I love you!!!

Gid...Your Cute Face


Encouraging Words...

Encouraging words from a friend...
In the Bible, Gideon was a great warrior. The amazing thing is that Gideon never really saw his own potential, but GOD DID! GOD knew what was inside Gideon - what HE had formed in him. Believe that GOD has formed a great work in your GIDEON no matter what man may say!

Encouraging words from the Lord...
“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect His will really is.”
Romans 12:2
The Living Translation

The Big Day...

Today was a huge success! Gideon had a wonderful attitude, was full of joy, very cooperative and endured almost 6 hours of testing!!! Dr. Culbertson was very pleased with Gideon's performance and the amount of information she was able to gather. Even though we will not know the results until September 8th, she said that she was able to see a clear picture of Gideon's abilities. I was sooo tired...you would have thought I had spent the entire undergoing tests!!! When we returned home, I ate like I had not eaten all day, then took a 2 1/2 hour nap at 5:30...while Gideon, still full of energy, played with Granny and ME!!!

The mention of a Star Wars surprise might have encouraged Gideon's enthusiasm for the tasks today and was the first thing he mention at the end of the day!!!

We now have an official Storm Trooper in the house!!!

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!!! They truly made a difference today!!!


Please Pray For Gideon

Tomorrow is the "Big Day"...Gideon's appointment at the Child Study Center.

We have been waiting for this day for three months and I must confess I am nervous. So much hinges on this appointment!!! What ifs keep running through my mind, even though at the same time I am fully trusting God! But, I do wonder what the outcome will be...what is wrong with Gideon...will we be able to return to Russia...what is God's plan in all of this?

Even though I am nervous about the details of the day and the results, I have such peace. I am so thankful that God is in control and I am not! I am thankful that God created Gideon and makes no mistakes! I am thankful that God loves Gideon even more than I do! I am thankful that He has a perfect plan for Gideon and for our family and I do not need to try and figure it out, plan it, organize it or try and manipulate it...I can just rest and wait for the Lord to reveal it!

Please join me in praying for Gideon and the doctors tomorrow.
Pray that Gideon would be filled with peace, confidence and a good attitude. Pray that he would have the stamina to endure an entire day of questions, tests, doctors and the unknown. And please pray that the doctors would have clarity in what is going on with Gideon and how we can best meet his needs so that he can become the young man God has created him to be.

Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us and walking along side of us!!!

More Visitors!!!

My dad and Barbara came to OKC to visit us. We had a lot of fun and a fabulous lunch at BJs, then they came to check-out our new home.

Trever and Barbara chatted on their new iPhones, while my dad took a nap...we must be terrible company!!!

Thanks guys for a great lunch and fun afternoon!!!

Photos taken by ME!!! Great job ME!!!


Dinner With Trever...

Trever, my nephew, came over for dinner tonight. He is attending UCO in Edmond and hopefully will visit us often!!! We love you Trever and are sooo proud of you!!!

A Tongue Tattoo!?!

Wild hair and a tongue tattoo...what will they think of next!!!


Sunday At The Village...

This morning was our first Sunday at Village Baptist Church. They did a great job welcoming us, helping us feel at home and making sure we did not get lost! Gideon and ME both liked their Sunday School classes and it was so fun to be able to just walk across the street to go to Church...not to mention all of the gas money we save!!!

We also had our first guests, the Houks, for lunch! It was so fun getting to have lunch and chatting, while the kids played. We are so thankful to have such good friends in Oklahoma City!!!

Tonight, we went back across the street for a great time of worship and fellowship. The kids have their own Church in the evening...they sang songs, did crafts and learned about being kind...lets hope they can apply it!!!


Happy Birthday Trever!!!

Happy Birthday Trever!!! We love you!!!

Let The Games Begin!!!

We had a blast celebrating Parks' 5th Birthday...Olympic style! From the Opening Ceremonies to teams with lots of great competions, water breaks and even medals, the Phillips Olympics is not soon to be forgotten!!! Happy Birthday Parks! We love you!!!

Check-out our online photo album to see all the pictures from the Phillips Olympics Celebration.