The Dramatic Conclusion of the Missing Rodent…

12:42 AM~Search and rescue has ended. Rascal has been captured and returned to his cage. A big thanks to Keith who set a trap, was still awake to hear him, captured him, and secured his cage. I can stop wondering where he was for an entire day and what little "treasures" or surprises I will eventually find. I still can't believe we have willingly let a rodent into the house!!!


Rascal Update…

Class hamster has not been seen for 24 hours. I have cleaned behind the fridge, under the couches, the corners of every room, behind shelves and dressers. I will gladly replace him if he is now in hamster heaven, but I do not want a dead rodent in my house!!! The sad bit for Emme is that she did not get to enjoy having a pet at all!!! Pray Rascal will stop hiding so I can stop cleaning and searching for him!!!


A bright spot in this adventure!

Halloween Party…

IMG_8904 IMG_8908 IMG_8916 IMG_8912

A Rodent In My House!!!

Please join us in praying for Rascal, the currently missing class pet we, very likely due to temporary insanity agreed to watch over the supposedly relaxing, stress-free holiday weekend!!! There are not that many places for a hamster to hide, especially when he was in his closed cage!?!? We have now Googled "How to Find a Missing Hamster?" and have foil piled with food in every room of our apartment. {Brillant Emme said, "Since we do not know Rascal's favorite food, we must pile all the food we have on the foil!!!"} The silver lining??? I have removed loads of dust bunnies from hidden corners in our apartment!!! Trying not to think about the fact I have a RODENT in my house and adding this to the long list of why we do not have family pets!!! GROSS!!! Pray we find a alive hamster SOON so we can resume our stress-free, relaxing holiday!!!





Today is so not my day and it is not even 9am!!! In an attempt to empty his water bottle, Gid poured water all over the cabinet creating a nice lake in the kitchen; he forgot his lunch box, turned everything he touched into a sword going around the house making swishing noises. Emme was determined to finish a book making any task 6xs slower than necessary...while the clock is doing triple time making the minutes fly by until we are late. We make it to school to find the tiny street full of cars and the huge school bus attempting to park...blocking traffic going in both directions for what felt like 10 minutes. By this time...I totally lost it!!! So my apologies to all the sweet people who saw my melt down!!! I am now headed out for some retail, food and friend therapy. Praying that by 3:15 I will be ready to apologize to the sweet bus driver and teach my son some ways to be organized.


The day took a turn for the better. I accomplished all my shopping goals, had a fun lunch with Maria Krylova and an amazing "boost" shake {My new fave!}, received tulips from Ruth Frans and gave a candy bar to the bus driver who I yelled at this morning, promised I would be more patient tomorrow and gave him a hug!!!



Dinner guests tonight. Emme was such a fun, great help! She made cookies, garlic bread and salad…which she said made her miss Granny even more.  She said, "I am so glad we didn't just buy salad...then we wouldn't had so much time to talk!"