Emme’s Friends…




Emme’s interpretation of put your coat and shoes on before you go out on the balcony.


IA Basketball Tournament…


IA played against their biggest rivals, Hinkson~the Christian School in Moscow.  Our good friend stayed with us over the long, holiday weekend to watch her son play (Blue 47) and hangout with us.  Emme loved playing with her friend.  I loved taking pictures and chatting with the other moms…Keith and Gid bailed and went to hangout at home.

A link to all the IA Basketball pictures.


Learning From Gid

Gideon doesn’t make the best grades in school. He’s by far not the best athlete, but Gideon is one of the best friends I have ever seen. Most people are not naturally nice. I sure am not. When it comes to relating other people, Gideon is nice. Usually. Like kindness to others comes naturally to him. Sure he has his moments, especially when it involves his little sister. Still, I see Gideon habitually putting the needs of others above his own. I see Gideon consistently forgiving others who offend him. I see Gideon regularly not making a big deal out of others’ mistakes. I can’t think of a time when I heard him say something cruel or demeaning to somebody…other than to his little sister. He makes a concerted effort to be a good friend to people. Sometimes, I see or hear things he says or does to other people and I am truly amazed at his kind heart. I hope he doesn’t lose this, as he goes through life realizing most people are naturally self-centered and cruel. But, I am excited on the other hand. When Gideon comes to the point in his life where God the Father draws him to Jesus and the Holy Spirit enters his life. Those very special tendencies in his heart could be seriously amplified. I can’t even imagine what he’ll be like as an adult who is living for Jesus. He could be someone who loves and cares for others in terrifically supernatural ways. Can’t wait to see that!




Happy Birthday To Me!!!

My Birthday began with a great cup of coffee, eggs and waffles.  Then my family sent me on a scavenger hunt this morning ending with lots of beautiful flowers!!!  Keith made a delicious lunch and lemon meringue pie!!!


Emme patiently waiting for lunch as she slowly starves to death…


Happy Birthday to ME!!!


The aftermath that Keith cleaned!!!


I feel stuffed and spoiled!!!  I love my family!!!


Adventures Of Flat Stanley Continues…

Snack Time…


Slumber Party…


Ricky~I miss you and will see you soon!!!  I will start my adventure home tomorrow!!!

A Visit From Flat Stanley…

We have company!!!  Flat Stanley arrived this week from Oklahoma!!!  He is a fabulous, mess-free guest and a fun addition on family adventures!!!  Today he visited the kid’s classes, played games and had yummy treats!!!  After School, we went out for pizza!!!


Flat Stanley is having a great time in Saint Pete, but really misses his friend, Ricky!!!