A Change…


2 or 3 times a year {usually before a trip or special occasion} I get a hair cut.  It is sort of a hassle, takes forever, but I love the feel of healthy, shiny, bouncy, styled hair.  I am very picky about my hair and how the layers lay {I know it is not really obvious from my daily appearance of wet, “beachy” or simply stringy look}. :-)  I loved Tina…my precious, totally sweet, encouraging and fabulous stylist whose Salon was right across the street from our OKC apartment.  I struggled to find an acceptable, local alternative.  After 4 failed attempts and a 2 year search, I found a great guy.  His salon is not close to me, nor fancy, he is usually late and only works in the afternoons, he never offers me tea or treats, is not cheap and he has horrible cell reception…but I love the way he cuts and colors my hair.  On the way home, a guy {completely sober and of sound mind…I am sure} asked me for my number!!!  When I declined, he said and I quote :-)…You are so beautiful and have gorgeous hair!!!  Thanks Igor!!!