Our First Road Trip Without Daddy...

At 11:42, we had packed-up and headed out...destination...Granny's!!! Since we needed to return the car that FBC Texico had sooo graciously allowed us to borrow...we were without Keith, who left OKC after work and drove most of the night. It is exactly 371 miles from our home to Granny's and can take any where from 5 hours to 10...depending on the driver and passengers.

Even though I spent a great deal of time filling the car with books, movies, treats and fun surprises...we had not even made it to Yukon, before Gid asked, "Are we there yet?" and they continued to take turns asking every 5 minutes for the next 7 hours.

It is rather hard to be chauffeur and referee. Emme's goal was to see who she could irritate more...me or Gid. At one point, I told Gid to just ignore her. Later I heard him say, "I am practicing being a statue and ignoring Emme!"

We talked about many things...school, friends, Birthdays...Gideon asked, "Am I growing up? Do I look 8 yet?" My heart skipped a beat...how is my little boy fast approaching 8!!!

I began dozing off around the 228th mile. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes opened...until I heard Gid yell, "I've got to pee!!! It is an emergency!!!" He proceeded to need to go pee 4 more times...all the stops along with the 80's radio station I found, kept me awake!

The pinnacle of my irritation occurred at 278.6 miles into our trip, when we stopped for the 5th time to pee...this time in an actual bathroom. I had a bad case of the munchies and for the last 100 miles had been contemplating what I wanted to eat next...by the 178.6th mile I had already eaten all of the snacks I had packed, including 4 peaches, a sandwich, 2 granola bars, 2 rice krispie treats and who knows what else I found rummaging through my purse, the kid's backpacks and the floor of the car...I had decided on M&Ms, but when I saw a dark chocolate snickers bar, my mind was immediately changed. One minute back on the road with my snickers and 25th Diet Dr. Pepper, I was already contemplating what would be worse...jail time or listening to my kids for 100 more miles as I shoved the entire snicker bar into my mouth!!! I was sooo bummed to realize I had devoured my snack and still had 97 miles still to go!!!

I was sooo glad to see Granny's face!!!

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