An Opportunity and Prayer Request…

Monday, we leave the comforts of our clean home, high speed internet, comfy beds, familiar foods, Wii, English movies and so much more to spend 8 days at an orphanage 3 hours east of St. Petersburg.  Pray that we would be grateful, teachable, humble, the kids would adjust well (and love the food or at least not starve to death!) and we would build fabulous relationships as we share with them the love of Jesus. We have heard that the orphanage is so poor some kids must share shoes...and I am grieving the loss of being temporarily without the comforts we have grown to consider necessities!!! :-)

girl A Russian Orphan

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Is there anything we can do here to help? Can we send some things for these kids? Let us know what we can do.

I will pray for Gideon. He is so sweet. I know he is too young to understand God's call and leaving his friends. I enjoyed getting to know him. He is so sweet!