Please Pray for Gid…


Gideon seems to be having a tough time adjusting.  He loves routines and predictability.  He is full of emotion, thoughts and worries.  He seems to become angry, sad or disappointed easily.  I want to fix the situation, make him happy, take away his worries and make his life perfect…but I can’t.  Life is full of disappointment…especially in Russia.  Please pray for Gideon.  When he is sad…so am I.  When he is frustrated…so am I.  When he is unhappy…so am I.  Pray that God would fill him with joy, peace and contentment.  Pray that he would love his life in Russia and understand our purpose for living here.  Pray that I would be able to let go and trust God to be all Gideon needs, to protect him, love him and change him according to His will…not mine!

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Sheila said...

Nathan wants Gideon to know that he misses him and he doesn't want him to be sad. Maybe they can write each other some letters. Message me your address and we will get something started. Nathan says he is praying for Gideon and we think of you guys often!

Love you!