A New Friend…


The kids go to an International School.  We have been apart of other “international” schools, which meant the classes were 99% of one nationality with the occasional foreigner justifying the liberal use of the term international.  This is not the case at the International Academy.  Both Gid and Emme’s classes have at least 4 countries represented. 


For the last few weeks, Gid has wanted to go to a particular friend’s house.  I did not know the friend, where he lived, how he got home or who his parents were…so the answer was always NO!  Finally, I agreed to inviting this friend to our house.  I wrote a letter, had to have it translated, had Gid deliver it and then we waited.  The boy returned the following day and told Gid that he could come.  The night before, the best English speaker in the family telephoned to clarify the details.  Between pauses for translation, I wondered if we would ever find his family after the playdate or if he would end up spending the weekend with us!!!


Gid had a blast.  Our questions were mainly answered with smiles, nods and shrugs, but we enjoyed getting to know Gid’s new friend and discovered that his little sister is in Emme’s class!  We returned him to his family at the designated location with no problems and are looking forward to the next time he can come over.


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