Pray For Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hello to all! We trust you are walking with the Lord as we look forward to remembering His death and resurrection. In Russia the traditional greeting around Easter time is, “Christ is Risen!” answered with, “He is risen indeed!” We continue to thank those of you who pray on behalf of the ministry here in St. Petersburg. Here is an update on some things we requested prayer for last time:

1. The progress of the Church plant in the town of Boksitogorsk has been very encouraging. The group of believers that has been gathering has gained much more unity recently and they are beginning to reach out more to non-believers in the community.

2. Our Friday evening gathering for Students has grown some. Most of those who come are Christians already and they have begun to share their faith more as we try to reach out to those who don’t know Christ.

3. We are attempting to start a new home group in another part of St. Petersburg with a young believer named Vlad. He has had some problems with his living situation and has moved but the intention is still to begin a new group in his home at some point.

4. This was a tough winter for our family. The darkness (literal and spiritual) was heavy. We are rejoicing that the snow is gone and the sun is shining.

New Requests:

1. Pray the new house church in Boksitogorsk continues to reach out to the community and reach new people who don’t know Christ. They are making serous steps to do this already and are doing some special evangelism prior to Easter.

2. Pray for the Friday night Student group that they would be more aggressive about reaching their friends and family who don’t know the Lord.

3. We have a group of 5 Christian Students coming to study Russian in a local university and share their faith along the way for the summer. They have encountered some complications with the university getting their Russian visas done. Pray that all comes through quickly and all those details would be worked out so that the gospel can be spread among the student population here this summer.

4. Continue to pray for our family that we would seek the Lord above all things and that we would let the Lord make us who He wants us to be here in St. Pete.

Blessings to you all!

The Sullivans for St. Pete

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