On our way to Team Meeting, the kids decided to be funny and go down our elevator without waiting for us.  We found them laughing on the first floor.  This initiated the discussion of independence, responsibility and that together they could begin to be more independent.  When we arrived at our teammates apartment (the kids go to one apartment and we meet at a different one), we agreed to let them go in alone (factoring in that it was so windy, cold and my pure laziness).  We did make the share step-by-step what they would do and off they went.  They had trouble getting into the building, so I ran to the main door and helped them and waved good bye when they were safely on the elevator and returned to the car to wait for our teammates…never once even considering the fact that they were stuck ALONE on the elevator!!!  Our teammate appeared and said that there was a little problem…the elevator was stuck.  This is a fairly common problem here, so I shrugged, still not realizing that my kids were on the stuck elevator!!!  When he said that Gid and Emme were on the stuck elevator I began to panic!!!  We were able to talk to them, hear Emme cry, but there was nothing we could do but wait.  A few people began to gather and one man reassured us that someone should be here in 30 minutes!!!  30 MINUTES!!!  Thankfully, their friend on the third floor was shouting “PUSH 3!” and that time it worked!!!  We went out the door, down the stairs, up other stairs, in another door, up more stairs, out a door, in another door (the stairs and the elevator are not located in the same entrance!) to our teammates apartment were I expected to find tears, sadness and fear…they had already taken off their coats and were playing and laughing with their friends!!!  It took me a little longer to recover and will probably be years before I let them go on an elevator alone!!!

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