An Airport Adventure…


We love Vasilyevsky Island and rarely ever leave its boarders.  At night, however, the Bridges open and there is no way to exit.  They “open” (or technically close) for traffic for a brief 20 minute window around 3AM.  Anna’s flight left at 6AM so we left at 2:50 to be able to cross the bridge.  On our mad rush to cross, we were stopped for a “friendly” document check and arrived at the bridge at 3:08 to discover for some unknown reason the bridges were up and cars were waiting.  So we waited.  And waited.  At 3:20, in a bit of a panic, we decided to try and find a different route.  We found a bridge we could cross, but it only put us on a different island.  Thankfully, with my fun phone I was able to Google the list of bridge times and for the next hour Kit, our faithful GPS, lead us frantically through a maze of trail and error to the one “open for traffic” bridge!!!  We rejoiced that Anna did not have to swing across the Neva and made it to the Airport with a few minutes to spare!!!


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