A First!!!

Tonight, we were having a picnic at the park.  K, the kids and I arrived first.  As we were chatting, I was attempting to lessen the amount of flying annoyances with bug spray.  A shirtless guy walked by, heard us speaking English and wanted to join in on the conversation.  His drunken state only hindered his ability to utilize the three English words he knew.  I tried to kindly encourage him to leave, but for some reason decided to sit down right next to me!  I jumped up and he said that I was miss understanding his intent and that he just wanted to talk.  When he went to lay down on our BAG OF FOOD, I lost it!!!  You can mess with me, but you better not mess with my food!!! =-)  He stood and began to approach me and I moved to be behind K and Gideon…what mom tries to hide behind he 9 year old son!!!  I still had the can of bug spray and told him that if he came any closer, I would spray him in the face with bug spray!!!  K and I even discussed calling the police, but the number is discovered that the number is different from a cell phone…and we had no idea how to tell anyone where we were!!!  I knew that reinforcements would arrive soon, so I just tried to keep the banter light.  He was a local from the neighborhood.  He was not mean, just would not leave.  As I see Keith approach, I told him the he better leave.  He of course did not heed my advice.  After a few words with Keith, which included threating to turn Keith into a corpse, he was face planted into the ground crying.  When the guys finally let him up, he told Keith he could have won if it had not been 5 against 1, but any one of the guys could have taken him down with one punch, he was so drunk!  The guys finally let him go, but I really did feel sorry for him!


Sooo, in the midst of life, I do what I know to do…take pictures!!! 


Who take pictures in a situation like this!!!


What a weird, sad night.  I am so thankful my reinforcements showed up when they did, everyone was safe and we have now discovered how to call “911” from a cell phone in Russia!!!


The Herd said...

You crack me up!!! Glad you and the kids are ok! Are you coming stateside for anytime? I'm thinking you are for Dr. Pepper--hehe!

A and O said...

OH MY GOSH!!! This is bad! I guess it was bound to happen at one point or another. Glad it all ended well!

granny said...

I will say, That's my Boy!!!!!!