Birthday Goal…

On my Birthday, my goal is to do no work. Sooo, on Keith's birthday, I try to not ask him to do anything. We have 24 different kinds of pepper in our cabinet! So when I went to mix up taco seasoning, I grabbed, "original" chili pepper. I mixed it up, dumped a bit in and made the kids tacos. The meat was sooo hot!!!  The “original” was Keith's special super hot chili pepper!!!

Fail #2: I had 50 minutes to make a cake that takes 45 to bake and realize I only have 1 cup of flour...so I add my last bit of whole wheat flour, a bit of oatmeal and some potato starch. WHY??? I have not idea!!! I can not say it is the best cake I have ever made, but definitely better than the fire hot taco meat!!! Keith did get a Thai massage and lunch at Fridays.  :-)

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